11 Best KissCartoon Alternatives To Watch Cartoons Online HD

Looking for KissCartoon Alternatives to watch cartoons online in high quality for free? Let’s face it, most of us like cartoons because of the many things they can do while still touching the brink of reality.

Cartoons can be exciting and entertaining. They can give you a lot of possibilities, like flying, going to another planet, or such things alike. Cartoons can also have a sense of reality, depicting the everyday activities and lives. In short, cartoons can give you a life lesson as well as entertainment.

KissCartoons is a site that provides a service of watching cartoons for free whether it is for anime (Japanese cartoons) or regular cartoons. Sounds like a great site, right? However, it is not always a guarantee that the site is always working.

Whether there is a problem with the connection or the site may be closed without any reason (by the way, this often happens to MANY sites offering free movie or cartoon watching), you don’t need to worry. If you know the alternative websites, you can turn to them.

In fact, it would be handy if you know the various names and websites so you can have different options and picks. Today I am going to share sites like KissCartoon or KissCartoon alternatives that help you to watch free cartoon shows online.


11 Best KissCartoon Alternatives To Watch Cartoons Online HD (Sites Like KissCartoon)


1. Anime Toon

Anime Toon

Anime Toon


Wanna watch Cartoons online in HD on all devices? This is a site that isn’t only adults-friendly but also kids-friendly. Most of the contents are ‘safe’ in terms that they don’t contain any violence or pornography content so it isn’t a site that kids should stay away from. If you can accompany them while watching the shows, then you should be safe to go.

There are a lot of things to like about the site, such as a simple, straightforward, and user-friendly interface system. If you want to, you can leave your kids maneuver their way around the site so they can find their favorite shows. Moreover, they have a quite impressive collection, consisting of pictures cartoons, subbed or dubbed anime, and so much more.

Everything is divided into categories and then subcategories, so you should have an easy search around the site. It is truly one of the worthy KissCartoon alternatives to include in your list.


2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll The Official Source of Anime and Drama

Crunchyroll The Official Source of Anime and Drama


Can’t find KissCartoon site on Google? If you are into anime, then Crunchyroll is a good site for watching cartoons and anime online. The site has a vast and wide collection of anime full movies or TV series. Although the site provides both free and paid services, the free feature is impressive enough. The site is popular for its quality contents and also its handy features. All of their videos have good quality features that will ensure your enjoyment while watching those contents.

Of course, you can upgrade your subscription to the Premium Plan, which will give you more access to features and premium services. But if you are rather tight on the budget, you can stay with the Free Plan and enjoy the offered features. They are alone is enough to give you a satisfying performance without having to pay a dime. In short, if you love anime so much, then Crunchyroll should be on your priority list.


3. Disney Junior

Disney Junior

Disney Junior


Who doesn’t know Disney? With global popularity, almost every one includes kids and adults who know Disney movies. If you subscribe to a cable, then you know that Disney Junior is a popular channel for kids. But it seems that they have been expanding their service to the digital world. If you are rather low on the money to subscribe to the cable, then you should try the online site.

For a starter, the design of the site is very visually appealing. It is colorful and lively. Browsing it around is super easy and also fun.

You can say that it is one of the most kid-friendly layouts for a website. The library has an impressive collection that would entertain you (or your kids) for hours. Expect to find popular shows, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or PJ Mask. It is a totally safe website for your kids, enabling them to browse and maneuver their way around the site on their own.


4. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network


If you are a cartoon hardcore fan, then you should have Cartoon Network channel on your list. This is a site where you can find your favorite series. You will love this site so much because of the combination of the user-friendly interface, the high-quality content, and the many beneficial features that can affect the performance and enjoyment while watching the shows.

Make use of the provided categories to find your favorite shows. As one of the best KissCartoon alternatives, you can get direct access to many movies whether they are old or new. No need to worry about the quality of the movies because they are all good. Making use of the site is also easy and even fun, so rest assured that you can improve your entertainment enjoyment by accessing the site.


5. AnimeRhino




If you are looking for sites like KissCartoon, maybe AnimeRhino one of your list. They have an impressive collection and library of their own where you can find anime movies, cartoon movies, anime series, and also cartoon series with different options, resolutions, and formats. The display is pretty straightforward – at least it won’t confuse you when you come to the site. The interface system is pretty standard but it is, at least, not confusing or creating a fuss.

If you want to download the shows, and you want to watch them later, you can have listed links to help you with the management. The qualities of the movies are quite good and browsing around the site can be quite fun too. You should try it and see how you like it.


6. KimCartoon

KissCartoon Alternatives

KissCartoon Alternatives


When you compare KissCartoon and KimCartoon, they share almost similar features and layout. So, if you are already familiar with KissCartoon, then you won’t have any problem maneuvering your way around KimCartoon. Besides the fact that the site offers free of charge service, they have their own collections of high-quality videos.

There are a lot of things to like about the site, such as the user-friendly and simple interface system that will make the search easier. And their collections are quite impressive.

They have updated content which means that you can find the newest titles easily. You can also find the most popular titles and shows that you can watch on a daily basis. Besides being able to download the videos to your devices, this site is also compatible with mobile devices. So yes, you can access it by your PC or by mobile or even both. Not all websites are able to offer such a flexible service.


7. Nickelodeon




Just like Disney Junior, Nickelodeon is a popular TV channel for kids and also adults, respectively. You have to admit that not all cartoons on the channel are for kids because some of them are intended for adult viewers. Here’s the good news: If you have limited budgets for the TV shows, then you can catch it up on the net. Yes, they also have their own collections and libraries for the cartoon shows.

Just like Disney, cartoons for kids can provide educational value which is good for them. The website has a cool and fun display. The layout is simple and pretty straightforward, with bold colors and big fonts.

You should have no problem maneuvering your way around the site. Their collection includes original cartoons in HD quality. Not to mention that they include cartoon shows and series that are listed and managed in different categories and sections.


8. CartoonsOn




If you found kisscartoon down, you should try CartoonsOn. This is a site that you can use to watch and enjoy cartoon shows. The quality of the videos is mostly good and it isn’t difficult at all to browse around or to find your favorite shows. However, it does have its own flaws.

For a starter, it comes with ads so be prepared for having interrupted time when watching your cartoons. And the interface system isn’t as good as the others because you will be redirected to other websites quite often.

Their collection and library are small at least when compared to other websites in the same business. But it can be one of the good KissCartoon alternatives with their already existing collections and their quality videos. Despite the flaws, it is a site that is worth visiting.


9. SuperCartoons

Sites Like KissCartoon

Sites Like KissCartoon


If you prefer classic cartoons instead of the new and modern ones, then you should check this site. They have a pretty unique classification, including Cartoons and Characters.

If you choose the Cartoons tab, you will be taken to a page where the videos are well arranged based on the latest and most recent upload. But if you are looking for a specific character, then you should choose the Characters tab.

They also have categories based on the studios, such as Warner Bros or Disney, so you really have a lot of options when it comes to your favorite type of shows and contents. The quality of the videos is mostly good, meaning that you can really enjoy your entertainment to the highest level.


10. Masterani.one




If you are looking for different kinds of content, such as cartoons, anime, or popular cartoon movies, then you have come to the right place.

Not only it provides free service, but it also offers high-quality content that will pamper you during your entertainment nights.

One of the things to like about the site is the clean and neat website layout so it is visually pleasing. They also have this special feature that can recommend high rating cartoons and anime – certainly a handy one for new users. This is also one of the recommended KissCartoon alternatives to visit and explore.


11. 9Anime




If you are thinking about the best ways to watch cartoons online for free. This is the best one! With a combination of a nice design, high-quality content, and also user-friendly interface, this site provides easy and free access to users. If you are a cartoon lover, this one should be included in your list. You won’t only find anime but also regular cartoons and they are always updated regularly. They have a filtering system that can help you perform a convenient search as well as helping you manage the contents – the ones you already watch and the ones you haven’t.


KissCartoon Alternatives FAQ

Is KissCartoon safe?

Yes KissCartoon is safe, but you have to use an antivirus and a VPN on your device to protect your personal data. I found it on Reddit forums and some users complained and asked Is KissCartoon safe? Of course, there are two opinions YES and NO. But I personally think YES KissCartoon is safe to access.

What happened KissCartoon?

Do you know What happened KissCartoon? Some users in the forum Reddit complain because they Unable to access KissCartoon in their browser. Recently Kisscartoon was shut down, The site was reported to related parties or the government due to copyright issues. This news caused many fans to be shocked. But please don't worry, here we are providing kisscartoon alternatives where you can watch your favorite cartoon or anime for free.

Which is the real KissCartoon site?

Kisscartoon official website is dot com and dot to.

Where can I watch free cartoons?

Although Kisscartoon was shut down because of copyright, you can still watch cartoons for free on the Internet. Some of the sites that provide free cards include Anime Toon, Crunchyroll, KimCartoon, 9Anime and many more.

Why is Kisscartoon so slow?

Why is Kisscartoon so slow? There are several things that you should know. First, because of the high traffic of visitors on the site, secondly, you don't use a VPN so that the site's server access to your location is very far away, third there are viruses or other bad things. Make sure to scan your computer as this is an illegal site and it could be that your computer is infected with a virus.

Is Kisscartoon down right now?

kisscartoon.info is UP and reachable by us. If you can't access Kisscartoon, make sure you use a VPN, because some ISPs and countries block it

Do you need VPN to access Kisscartoon?

Accessing Kisscartoon using a VPN is better because VPN helps protect your IP address.

Those are some of the best candidates of websites providing free access to their contents. If you love KissCartoon, then you will love some of these KissCartoon alternatives (Sites like KissCartoons) for sure!