LocalBitcoins to Shut Down After 10 Years of Operation

Are you an avid user of the peer-to-peer trading service LocalBitcoins? If so, then you’ll want to read this article as it reveals why the platform is shutting down after 10 years of successful operation.

As cryptocurrency markets become increasingly regulated, LocalBitcoins must make the difficult decision to close its doors. Get ready to learn more about this surprising development and its implications for cryptocurrency traders.



LocalBitcoins, one of the world’s most popular peer-to-peer exchanges for digital currency trading, will be shutting down its operations in two weeks. The Finland-based exchange had been in operation for a decade and served as a major point of access to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The move comes after international regulators have begun to focus heavily on clamping down on money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illicit activities facilitated by these decentralized currencies. To comply with the new regulations, LocalBitcoins has been gradually phasing out its activities over the course of in 2023, the company announced that it would no longer support trading. And now, the company has decided to completely cease their operations by the end of 16th Feb 2023.

Those who currently have open trades or accounts on LocalBitcoins can withdraw their crypto holdings till 16th Feb 2023, before their accounts are blocked permanently. The users can then look for other exchanges based on where they are located and proceed with their trades there.


History of LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is one of the pioneers of the peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading scene. The company was founded in Finland in 2012 as a P2P Bitcoin exchange. It allowed users to directly exchange Bitcoin for cash or vice versa without the need for a third-party or bank intermediaries.

The service quickly gained traction with cryptocurrency users due to its user-friendly, low cost, and versatility as compared to other traditional exchanges like MtGox or Bitstamp. It soon became one of the leading providers of free, local trading services and boasted over 1 million monthly active users across much of Europe in 2013.

By mid-2017 LocalBitcoins had grown significantly and had extended its services to cover more than 200 countries and 16 different currencies, allowing users to easily buy and sell Bitcoin with their fiat currency. The platform also provided educational materials such as blog posts on how to use cryptocurrencies, which helped support new users that were just entering the space.

One of the most popular features offered by LocalBitcoins was its ‘trust rating’ system that allowed previous buyers and sellers to create trust ratings for each other based on successful trades carried out over time (similar to eBay’s seller ratings). This helped the platform maintain a high level of integrity among traders while discouraging fraudulent activity by publicly displaying previous customer’s feedbacks on a given person’s profile.

LocalBitcoins announced that it would be ceasing operations after 10 years in business due to regulatory pressure from certain jurisdictions making it difficult for them to operate lawfully within those countries’ laws. Following this change in policy, LocalBitcoin suggested that customers move their funds out of their wallets before it fully shut down on 16th Feb 2023


Reasons for Shut Down

LocalBitcoins, a major peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading site, announced in late 2023-02-09 Suspension of new signups , 2023-02-16 Suspension of trading on LocalBitcoins
Suspension of using LocalBitcoins wallet (with exception of withdrawing one’s funds) After 16th Feb 2023, LocalBitcoins customers will only be able to log-in to withdraw their Bitcoins. The trading and Wallet services will no longer be available at this point.

The main reasons cited by the company for its shutdown are the increasing difficulty of complying with new regulations across different countries. These include requirements against anonymous transactions, know-your-customer (KYC) procedures and anti-money laundering (AML) laws. By closing down its services ahead of time, LocalBitcoins is taking proactive steps to protect its customers’ interests and comply with government regulations.

In addition, LocalBitcoins noted that there had been a sharp increase in malicious activities targeting customers’ accounts over recent months. This includes social engineering attacks such as phishing attempts that seek to take control of user funds. Similarly, it warned of activities such as ransomware attacks that have become more frequent over the past few years. Because customer safety is the highest priority for the company, it felt the need to shut down rather than leave users exposed in any way.

As opposed to traditional centralised exchanges which process orders on their own servers, LocalBitcoins allowed users to complete transactions using their own keys without involving any third party intermediaries or custodians – a feature appreciated by many users who value their privacy and security in trading cryptocurrency.


Impact on the Crypto Market

The news of LocalBitcoins shutting down operations has been met with shock, as the impact on the cryptocurrency market is expected to be significant. LocalBitcoins, founded in Finland in 2012, was one of the earliest large-scale bitcoin exchanges and has been a mainstay in Europe and many other countries. The closure comes as no surprise given recent tightening regulations worldwide, combined with the delisting of Localbitcoins by major crypto exchanges such as Binance and Huobi.

LocalBitcoins was an important platform for those who invested in bitcoin early on, allowing them to buy or sell their coins using cash or bank transfers. Many people have used it as a way to access their digital wealth quickly and transfer funds easily. The company also provided an online wallet that allowed users to store their coins securely. With these services no longer available, investors must now look towards alternative options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies or use more traditional fiat methods such as bank transfers and credit cards for buying virtual currencies.

The announcement has already caused some volatility in the markets as investors seek to minimize potential risks associated with investing in digital assets moving forward. As the industry continues to endure stringent regulation from governments across the world, this news has further amplified concerns about its overall security and sustainability. It remains unclear how other crypto platforms will respond but what seems certain is that Bitcoin’s future may look very different without LocalBitcoins’ services at hand.


Impact on LocalBitcoins Customers

The 10-year run of LocalBitcoins, a popular peer-to-peer crypto exchange, is coming to an end. The exchange announced that from June 1st, it will be shut down and no longer available for customers to use. This news comes as a shock as the platform was regarded as a secure, reliably fast and anonymous way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in over 200 countries around the world.

LocalBitcoins customers have been left with questions about what this means for them and their access to funds held in the wallet service once it shuts down. Customers are urged to withdraw any funds they have stored on the wallet before June 1st to avoid any potential problems with withdrawals or reclaiming funds once the platform ceases operations.


Alternatives to LocalBitcoins

10 years ago when LocalBitcoins first established itself, digital currency trading was a nascent industry and cryptocurrency remained on the outer edges of the financial landscape. Now, with digital currency trading having grown exponentially in popularity, countless other services have emerged to meet demands for seamless and secure transactions.

It’s important to bear in mind that some of these alternatives may require more technical experience than many participants previously engaged with LocalBitcoins, as well as being updated with knowledge about certain kinds of permission requirements for certain features such as over-the-counter (OTC) trading authorization. However, should participants choose to navigate one or more of these options available on the market, they’ll find a vast variety of distinct offerings– each tailored to meet a unique need.

The following platforms are just some of the alternatives that users may consider:

1. Bisq: Bisq is a censorship-resistant decentralised Bitcoin exchange that allows peer-to-peer payments without any intermediaries or deposits. It runs since 2016 and enables cash trades without identification in more than 20 countries globally.

2. Hodl Hodl: This platform was launched in 2018 and provides OTC trades without any identifying documents needed at all stages and automatic dispute resolution or the option for user arbitration should issues occur during trades. HodlHodl provides buyers with escrow protected transactions and supports Ethereum & Litecoin in addition to Bitcoin purchases and sales

3.Coinbase Pro: Coinbase Pro is another alternative for OTC trades which allows its Customers ‍to trade between multiple digital currencies and fiat currencies including USD, Euro, GBP etc as well as between different crypto tokens such as ETH/BTC/BCH/XRP/ETC etc., allowing direct bank transfers from consumer bank accounts or card payments . It also caters for high volume investors through an advanced mode interface primarily targeting institutional investors, which has low trading fees.


Regulatory Changes

In the past 10 years, LocalBitcoins has been a reputable source for cryptocurrency exchanges between sellers and buyers. However, due to increasing regulations surrounding the digital currency industry, it will shut down its services worldwide in June 2021.

LocalBitcoins has faced a growing number of international anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations over the years. These rules require businesses involved in cryptocurrency transactions to report any suspicious transactions to authorities in order to prevent criminal activities such as fraud and money laundering. As these AML/KYC laws have become increasingly stringent nationwide, LocalBitcoins is not able to comply with them in some jurisdictions, making it difficult to serve those markets anymore.

In its announcement of the closure, LocalBitcoins stated that it has explored all options including obtaining licenses with different regulators but was unable to comply with all regulatory frameworks without major changes that would make the exchange unsuitable for its current users. The company further noted that “we are fully aware that this decision may be painful for many people” and thanked its customers for their support over the past decade.



In conclusion, after nearly a decade of operation and over 200 million transactions, LocalBitcoins.com is shutting down its service. As with any other business, the company cited changing market conditions as the reason for its closure. It remains to be seen what new services and products will replace it in the cryptocurrency space.

However, it is clear that cryptocurrency technology is here to stay. There are numerous blockchain-based exchanges on the market today offering innovative solutions along with varying levels of security. In addition, regulations have adapted to keep up with the industry advancements, ensuring a solid foundation for continued growth in years to come.

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