How to Save Multiple Hours When Managing PPC Campaigns in Google Ads?

Working in PPC advertising can sometimes be time-consuming with growing client numbers and even more accounts to manage. The main question is how to simplify manual campaign creation and optimization and at the same time save several hours of hard work? The answer is quite simple, by using automation. With the rapid development of information technology, artificial intelligence is constantly evolving. We can therefore say that today almost everything can be automated and this trend was not bypassed even by online marketing.


Tips for the careful PPC specialists:

When manually managing campaigns, the PPC specialists have complete control over the entire account. For example, if they don’t want to leave changes to the system itself, they can use manually tailored scripts to have better control of the campaigns. Those scripts don’t have to take any action, they can only be used to observe the current state of the campaigns. Examples include the LinkChecker script for checking URLs used in ads or the Google Anomaly Detector, which alerts the specialist about significant changes in the metrics. In addition, they can set up automatic policies in your account to notify them for example, if a campaign has 0 impressions on a given day. This allows the specialist to respond immediately and resolve any issue that may have been overlooked before.

LinkChecker skript – Google Ads scripts

LinkChecker skript – Google Ads scripts


One step closer to automation:

PPC specialists can create automatic rules, which can easily perform simple tasks for them. All they have to do is set them up correctly and they will execute all the commands they were given on a daily basis. If you have a large volume of keywords in the campaigns, specialists probably won’t have that much time to check all of them. An automatic rule can be created so that it pauses any keyword with a low-Quality Score and thus do one part of the work for them. They can also create a rule to change your campaign budgets based on the conditions you choose.


Automatic bidding:

To facilitate the work of PPC specialists the Google Ads system offers so-called. automatic bidding strategies. All they have to do is enter a daily budget for your campaign, or set a target CPA that you want to reach, and the system will set a cost-per-click for each keyword. The PPC specialist has several types of bidding strategies to choose from, each well designed to achieve a specific goal for you.


Automated PPC tools:

PPC specialists that have dozens of clients mostly don’t have time to enter create their own rules and scripts in Google Ads. They heavily depend on some kind of automated PPC tools that have them predefined. This way they don’t have to create the rules just simply turn them on at the campaign level. We would like to introduce to you the BlueWinston tool. It’s a well-balanced PPC tool for simplifying the creation of campaigns and their optimization. With BlueWinston specialists or even e-shop owners can create campaigns, generate keywords for each product, create an automated ad with a dynamically changing product price, and much more in just a few minutes. Once you’ve created your campaigns, it’s time to optimize them. To make your work easier, you can use several scripts in BlueWinston to help your campaigns increase their effectiveness. For example, by excluding keywords that have excessive costs or bounce rates.

Automatic rule to exclude keywords from a campaign

Automatic rule to exclude keywords from a campaign –

What to expect from it?

Finally, we will once again summarize the main advantages of why you should follow the path of gradual automation of PPC campaigns. Whether you choose BlueWinston or your own rules and scripts, you’ll be able to evaluate how much time you’ve saved managing PPC campaigns over time. Since the system does the routine tasks that otherwise you would have to perform in your campaigns on a daily basis, you’ll gain more time to further analyze the target user or other important areas of PPC advertising that need to be addressed. Saving time is logically associated with cost savings, and ideally, automating your campaigns can also streamline their performance.

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