12 MangaStream Alternatives To Read Manga Online – 2024 [Working]

Manga fans were disappointed recently when the popular manga aggregation site MangaStream announced they would be shutting down. MangaStream provided English translations of manga from Japan, allowing fans around the world to easily read popular manga series online. Their sudden closure has left many manga readers searching for good alternatives to meet their manga needs.

Thankfully, there are some good options out there that can help fill the void left by MangaStream. While no site is exactly the same, the best MangaStream alternatives offer large libraries of manga series, regular updates just like fans were used to, and high-quality scanlations in English. Some popular sites readers have turned to include MangaDex, Mangakakalot, and Manganelo.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the top sites to read manga now that MangaStream is gone. We’ll explore what these MangaStream alternatives have to offer, their pros and cons, and how their features and libraries compare. We’ll also provide some tips on how to get the most out of whichever new manga site you choose to make it your go-to source for enjoying exceptional Japanese comics. Whether you’re a casual reader or a hardcore manga fan, we’ll help you find the best fit so you can keep up with all your favorite series.


12 MangaStream Alternatives Best Sites Like MangaStream


1. MangaTown




Searching for the best free alternative to MangaStream? Manga Town is an absolutely free service where you can read all of your favorite manga comics online.

This is a great website and one of my personal favourite manga comic sites. You can easily navigate through the site’s manga catalogue, check out new releases, browsing by genre, or finding random manga to read. Manga Town allows you to comfortably read comics at your own pace.

With an intuitive interface and a frequently updated manga database, Manga Town stacks up against the top manga sites out there. It offers high-quality images and a smooth reading experience across devices. Readers can also download chapters for offline enjoyment.

As far as free manga sites go, Manga Town is highly recommended and gives MangaStream a run for its money. It deserves a spot near the top of any list of the best alternatives to MangaStream. If you’re looking for a top-notch free manga site that makes reading comics online easy and enjoyable, give Manga Town a try.


2. Kissmanga




Kissmanga stands as the best free online comic site, boasting an unrivaled manga collection of over 100,000 titles – making it the largest directory out there. You can read manga on Kissmanga in high-quality images, with the site regularly updating comics across all genres.

Stay on top of the latest chapters with update notifications and easily manage your favorite comics to discuss with friends. Thoughtfully categorized to make search seamless, Kissmanga allows you to peruse ranked collections spotlighting the most popular manga.

Beyond its vast database, Kissmanga enables a smooth reading experience as you dive into gripping storylines and vibrant artwork. Read comics at your own pace, even downloading chapters for offline enjoyment later. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, Kissmanga makes it simple to become immersed in the worlds of action-packed shonen adventures, tantalizing romances, intriguing sci-fi premises and every genre in between.

For any manga fan, Kissmanga is a must-try source to read and follow comics online for free. It has cemented its reputation as the premier platform for legally accessing the latest and greatest manga hits from Japan and beyond.

3. Rizzcomic.com

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Discover a captivating collection of webtoons and manhwas at Rizzcomic! Dive into sweeping fantasy epics, heart-fluttering romances, action-packed adventures and more. Follow overpowered main characters as they embark on emotional journeys and face thrilling challenges.

Rizzcomic hosts an extensive range of top webtoon and manhwa series from skilled artists globally. Sink into gorgeous color illustrations and gripping storylines that pull you chapter after chapter. A polished user interface makes browsing Rizzcomic seamless as you explore rising titles across genres tailored to your tastes.

Give your imagination a boost with popular fantasy manhwas full of magic, otherworldly creatures and heroic quests. Fall in love with romantic comedy webtoons brimming with warm affection and amusing misunderstandings. Or enter futuristic worlds in sci-fi manhwas with creative technologies and spacefaring civilizations.

Rizzcomic brings complete series, new releases and exclusive previews to enjoy. Stay hooked on unfolding episodic adventures from multiple lenses and cultural perspectives with their expansive webtoon and manhwa library.

4. Viz Media

viz media

viz media


VIZ Media offers free access to manga and anime on Android and iOS mobile devices. However, to unlock the full VIZ library and read on your desktop, consider their subscription plan. Beyond manga comics, VIZ has an extensive collection of Japanese light novels and anime series to explore.

With VIZ, you can dive into the complete world of anime and manga all in one platform. Search for your favorite manga series by name or keyword to instantly pull up relevant titles. All content on VIZ comes fully translated into readable English, optimized for their polished “e-reader” viewing interface.

An otaku’s dream come true, VIZ Media establishes itself as a premier manga/anime subscription service. From fresh chapters of popular Shonen Jump manga direct from Japan, to hard-to-find classic anime series – VIZ has it all. Customizable notification and library features allow you to conveniently keep up with new installments of ongoing series.

Immerse yourself in imaginative worlds, connect with captivating characters, and become absorbed by epic anime and manga storytelling – anywhere, anytime. For fans, VIZ Media represents the ultimate one-stop shop digital platform to fulfill all manga and anime reading needs.


5. Manga Panda

Manga Panda

Manga Panda


In search of alternatives similar to MangaStream? Look no further than Manga Panda – granting you access to an expansive library of tens of thousands of manga series translated to English. Whether reading on your phone, tablet, computer or laptop, enjoy this replacement site totally free.

At Manga Panda, dive into comics across genres including action, adventure, mystery, romance, thrillers and beyond. All content comes fully translated from the original Japanese editions. However, if you prefer, read select manga in the original text and formatting.

Simple browsing and search functions make finding fresh series or old favorites a breeze. Track updates and new chapter uploads of ongoing or completed manga you grow to love. Customizable notification alerts prevent missing out on sequel series releases too!

While offering an unparalleled catalog of titles spanning decades, Manga Panda does contain minor inconveniences. Advertisements and pop-up links on pages may frustrate some readers. But overall, the reading freedom and options this platform provides manga fans outpaces these annoyances.

If what you seek is a solution to fill the void left behind by MangaStream’s shutdown, depend on Manga Panda’s ever-expanding manga database to match your tastes. The sheer volume and reading quality will impress the most devout comic enthusiasts.


6. Manganelo




With its robust manga search engines, Manganelo has become a go-to destination for fans accessing comics across multiple sites. Manganelo houses a massive volume of manga series which you can explore through categories like Newest Manga, Hot Manga, and Brand New Manga.

Beyond sections spotlighting recent and popular titles, Manganelo contains over 40 distinct genre tabs bursting with high-quality manga scans. Sink into isekai adventures, apocalyptic struggles, whimsical comedies, enthralling romances and everything in between.

Easy to navigate and thoughtfully structured, Manganelo makes reading your favorites or discovering hidden gems smooth and enjoyable. Frequent manga updates means you never miss out on following fresh chapters from acclaimed or up-and-coming mangaka artists.

With endless scrolling potential through its expansive manga library, Manganelo provides a reading experience unmatched by competitors. It deserves recognition among the top-tier alternatives to MangaStream out there today. If you seek a replacement site that fathoms the diverse tastes of manga fans, Manganelo delivers.


7. MangaHere




With a vast library spanning over 50,000 manga series, MangaHere stands out as one of the largest free online databases for reading comics globally. New chapters and volumes from popular shonen, shojo, seinen and josei manga in Japan arrive daily, alongside uploads of completed series.

Intuitive browsing and tracking features make exploring new genres effortless for manga fans on MangaHere. Customizable libraries enable users to conveniently follow ongoing favorite series to never miss new installment uploads. A responsive, user-friendly interface also allows for smooth reading on mobile devices – whether binging a finished fantasy epic or catching up on the latest chapter of a hot romcom.

While fully free, MangaHere does contain occasional ads. But these prove minor inconveniences considering the unparalleled breadth and depth of content available. Both casual readers and seasoned otaku alike are sure to lose countless hours immersed in MangaHere’s ever-expanding digital vault of iconic classics, hidden gems and rising hits.

For a premium manga experience completely free of charge, MangaHere delivers – matching top paid services in speed, convenience and access to high-demand Japanese series. Its dedication to satisfying global manga fans cements its reputation as a go-to source.


8. Shonen Jump

shonen jump

shonen jump


Shonen Jump is an Android and iOS app that enables you to browse the Shonen Jump series for free. Some of the favorite titles in the Shonen Jump series include Boruto, Dr. Stone, and One Piece. All the most recent chapters are available for free on precisely the exact same day it is published in Japan. The only real caveat is, you may just read around 100 chapters daily in the Shonen Jump series for free, but you are able to eliminate this restriction by simply paying $1.99 per month.


9. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll manga

Crunchyroll manga


Crunchyroll Manga includes a subscription version that can open the floodgates to manga and additional anime. Creating an account is free and will provide you access to many free manga and anime comic books. You can’t sign up with your social networking account however, the free but best manga reader program account will let you to include manga to favorites, favorites, and orientation features. If you’d like the most recent manga books (such as Attack on Titan) published in Japan when they hit the racks, then Crunchyroll is your program to use.


10. Manga Rock

Manga Rock

Manga Rock


Find the best manga, manhwa and comics on the internet with Manga Rock—the top source to read your favorites and discover new gripping series. Explore a vast digital catalogue of over 1000 titles across genres and countless artists to unlock limitless reading potential.

Manga Rock makes it simple to access descriptions, latest chapter updates and reading links for trending hits like Solo Leveling to lesser known indie gems. Intuitive navigation and robust recommendations offer fans tailored series to indulge in for hours on end.

Step inside sweeping fantasy realms of sword and sorcery, travel to distant sci-fi space frontiers or get lost in charming romantic comedies. Customizable libraries help you conveniently track manga reading progress. Read comic chapters seamlessly on your device or download to enjoy offline anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with some of the most powerful manga search engines available, Manga Rock also solves the problem of tracking down obscure series details with ease. With endless scrolling capabilities, become absorbed in jaw-dropping artwork, relatable characters and imaginative storytelling spanning genres, cultures and artistic styles from Japan and beyond.


11. Mangakakalot

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Enjoy reading manga online completely free at MangaKakalot – home to thousands of popular series with super fast chapter updates, frequent new manga premieres and consistently high-quality scans.

MangaKakalot enables smooth, uninterrupted reading escapades with a responsive, well-designed interface optimized for all devices. Quickly find best-selling shonen adventures, emotional shojo romances, fascinating seinen sci-fi and beyond through an easily browsable database.

Stay in the loop with MangaKakalot’s daily updates of current Japanese hits before official English translations even release! Their dedication to promptly posting fresh content means no agonizing waits for the next installment of your go-to manga.

With quality standards and availability matching elite paid manga services, MangaKakalot offers unlimited access completely free to comic lovers everywhere. From hardcore otaku to casual readers simply seeking reliable entertainment, MangaKakalot has a page-turning series sure to meet your tastes and preferences.

Delve deeper into imaginative, gripping manga worlds today through their ever-expanding digital comic vault. Join millions of loyal members only beginning to uncover MangaKakalot’s true potential for binge-reading nirvana!


12. MangaDex

12 MangaStream Alternatives To Read Manga Online - 2024 [Working] 3


Operated on a non-profit basis, MangaDex has emerged as one of the premier aggregators of manga, manhwa and manhua scanlation translations online. Though much of the content comes from unofficial fan translation groups, MangaDex also provides links to official publisher platforms like Manga Plus and Bilibili Comics.

At its core, MangaDex functions as a database interfacing scanslation teams and series followers. Fans can conveniently track uploads from their favorite groups, receive update notifications and discuss latest chapter releases. For scanlation teams, MangaDex offers invaluable exposure to wider audiences hungry for their translation projects.

While respecting the work of licensed publishers, MangaDex ultimately connects niche series lovers to content often overlooked by official English releases. Aggregating titles from all genres and regions into one hub, it has become a go-to resource for readers globally.

With its focus on appropriately crediting scanlation efforts, while avoiding profiting itself, MangaDex maintains strong ethical standards unmatched by aggregator competitors. Its extensive manga libraries continue expanding daily thanks entirely to the platform’s mutualistic relationship with its contributors and members.

As more avid manga readers discover the unique cooperative nature and values this site fosters, MangaDex will only flourish further. Undoubtedly it remains at the vanguard among the best free scanlation aggregation platforms emerging parallel to official publication channels.

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