5 The Best Call Center Software Reviews & Pricing

Are you looking for call center management software for your company? With the new way for companies to reach their customers, be it through their websites, e-mail, or social media, a lot of people still prefer to get their help through the phone line or call center. The immediacy and familiarity of talking on the phone with a real human being and hearing a human voice can build trust between a customer and customer service agent. But there is a reason why companies put other options to reach their customer service agent, conveniences. Managing phone support can be a major challenge for many growing companies. Phone support is the most time-consuming, least-cost effective, and the hardest support channel to measure.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best call center software that are available.


5 The Best Call Center Software Reviews & Pricing For Your Small Business


1. Bitrix24 Call Center Software

Bitrix24 call center software

Bitrix24 call center software


This software is built around your to-do list, it helps your team to work together well and get their work done. There are plenty of customer service channels available, including rentable telephone lines, live chat, and email queues that are all integrated into Bitrix24’s task management software and CRM.

The software can easily handle all of the group tasks in one easy task management. Large or small teams can be handled by the software. There is also time tracking, reminders, reporting, templates, task dependencies, and more.

The project planning management is easy to sue yet has very advanced features. Not only your projects, but you can also manage resources and progress tracking. You can map out your entire project in the project calendars and interactive printable Gantt charts.

CRM and client management are under one section. Every aspect of your clients’ data can be stored and accessed from here. It can also automate billable hour tracking, quotes, invoices, marketing, and online payments.

Bitrix24 is available on both mobile and desktop. It supports Android, iOS, Mac, and PC. You can try it for free, but if you want more features, their cheapest plan starts at $55/month.


2. Five9 Contact Center Software

Contact Center Software

Contact Center Software


Five9 is a dedicated contact center software to bring everything your business needs to launch a complete customer service and sales call center. It’s a truly all-in-one software for enterprise businesses.

It has workforce management tools, predictive dialing, and CTI (computer telephony integration) screen pops to help your agents to provide an excellent service and not miss a chance to sell something or help customers.

The CTI screen pops really help agents a lot in this line of business. Agents will be able to recognize relevant customers immediately and with no mistakes. It’s also the best way to keep customers engaged and stay involved.

Five9 is really dependable, they understand the business and how customer service agents operate. They understand the importance of the call center for every business. You can consult them and get some pointers on how to use customer service to differentiate your company from competitors.

They can guarantee that your agents will be much happier at handling the customer’s thanks to their easy-to-use Agent Desktop Plus interface. This will also benefit the company with lower turnover costs and customers with high-quality responses.

You can try it for free and their plans are flexible, which means you pay only what you need. For more information on their prices, you can contact them directly.


3. Dixa Call Center Software

Call Center Software for Customer

Call Center Software for Customer


Dixa is simple Call Center Software for Customer. It can set up a contact center that runs entirely on the browser. It has advanced call distribution algorithms and caller recognition. Dixa is truly a modern solution that is designed to improve experience not only for the customer but also for the contact center administrator.

Setting up Dixa takes a very little amount of time. You can start offering phone support immediately, as long as you have the equipment ready. All you need is a headset and an internet connection.

With an intelligent ACD, skill-based routing, IVR menus, opening hours and more ensure that all customers get the help that they need and with ease too.

You can choose to give certain customers a higher or lower priority. This is to ensure that the most important customers get handled first during peak hours. Get your best customers happy and your business will improve.

This is also the same for your agents, you can route certain calls to be handled by certain agents. If you want the best agents to handle the most important calls, that can be done easily. In fact, it can be done automatically, thanks to Dixa’s algorithm.

Dixa is good for small businesses and can be a very powerful tool for big businesses. You can ask them for a demo to try and see if it’s for you. Their pricings are started at the lowest at $19/month. that’s surprisingly cheap for a powerful piece of software.

Dixa Call Center Software Features

  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Customer Recognition
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Blind & Assisted Transfers
  • Call Recording
  • Offer Callback Option
  • Supports email
  • Chat
  • Facebook Messenger


4. LiveAgent

LiveAgent Call Center

LiveAgent Call Center


LiveAgent is a cloud-based call center management solution. It’s built directly into their multi-channel help desk, this allows you to help customers over any channel you choose. LiveAgent doesn’t charge you a per-minute usage fee, making it the most cost-effective solution for any small to medium businesses that rely on phone support.

LiveAgent has all your favorite call center features in one place. With it, you no longer need another 3rd party software. The installation is very simple and combined with user-friendly UI and a great number of features, you might fall in love with this software during your first use.

The UI is like a combination of Skype and Gmail. It’s very pleasing to look at. All the necessary menus are neatly organized, within eyesight, and easy to remember.

And the best thing about this piece of software is probably built-in cloud integration. We all know how important cloud storage can be for small to medium businesses. It effectively cut the costs further down.

We can easily recommend LiveAgent for any business. Their prices start at the lowest $15 per agent and month. You can ask for a trial version of all their plans, something that these companies rarely do.


5. HubSpot

HubSpot Call Center Software

HubSpot Call Center Software


HubSpot’s Help Desk Call Center Software, is integrated with Aircall and built on top of HubSpot’s leading CRM and connected to its sales and marketing software. This ensures that every customer connected to any front-line agents will have all their information ready.

Every piece of information necessary will be ready to be accessed immediately. This information will be displayed in a single view to help employees deliver the best customer experience.

HubSpot is full of advanced automation tools and insightful reporting that helps your teams consistently improve customer service. They also provide a shared email inbox, live chat software, and self-service tools, all of these are integrated seamlessly with Aircall for phone support.

Aircall itself starts at the lowest $30 per user or month. Combining Aircall with HubSpot is a really genius idea to provide a cloud-based phone system. Businesses of all sizes that are willing to pay a bit more for premium services and tools will be delighted to be able to provide end-to-end customer experience across a variety of channels.

The customer service tool is free to use. There is no reason not to try it, considering all the features you will get. And if you’re interested, you can check a variety of products besides their call center software on their websites that might help your business to improve and beat your competitors.