Why Businesses Should Use Natural Voices for Marketing Campaigns

Gone are the days of traditional marketing! With the advent of digital technology, most companies are opting for digital marketing. It means promoting your company via online platforms.

Most of the companies are using text to speech software for making marketing videos. It helps them to directly convert the digital text into voice with the help of online software.

There is no need to manually record the video when you can do everything with the help of computer software. However, the type and quality of voice can affect the marketing campaign.

Most of the customers prefer natural voices in videos and audios compared to robotic computer-generated voices. Because of this reason, most of the companies are using Text to Speech MP3 with natural voices. It helps them to generate natural voices for the videos.


Reasons to Use Natural Voice:

Natural voices are more captivating than robotic system generated voice. Here are some of the reasons you need to use natural voices for marketing campaigns.

Not-Monotone: Most of the text to speech converter software uses robotic voice. However, a robotic voice sounds monotone. There is no human emotion in the voice. But if you use text to speech MP3 with natural voices, it will help you to generate a less monotonous voice and more human-like voice.

Natural Voices for Marketing Campaigns


  • Accent:

People from all around the world have different accents. We all talk and speak in a different way. So when you prepare a marketing campaign, you need to use the voice as per the target audience. It is better to use a natural voice as it has an accent. People can easily understand the advertisement when it is in a natural voice.


  • Familiarity:

Humans are familiar with natural voices. When you use robotic voice for your marketing campaigns, people will immediately recognize it and not pay much attention to it. However, if it is in a natural voice, it will easily grab their attention because they are familiar with it.


  • Pronunciation:

When you use text to speech software to convert digital text into robotic voice, there are many pronunciation issues. However, when you use natural voice instead of robotic voice, there will be fewer problems. People can easily understand the pronunciation when it is in a natural voice.


  • Many Choices:

When you opt for natural voices, you will have many choices. As all the robotic voices sound the same, there is no much choice. But with a natural human-like voice, you can easily choose between gender, accent and different languages.


  • Improved Customer Experience:

Customers prefer a human-like voice while communicating. So when you use natural voices to connect with the customer, it will help you to provide better customer service.


  • Human Emotion:

Natural voices have human emotion, unlike robotic voice. It helps you to directly connect with the customers and engage them. It makes the customers pay attention to the voice.


  • Easy to Understand:

When you make video ads, sales ads for your marketing campaign, it must be easily understood by the customers. The general public easily understands the videos made using natural voices compared to robotic ones.

These are some of the reasons why businesses should use natural voices for their marketing campaigns instead of robotic voice.

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