What Should You Know about Netflix Student Discount?

Is there such a thing as Netflix student discount? It seems promising and potential, especially if you are a student and you are trying to manage your budgets. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t provide such a thing. In the past, they might have offered a free trial period up to 30 days – which is more than generous. But it seems that they manage to find out that people have tried making use of that free trial period with so many scamming ways.

Currently, Netflix is no longer offering such a perk. But no need to worry, really. There are several ways to try where you can save up money without having to compromise your enjoyment of watching your favorite shows. These systems aren’t illegal or tricky so you can actually try them without having to feel guilty.


Netflix Subscription and Student Discount

Think of Netflix as this huge and giant library containing movies and TV series in different genres. Whether you want to look for Action movies or Romance TV series, they have everything in their collections. You can gain access to those collections and browse them as much as you like. But, you need to pay to gain such an access as Netflix doesn’t offer free service. At all.

Netflix Student Discount


Netflix started out around the 1990s as an online movie rental service. Then with the existence of the internet, they stopped renting out movies and started their business in movie streaming service, which becomes a huge hit! Who doesn’t know Netflix these days? Not only they have all kinds of collections for movies and TV shows, they also have their own original contents (consisting of series and movies). Original contents mean that they produce their own shows and they won’t air it elsewhere. You won’t be able to watch those contents in other channels, such as AXN, Fox, HBO, and others. Producing original contents isn’t a new practice, really, because it has dated long back with the HBO. But still, Netflix is able to take it up a notch by delivering quality contents.

The idea of having Netflix student discount is definitely appealing. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have such a thing. They know that they are one of the best in the industry although they may not be the only one offering such a service. They probably realize that other types of discounts may ‘lure’ people to do illegal things and shady practice. To eliminate such a burden, they don’t offer such a thing. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t save up money. If you are smart and creative, you should be able to find out a way.


Use Family or Friend’s Profile

If anyone you know have a Netflix account, try to talk to them to share. You see, the Basic plan costs around $8 a month with 720p resolution. It is considered the standard resolution, but it is pretty crisp and clear for Netflix. Discuss a plan on how both of you can make use of the account together. For instance, you two can come up with a ‘schedule’, so each of you can enjoy all of the movies together. Figure out a way how splitting ONE account can be beneficial for both of you. It’s not bad having to pay $4 a month for a full entertainment benefit.

Netflix Subscription


Or, if you want to improve your enjoyment, you can upgrade to a higher plan. The Standard plan may be higher in cost but it also offers more features and benefits. For a starter, you will enjoy the ability to share the screen up to 2 channels. It means that both you and your friend can watch each of your favorite programs at the same time separately. The resolution is in HD, which is the 1080p quality. There is no doubt that it is super bright and clear. You may have to spend more, around $14 a month, but it is definitely worth it. If you think of it, you spend only $7 a month, which saves you $1 a month – and yet you can enjoy better and higher quality of shows.

If you are using this method, you have several options. You can stick to the Basic plan and come up with sharing plan – and most likely schedules. Or, you can always upgrade to the Standard plan that will give you access to better flexibility and freedom. If you choose this way, you won’t have to set up any plan or schedule or anything else. Consider being able to save $1 as your Netflix student discount. It’s not bad at all, considering that you can save $12 a year!


Contact the Netflix Dealers

Before you have any funny thoughts about the word ‘dealer’, rest assured that this practice is completely legal – and there is nothing wrong about it. If you explore the social media, there are certain groups that can provide you with lower or inexpensive Netflix account. This is another way of getting your own Netflix student discount if you are trying to save up money.

What these people do, actually, is about account sharing. We have discussed account sharing option in the previous section. In most cases, these people may have the Premium plan where they can have 4 to 5 different devices at the same time. If you want to think of it, the Premium plan can actually save you a lot of money in the long term. It costs $17 a month, and if you can share it with 4 people, you can enjoy 4K resolution, the ability to use the account independently and freely, and unlimited access to the library and collections – and you won’t have to spend more than $5 per month. It’s such a great bargain, right?

Finding the Netflix dealer is pretty easy – and you should be able to find the local dealers in your area. You can always contact them by using your social media account. Once you pay, you can get the information about the password of the account. Use it and you are good to go! With this service, you may be required to renew the account on a monthly basis. It may be such a fuss, but it’s worth the effort of saving money. Think of it. If you only have to pay $4 to $5 a month, you can at least save $3 a month, which means that you can save up $36 a year.


Use the Gift Card

What Should You Know about Netflix Student Discount? 1


So, Netflix doesn’t provide any trial period anymore – due to many misuse problems. It doesn’t have any Netflix student discount or such thing alike. But Netflix does provide you with gift cards. Some people say that they get the gift card from Google Play or from Amazon. If you are interested, find out how to manage it.

How can you manage it?

  • Go to the section ‘Manage Profiles’ and then scroll down
  • There should be Change Payment option or Change Subscription Plan option
  • If you want to use the gift cards, provide the information on the cards
  • Once you have done it, you are good to go!


Despite all of the benefits offered by the gift card, here are some things to remember:

  • Gift cards have their expired dates. Make sure to check on them
  • It is also possible to buy the Netflix (gift) cards in some places. Do your research concerning this.


FAQ: About Netflix Student Discount

Why should I use Netflix? Can’t I just use other services?

Feel free to do so. The decision to choose a certain streaming service is up to personal preference. You aren’t OBLIGED to subscribe to Netflix, but naturally, there are several advantages that you can enjoy from the service when compared to other service providers.

Is there a way for Netflix to provide free service?

Unfortunately, such an option isn’t available. Netflix doesn’t provide any free service right now. They have stopped their free trial period. And there is no such thing as Netflix student discount – ever. The best way for you to figure out ways to save up money is through the ways mentioned in the article. Or you can always buy the gift card.

If I want to use the Basic plan, will I make the best decision?

It depends on your term of ‘best decision.’ In terms of quality and service, you can still get the best. The 720p resolution is good in overall – not lousy or poor. Yes, the features are limited when compared to other plans, but you get what you are paying for. Many are using the Basic plan, and they are pretty satisfied with it.

Can I make changes with the plan, such as upgrading or even downgrading?

Netflix has provided such features. If you don’t know where to start, you can always contact the customer service and let them help you.


Those are some best alternative ways to try if you want to reduce your spending for Netflix. Even without Netflix student discount, you can still enjoy high-quality viewing without fuss or complication.

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