Netflix vs Disney Plus Which is the Best Choice for Watching the Latest Movie?

When we are talking about paid and premium streaming services that are popular today, we can’t help it to compare Netflix vs Disney Plus. It’s quite logical, really, considering that both of them are trendy topics these days. Everyone is ‘forced’ to spend more time at home, which results in the increasing desire (and also demand) for high-quality entertainment.

Even for those who still have to go to offices, their options are becoming limited because they need to limit interactions with other humans. That’s why it is quite reasonable why people would compare the two – because they want to know which one is the best!


Netflix vs Disney Plus Which is the Best Choice for Watching the Latest Movie?

Netflix vs Disney Plus


Current State

Who doesn’t know Netflix? Everyone knows that it is one of the best streaming services in the industry – always delivering high-quality content and with variants of options. All these years, Netflix has dominated the streaming industry by committed to delivering premium performance and qualities.

But then Disney Plus appears. One of the best things about this service is the name. The marketing team is smart enough to make use of the already positive and established name. It turns out that the service gains quite a huge hit – resulting in its vast and fast popularity. It’s even more than anyone has anticipated – because it manages to get a high subscriber level during the initial launch.

But then, there is a question about Netflix vs Disney Plus. It won’t be an issue if you can subscribe to both services. You can have a thorough experience because each channel will complete each other. However, it is problematic for those who can only subscribe to one service. So, which one is it?


Price Factor You Need to Know

Price is undoubtedly one of the crucial things to consider when it comes to choosing a service – and in Netflix vs Disney Plus case, it won’t be any different. In terms of price, Disney is lower – with only $7 a month, but the price may go up to $8 a month soon enough. For the annual subscription, it would be $80 a year. It’s quite a good deal, considering that you can also get a bundle deal that consists of Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu (with ads, though) for around $13 per month.

With the bundle offer, you can even cut off the subscription price for Disney. If you want the same bundle but without ads for Hulu, it would cost you $19 per month. Moreover, Verizon wireless unlimited can enjoy free Disney Plus for 6 months or a year, which also extends to Verizon’s 5G home internet and Fios subscribers. You can generally enjoy saving more money for the service.

For Netflix, the price is definitely higher. Its lowest plan is around $9 a month supporting only 480p resolution and one (concurrent) stream. The second plan would cost you $14 a month with 1080p resolution and 2 (streams). The third plan will cost you $18 per month with 4K resolution support and 4 streams. Not to mention that they provide 30-days free trial period, which is more than enough.

However, Netflix is now doing an experiment with subscriptions for ‘mobile only’. But it is only for certain markets, and only for tablets and smartphones. The subscription fee would be $5 a month. The downside is that this service isn’t available in every country – which is a bummer.

For all, Disney Plus has the best advantage when it comes to price – gaining its status as the affordable streaming service. Well, for now, at least.


The Platforms You can Use

Disney Plus


Disney Plus offers its apps in various formats and ways. It is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. It is made available for Android TV as well as others like Nvidia Shield. It can also be used with Chromecast-supported devices, including TVs with (built-in) Chromecast features. Although it can also be used on the PC (with web browsers), there haven’t been enough detailed information about the specs. In general, the app is available for:

  • Sony’s PS 4 and 5 (consoles)
  • Xbox One as well as Series X/S
  • Roku TV
  • Amazon Fire (TV) sticks – as well as other streaming sticks
  • LG, Vizio, and Samsung (smart) TV

So far, there hasn’t been any information about the app’s availability for Nintendo Switch, so many are still waiting on that.

For the Netflix, it basically is compatible with all kinds of devices. It is available for Android (and also iOS) tablets and smartphones – as well as devices supporting Amazon Fire and Roku. It is also available for Android TV supports, Chromecast devices, and also TV with (built-in) Chromecast. Naturally, the service is also compatible for browsers for PC desktops and laptops. Game consoles are also made available for Netflix, which means that you can do it on Sony PS 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Wii 3DS and U. Basically, the app is available for different types of cable boxes, smart TVs, and also BluRay players.

In terms of platform, it is obvious that the winner of Netflix vs Disney Plus is Netflix. But there is always a possibility that Disney can catch up with this matter.


Availability and Content Library

What about each party’s stand in Netflix vs Disney Plus? Well, Netflix has the biggest advantage because it has a very early start when compared to Disney. It covers 190 territories and countries. In fact, only 4 countries that don’t have Netflix, like Syria, Crimea, North Korea, and China.

Disney launched the service in Canada, America, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia. It has expanded to other European countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and the UK. And then it has expanded to India, Japan, and France. Furthermore, it launched in Latin America, Nordics, Luxembourg, Portugal, Belgium, and other territories.

For the content library, Netflix has a wide collection. It has older movies and TV shows program – not to mention that its original content’s library is always expanding and growing. It’s trying hard to provide users with exclusive movies and shows. They have The Irishman, the Witcher, and movies such as 6 Underground. When it comes to contents, Netflix makes sure that they always try to deliver the best quality. They make sure that they provide contents for all audiences and ages – and the contents cover exclusive as well as classic pieces.

Disney may be new in the industry, but it doesn’t mean that they are lacking in contents. The library contains many contents from National Geographic, Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney divisions. It also has some shows and movies (from its purchase) from 20th Century Fox. It means that you will get thousands of movies and TV episodes for the streaming service. For original contents, Disney Plus has their own collections, such as The Mandalorian and Artemis Fowl. And with Marvel Cinematic Universe addition (starting from WandaVision), the original contents are flourishing.

In short, if you want the most expansive contents, Netflix would be the best option. However, if you like the idea of Disney Plus having mature contents (through Star), then Disney would be the winner.


Other Features



Both services won’t have commercials or ads during the use, which is quite convenient. Despite the differences of Netflix vs Disney Plus, they share similar traits – and the absence of commercials is one positive thing about both of them. Both of them are also supporting 4K resolution, although you will have to pay higher for the service on Netflix. Moreover, Disney Plus support 10 devices altogether, while Netflix only supports 4 – and that’s the most expensive plan.

For Disney, you can manage up to 7 (custom) individual profiles – for each account. Kids have access to the contents while parents can also enjoy their favorite shows. Netflix can only manage 5 profiles each account. Not to mention that Disney Plus has its own Kids Mode that covers parental controls. It helps parents to control their kids’ screen time.


FAQ: Netflix vs Disney

Which one to choose between Netflix and Disney Plus?

It goes back to your preference, really, because people have different like and favorites – and that includes streaming service.

What should I do to make the right decision?

The best thing to do is to compare each service’s features.

They are both good. How to choose one?

The best thing to do is to make your own list of the pros and cons of each service, and then decide which one you like the most.

Can I watch Netflix or Disney in my area?

You will have to check whether your area is included in the coverage service. If you are clueless, ask the customer service.



Keep in mind, though, that there is nothing better or worse when it comes to your favorite service. It all goes back to your personal preference. Some people prefer Netflix, while some prefer Disney – and that’s totally fine. Now that you already know the details and break down of Netflix vs Disney Plus, you should be able to make a better and more dedicated decision.

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