6 Exciting New Features To Expect From iOS 14.5

We all love our Apple products. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with upgrading my iOS. It always feels like a chore, but the new look and features are something to geek out about. And we use our Apple products for so many things! My favorite is using my MacBook to record and upload podcasts to Apple Music. I used Socialwick to grow my podcast on everything Apple-related. At the moment, the Beta release is out, but we will have to wait some more for the final update. Anyway, these are the most exciting new features you can expect in the upcoming iOS update.


6 Exciting New Features To Expect From iOS 14.5

New Features To Expect From iOS 14.5


1. Siri Can Dial 911

No longer just a gimmick we see in movies and TV shows, Siri can now actually dial 911 when prompted to call emergency services. This will be extremely helpful in an emergency situation where you can’t reach the phone to actually dial. I already thought this feature was available, so I, for one, am very surprised.


2. Masked Face Recognition from Apple Watch

This year we have all been through a million times when we needed to unlock our phones and found that facial recognition will not work with our masks on. We’ve all contemplated risking getting infected instead of tapping in our passwords. Well, Apple took care of that by tweaking and configuring its facial recognition software on Apple Watch to work better – even when your face is not fully visible (behind a mask).


 3. A Lot More Emojis

I know. As if we didn’t have enough of those to pick from. But Emojis have become a language of their own, and it is important for a language to evolve. They have become an important part of communication in the 21st Century, so expansion is inevitable. Apple plans on adding over 200 new Emojis to its keyboard in this update.


4. Apple Music No Longer Default

Although Apple Music is gaining popularity overall, some people like to use other services to listen to their music. Most commonly Spotify or SoundCloud. In this new update, you can set the default music player of your choice. This is a big step for Apple users worldwide that are frustrated with having Siri play music through Apple Music only.


5. Gaming With Your iPad (or iPhone)

Now your both devices will be console controller compatible. This means you can directly hook up your PlayStation or XBox controllers to your phone or tablet, and start playing. Granted, not all games are made for iOS; but the option is not the worst idea when you’re on the go. Some games are just more enjoyable with a controller.


6. Dual-SIM

iPhone 12 owners worldwide have been walking around with a phone that carries two SIM cards but only uses one number. Now they will be able to use their device to its fullest capacity, with 5G on both SIMs.This option should have been able from the start if you ask me. Nonetheless, we can expect to see it with this version update.

All these features are very exciting, and there’s more to come – like design updates and the user interface. But we have to wait for the official release which won’t be until the end of the month. For those of us in a hurry (like me), using a spare device to test out iOS 14.5 Beta can be fun. If you’re as excited as I am, go ahead and set up your devices so they are ready to update whenever it is released in your region.  

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