4 Online Marketing Gigs You Can Do From Home

Do you have a lot of free time staying idle at home, doing nothing but killing time by surfing the internet, watching movies, or chatting with friends online? Or maybe you already have a day job but still want to earn extra cash for rainy days? Well, whatever your situation is, the internet is an effective avenue for you to generate income in the comfort of your own home.

With the advent of technology, you can earn on the side with a gadget and a decent internet connection. If you’ve already been exposed to some ways to make money online yet you feel like you haven’t found the one you’re perfectly suitable for, don’t worry. This article will provide you with more online marketing gigs that can help you earn some cash.

To get started, explore the following ways to make money from home in 2021:


4 Online Marketing Gigs You Can Do From Home

Online Marketing Gigs You Can Do From Home


  1. Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Virtual real estate assistants aren’t required to have formal training, but most have a high school diploma at a minimum. In contrast to real estate agents and assistants from the past, nowadays, people in this industry can work virtually or remotely.

Some choose to take real estate classes in vocational schools or community colleges to learn about real estate documents, processes, and laws. Another option is to acquire or broaden your real estate knowledge by enrolling in programs like Clever Investor.

If you’re looking for a job on the side, being knowledgeable about real estate processes might help, though some employers provide training once you get hired. If you have previous experience in real estate and you’re highly familiar with the industry’s market, working as a virtual real estate assistant will help you up your game financially and professionally. However, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and are well versed in using real estate apps and other platforms you’ll use for various purposes such as marketing.


  1. Online Sales Representative

Their primary responsibility is to sell the products and services of their employers online. This is a side gig you can consider if you’re good with sales. You can find online companies hiring reps like Vector Marketing and sell their products so you can earn commissions or salaries. To succeed in sales, these individuals are required to achieve a specific sales target. Moreover, they stay up to date on the latest online marketing techniques and trends so they can change their current approach if needed.

In order for virtual sales reps to understand what their customers need, they use computers, smartphones, and other internet tools. Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to reach and expand their audience could positively impact the company’s overall revenues. Furthermore, online sales representatives help customers find information about various products.

It would help to have a background in sales if you want to land this side gig. Being able to sell anything to anyone is a significant skill that most employers look for in their staff. Also, it would be an advantage for you to have been educated or trained on matters related to business, sales, and marketing.


  1. Social Media Assistant

Being a social media assistant means working and collaborating with a company’s social media manager or the owner themselves. This side gig will require you to create interactive content on social media to increase and grow the business’ social media presence. Usually, the main objective is to create a diverse following on different social networking platforms. To be successful on social media, you’ll need to keep your accounts updated and look for new avenues that’ll allow you to connect with your target audience.

Here’s what will likely be expected from you when you get this job:

  • You have to manage all the social media platforms that your client or boss has for their brand.
  • You need to develop social media profiles on new and emerging platforms.
  • If there are no content creators on the team, you have to create and upload graphics, audio, or video content by yourself.
  • You’ll utilize SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) to optimize content.
  • You may be asked to provide support for community management, large projects, and events on social media.
  • You’ll work with a team whose members create social media and marketing campaigns.
  • You’ll provide analyses and reports on audience and demographic information and the success of existing social media projects.
  • Coming up with fresh ideas and strategies to grow the company’s marketing efforts is also one of your job roles.


  1. Content Strategist

Those who blog understand the basics of content marketing. How about using your expertise to encourage companies to adopt such strategies? In doing so, you can make decent money, too. Nowadays, a lot of companies are putting a lot of importance on their content quality.

Your role as a content strategist involves working with brands to determine what content they need and match it with strategies that can create buzz online. This job is ideal for you if you have a background in blogging and are familiar with how content marketing and strategy work.



Given that the internet is widely accessible these days, now’s the best time to start earning income online by trying any of the methods listed above. Consider taking an online course so you can gain and develop a high-demand freelancing skill. Remember that the more skills and knowledge you have, the higher your chances of earning will be.

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