17 Best Putlocker Alternatives [2024] (Updated & Working)

Looking for Putlocker alternatives or sites like Putlocker to watch movies online? If you are into streaming movies online and TV shows you landed on the right site. Putlocker is basically a website that can be used to stream TV series and movies for personal use and watch.

It is a popular site, considering that you can log into the site and watch the shows for free. However, such a thing violates the copyright term and the site is considered a source distributing pirated content.

The site is considered among users, bringing fun, fresh, and new content. But it is bad news for the movie and TV show industry, mostly because Putlocker gathered the contents illegally by violating copyright regulations.

That’s why it is closed and down leaving free content fans sad from not being able to watch their favorite movies anymore.  However, it is a good thing that there are several alternatives to the service where you can get the contents and watch the movies hopefully, without violating any law or whatsoever.


17 Best Putlocker Alternatives (New Sites Like Putlockers) To Watch Movies Online Free


1. Rainierland



URL: https://www1.rainierland.to/

If you are into cinematography and you want to have direct access to many artistic movies, then Rainierland would be the best place. Not only the website offers you the most current content, but you can also artistic shows with the best and the most unique cinematography.

if you are looking for free streaming sites like putlocker, I strongly recommend Rainierland. You can watch TV shows, anime, and movies for free here. No need to subscribe or pay a penny.

Moreover, there are so many different genres available on the website so you can choose anything you like. As one of the best Putlocker alternatives available out there, the site is handy and it offers various features to improve your comfort while enjoying the shows.


2. Vimeo



URL: https://vimeo.com/

This is another popular Putlockers Alternative website that will give you better satisfaction for watching your favourite movies and shows. Think of it as YouTube although Vimeo isn’t as great as YouTube. However, you can enjoy movies as well as independent shows from all over the world.

Another cool thing about Vimeo is that it can be used for streaming, sharing, and hosting with high-quality and useful tools. It also provides 4K and also HD content so you can be sure about high-quality enjoyment. It also offers no ads service which makes it super cool.

Vimeo is different from YouTube because you can download content from the site directly. You can even find a Download button on each video which you can click directly. There are different quality options that you can choose from. And the fast servers are also handy because you won’t have to wait long to enjoy the downloaded content. Is it easy to use? Absolutely! Even if this is your first time, you won’t find any difficulty in exploring your way around.


3. Yify



URL: https://yts.mx/

Just like Putlockers, you can download movies and enjoy the content quite conveniently and easily. One of the things to like about Yify is the fact that it comes with a large library of TV shows and movies – so finding your favorite shows should be easy. Yify management has done a smart thing by providing Yify stream website service that enables users to stream movies (right from the library) without downloading. If you want to stream HD movies instead of downloading them, you can do it without a fuss.

The website has a convenient user interface system. There are different options and features – you should have no problem finding new content. There are also different kinds of filtering systems and options, such as genres, popularity, ratings, release dates, actors, and such things alike. If you want to stream the movie content without ads, this would be the perfect site for you. There is no need to subscribe to anything. You won’t have to pay anything either. Now, you can see why it is considered one of the best Putlocker alternatives that can give you tons of advantages.


4. Los Movies

Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies free

Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies free

URL : https://losmovies.id/home

If you want to talk about a service with massive collections of TV shows and movies, then you have come to the right site. This site is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker because it has 2000-page of TV shows and movie catalogs, enough to satisfy your cravings of good entertainment from different kinds of genres. Feel free to choose the trending movies, the movies with subtitles category, or movies by their names easily. You will love the easy operation as well as the vast collections of entertainment and movies. Not to mention that it offers free service as well – don’t you love it?

Unfortunately, the site is heaven for popup ads. In fact, you should see the ads several times within a movie. Different people have different opinions about it – some are okay with it and some are completely put off. Now the question is: which one are you? But in the overall sense, the site is great if you are looking for high-quality contents and a great deal of movie library. Consider it whether you are okay with the popup or not. If you want to enjoy a better entertainment, you should install a popup blocker first before accessing this site.


5. Gomoviesz



URL: https://gomoviesz.com/

Gomoviesz is quite popular, mainly because of the updated movies. One of the major reasons why users like to use this service is because of the well-maintained service along with the updated content. Rest assured that you can always find the latest trending TV shows and movies easily without having to worry about the quality. The interface system is simple and clean. It is streamlined with perfect quality and an attractive display. The collections are vast although it offers only several categories like TV-Series, Top IMDB, or Trending. The operation is simple and the quality of the shows themselves is quite impressive.


6. Popcornflix



URL: https://www.popcornflix.com/

There are tons of good reasons to love this site. Not only you won’t have to spend anything, but you can also get the latest and trendiest movies with impressive download speeds and excellent quality. If you value your entertainment highly and you want to get the best service to watch movies, then you should include this site in your reliable Putlocker alternatives list.

There are different genres available on the site, including romance, sci-fi, and comedy – among other genres you can find on the site. In the event you want to watch foreign movies, you can find the options – still within the original language. And they have categories lists in case you are clueless about what to watch. And it is super simple to operate the site. Once you have found the movie to watch, just click it and wait until the player loads. And when the play button appears, you only need to click it and let the show begin. It’s that simple!  Read Also: Is Popcornflix Legal and Safe to Use?


7. SnagFilms

Snagfilms Free Movie Streaming Online

Snagfilms Free Movie Streaming Online

URL: https://www.snagfilms.com/

As one of the best services that allow you to stream or download shows, SnagFilms enables you to enjoy high-quality content in various options. The option for genres may be limited but rest assured that you will get the best shows in the high-quality performance.

The sorting process is based on your favorite topic and they will provide you with recommendations automatically. The site ‘learns’ about your movie watching habits so you won’t have to worry about a thing. The display and operation are pretty simple so you won’t have any problem maneuvering your way around the site.


8. Watchserieshd



URL: https://watchserieshd.mx/

If you are one of those TV series junkies, then this would be the perfect site for you. watchserieshd is one of the best Putlocker alternatives for TV shows, whether you love reality TV or soap operas. You can find all kinds of TV shows with different genres and titles, after all, they have the collections. And no need to worry about the quality. Most of the shows are presented in HD and each of their episodes comes with two mirrors, at least. Unfortunately, the site has its ads. It may not be a problem if you don’t think of it as a big deal. But just to be on the safer side, you should have an ad-blocker to improve your comfort and enjoyment for the entertainment.


9. Zona.RU

Zona RU

Zona RU

URL: https://zona.ru/en/

You have to admit that the design and layout are pretty basic and simple, but Zona.ru also offers straightforward and attractive interface to improve your movie enjoyment and this is best site like Putlockers. You only need to click different kinds of links, depending on your preferences: Series, Movies, etc. If you want to watch movies, there are different genres available for your like. But movies aren’t the only thing that you can find here. You can also listen to radio and music and even play games.

Another cool thing about the site is that you can save your movies for later, provided that you can’t finish the movie right away. And the site has its own filtering option where you can find the shows or movies easily.


10. 123Movies



URL: https://ww.123movie.ing/home/

If you like streaming movies and TV series, then 123Movies site should be included in your list. They don’t only offer TV shows and movies, but also a wide collection of Asian dramas, anime, and also cartoons. That’s why this site is liked by those who are into anime and cartoons. Be advised, though, that the site doesn’t provide its own hosting service. It is more like a connector that will connect you to the other parties providing the contents. Read Also:Is 123movies Legal and Safe to Use?


11. SolarMovie



URL: https://wwv.solarmovie.one/

If you looking for a site like Putlockers, now you have to try Solarmovie. For fans of streaming movies and TV shows without paying a premium, SolarMovie stands out as a leading free platform with an expansive media catalog rivaling paid services.

Upon visiting SolarMovie, you’ll find one of the most user-friendly interfaces guiding you to top media picks across categories. Helpful sections highlight trending titles currently creating buzz globally based on viewing traffic. You can also easily browse top-rated films and shows as rated by fellow streamers, spanning beloved classics to acclaimed new releases.

Underpinning these curated sections lies SolarMovie’s vast database compiled from media sources internationally. Feel like catching a foreign indie film from Spain? How about binging a hot Korean drama series? SolarMovie literally transports your media room across borders, transcending limitations of domestic streaming libraries.

You can conveniently filter SolarMovie’s catalog not just by genre or rating, but also by country of origin. This international scope exposes you to groundbreaking media otherwise obscured beyond home turf. The platform empowers worldwide media discoverability.

Yet SolarMovie also fully satiates fans of familiar franchises and Hollywood too with piping hot titles always added. Latest episode additions from ongoing American TV remain perpetually refreshed.

Whether looking to expand entertainment horizons globally or simply stream blockbuster spectacles, SolarMovie delivers an unlimited media pipeline rivaling elite paid competitors—especially rewarding media buffs willing to navigate the ads requisite of free platforms.


12. Afdah



URL: https://afdah.live/

For fans seeking a featured-packed movie streaming site mirroring Putlocker’s legacy, Afdah emerges as a leading destination for enjoying films and TV without service fees.

At first glance, Afdah’s clean intuitive interface makes searching for your next binge-worthy title simple with multiple browsing options. You can filter the extensive on-demand catalog by standard genres, country of origin, release year, and MPAA rating to pinpoint films suiting your current vibe.

But Afdah also allows discovering content based on specific directors and actors – a boon for cinephiles who follow the latest work of icons like Scorsese, Villeneuve, Streep or DiCaprio religiously across projects regardless of genre or studio. Tailoring suggestions via your favorite creatives provides a personalized touch.

Furthermore, should you create a free Afdah user account, handy notification alerts update you whenever new titles featuring preferred actors/directresses get added. This prevents missing brand new releases starring cinema crushes as they continually premire.

Between genre options organized conveniently and actor/director shortcuts to surface stylistically relevant titles both old and new, Afdah delivers a media discovery experience that handily rivals premium paid services in scope. Fans unwilling to pay recurring fees to stream film/TV can enjoy similar flexibility through Afdah freely.

And for the ultimate viewing experience, you can then check local theater listings and prices downtown once intriguing titles get surfaced digitally via Afdah first. Leverage the site’s filters to cherrypick promising releases, then see them larger-than-life on the big screen for full immersion!


13. Popcornflixkids



URL: https://www.popcornflixkids.com/

If you are bored at home, maybe watching movies is one way to reduce it. I would recommend popcornflixkids as one of the alternative Putlockers. This site offers movies for children such as animation, cartoons, and old movies are also available.

Basically Popcornflixkids is perfect for your Disney lovers and wants to watch Disney movies for free on the internet. Not forgetting too. They also offer TV shows for children such as animation station tv, adventure time tv and more


14. Fmovies



URL: https://ffmovies.watch/

For cinephiles and casual movie fans alike, Fmovies has positioned itself as a premier free streaming destination carrying cinema’s biggest hits and hidden gems without service fees – much like the beloved Putlockers site of yore.

Boasting an extensive on-demand catalog rivaling premium paid platforms, Fmovies grants visitors the ability to not only stream but also download films in crisp definition for offline viewing later. This flexibility caters nicely to lovers of foreign arthouse flicks, nostalgic childhood classics or recent talk show interviews typically unavailable through mainstream channels.

Whether at home bored on the couch needing a vibrant escape or stuck at the office seeking whimsy beyond spreadsheets, Fmovies offers respite as cinema’s welcoming vortex. The site’s intuitive genre and keyword tools make both identifying an evening’s spunky adventure, rainy-day thriller or teary-eyed romance as well as queuing beloved comfort titles for hectic weeks smooth.

For parents seeking family-friendly features to entertain kids through weekends or vacations, Fmovies allows filtering appropriately tender selections to share time together. Animated Disney classics. Cheery musicals with life lessons. Youthful stories capturing the whirlwind emotional moments of growing up everyone relates. The options delight.

When the drudgery of everyday life becomes draining, cinema provides uplifting balm for the soul. And Fmovies generously offers this healing gift completely free without subscription, simply for the love of film. Its servers teem with stories transporting us to wondrous worlds beyond our own. Worlds that enlighten, inspire and reenergize weary hearts.


15. Hdpopcorns



URL: https://hdpopcorns.us/

Searching for a faster and better place for watching online movies? I recommend Hdpopcorns for you movie lovers because this is the best and free place to watch movies on the internet.

Like other sites, Hdpopcorns is a site similar to Putlocker which is famous for its high quality. Now you don’t need to worry about losing valuable time, because watching movies through a smartphone or laptop is a way you can fill your time at home or office.


16. Pbskids



URL: https://pbskids.org/

Finding free movie streaming services is a common practice for coronaviruses! This is a dangerous pandemic everyone must stay at home, stop working, and stop meeting other peoples.

Alright, I would strongly recommend you the best streaming movie site for kids and that is Pbskids. As the topic of this site alternative putlockers. But this is more specific for children’s events. You can spend time at home and watch movies or children’s shows.


17. Soap2Day



URL: https://soap2day.rs/

With the holidays fast approaching, finding reliable sites like Putlocker to stream classic family films without service fees or accounts continues growing in appeal. For nostalgic movie watch parties without paying, Soap2Day emerges an accessible destination mirroring Putlocker’s legacy.

As old favorites get revisited for new generations and studios repackage cult classics into glossy collector’s editions each Christmas, relying on free streaming libraries becomes essential. Parents aim to foster timeless memories around the TV watching iconic characters like Ralphie Parker scramble for BB guns in custom bunny pajamas or Kevin McCallister construct elaborate boobie traps for bungling burglars. Friends crave recreating campus traditions of annual Die Hard viewings with cartons of spiked eggnog.

Yet studio greed limits cinematic joy through expensive subscription bundles, confusing channel packages and weekend rental fees making access an exclusive luxury. This holiday season, tell ordinary Scrooges demanding money for public domain tales like It’s a Wonderful Life “Bah, humbug!” Instead, embrace Soap2Day to freely share cinema magic again.

As Putlocker lays discontinued, that rebel spirit ofunlocking monumental movies regardless of means continues through sites like Soap2Day. Its extensive on-demand catalog bypasses the suits limiting art meant for global audiences. No waiting or paying for your own Frank Capra cinematic stocking stuffer. No tracking down dusty VHS tapes in the attic only to find cherished recordings absent. Just pure holiday viewing cheer completely free!

This winter, reconnect with generations young and old as the ultimate cinema Claus. Through Soap2Day, ring in the 2023 season with abundant virtual viewing gifts celebrating storytelling most splendorous. Spread the message that our shared stories need no studio restrictions. And film’s greatest joy remains when given freely.


Q&A: Best New Putlockers Sites Alternatives

Is Putlockers legal in US?

There are probably many pros and cons to this answer. Basically, when you watch a movie on the internet it will make the audience in the cinema decrease and that will result in huge losses for filmmakers. The fact is that many streaming movie sites are removed by the government or the authorities because of legal grounds. Streaming copyrighted content without permission is illegal. but accessing websites that are licensed directly by certain parties is legal. One free legal streaming site is Crackle. Please find a legal free site to watch movies, but this is mostly for the US, if you are outside the US, you can use VPN as a tunnel to the site!

Is PutLocker Safe?

PutLocker is a trusted site for streaming movies, on the other hand they get money from advertisements. Be careful with pop ads that open windows automatically. Most of these ads are ads viruses. Why did I say a virus? because they embed viruses in software and sometimes this can also be called malware and ransomware! So, be careful! You can use an antivirus to avoid malware attacks.

What is Putlockers New Sites?

New Putlocker sites are :putlockers.pw, putlockers.wiki, ww3.putlockers7.com, putlocker3.me

Has Putlockers been shut down?

Putlocker has fully shut down, leaving several website users without a way to get their films and TV shows. But, we've listed some Putlocker alternatives which may be utilised instead of Putlocker to watch your favorite movies or TV shows anytime.

Is streaming movies illegal in USA?

Presently, a pirated watch is treated as an illegal performance, which can be a misdemeanor, instead of illegal reproduction and distribution, that can be a felony. ... it doesn't target individuals who get the pirated streams or unwittingly stream unauthorized copies of copyrighted works.