5 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Marketing

20 years ago, Bill Gates said: “Content is King,” and his words are more relevant today than ever before. Social media marketing has become much more than a fad or a fashion trend; if mastered properly, it allows for an effective dialogue between a social group and the subject of a company’s marketing agenda. Your brand’s engagement on social media significantly boosts its reputation (or builds it to begin with).

This article provides a list of five reasons to invest in a SMM marketing strategy that will aid your business reach new heights of success.


5 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Marketing

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1. Increased Brand Awareness

As amazing a business as you might own, it yields no value without customers. Social media can help you increase your visibility and reach a wide audience in a matter of hours.

Plus, content marketing on social media has a high return on investment, in part due to how widespread it is. Consider its capabilities: if you publish content on many relevant sites, you will see a return in the form of an increase in brand visibility, its reputation, in the amount of incoming traffic, attracted customers and, of course, conversions.


2. The Power of Visual Presence

The need for compelling visual content in social media marketing has seen a staggering rise over the last decade. Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are by far the most visual-focused platforms out there, but don’t underestimate the power of visuals across all the other major social media platforms. Twitter, for instance, allows you to use large images and infographics to lure your followers into clicking on the content link (better if you use the same image in the post too, so it creates continuity).


3. Demonstrated Authenticity

Subscribers are not always buyers. You have to convince your audience that your product is worth the money.One of the key mistakes entrepreneurs tend to make is posting social media content that has an overly rigid, dry corporate style. Customers never find such content engaging. By allowing your brand to develop an interactive personality and an authentic voice that shines through diverse social media platforms, you can easily succeed at representing the qualities your business has to offer. Your tone can be formal and friendly, or casual and funny; it’s entirely up to you.


4. Cost-Effectiveness

No rule says you should invest in social media marketing, and to be honest, your business will probably survive without it. But, do you want your business to survive and not flourish?

Recent studies show that 73% of entrepreneurs agree that customer acquisition remains a top social media trend for 2021. Experts of the full-cycle digital agencies like Jaynike can guide you through diverse customer acquisition strategies and help you develop a plan aimed at the best results.

Advertising on social networks through a well-built SMM strategy will cost nothing compared to advertising on TV. Plus, SMM works like a clock, allowing you to continually attract new waves of target audiences.


5. Better Customer Interactions

Relationships are the backbone of any social media marketing effort. You should spend time interacting with people to build a positive presence. Social media platforms are constantly coming out with new features that can help you better engage with your target audience. A rapidly changing environment can be potentially challenging, but keep in mind that you don’t have to take on every new feature.

Experiment with different ways to connect. You can post a series of stories explaining the value of your product, or host a live Q&A session. In this manner, you will find out what your followers prefer and in what ways they prefer to interact with your brand.

Now that you’ve learned the basics of a good social media marketing campaign, all that’s left to do is bring your strategy to life!

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