15 Best Royalty Free Music Sites for YouTube Copyright Free Music

If you are planning to make video content on YouTube you definitely need to know some royalty-free music sites for the YouTube project. There is a world difference between free music for YouTube videos and royalty-free music. Free music is not necessarily free to use, and you might get hit with copyright issues.

While on the other hand, royalty-free means it’s free of royalty fees. You only need to buy it once or get it free from other places. You can use royalty-free music for your YouTube videos without getting copyright issues or being charged per the number of views your videos get.

This is why royalty-free music can be essential for content creators on YouTube. Especially for small content creators, it might be outright impossible to pay for music or keep paying royalties. Content creators need to make money from their videos. So, here is our list of royalty-free music sites for YouTube.


15 Best Royalty Free Music Sites for YouTube Copyright Free Music


1. EnovoMusic

Royalty Free Music Sites for YouTube

Royalty Free Music Sites for YouTube


The first on our list is EnovoMusic. It offers high-quality music production at affordable prices for online videos and tv or radio broadcast advertising. All tracks in EnovoMusic are royalty-free and easy to license for personal and even commercial use.

The site provides an excellent and simple solution for a wide range of customers from freelance video editors, hobbyists, professionals, YouTubers, and businesses all over the world. it’s easy to recommend EnovoMusic for anyone.


2. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library


YouTube Audio Library is one of the most royalty-free music sites for YouTube. A lot of people are getting their audio files from here. Music, sound effects, and any kind of sound you want can be added straight away to your videos for YouTube or you can download them for offline use.

There are hundreds of royalty-free tracks and sound effects, you can use the search feature to filter the tracks by genre, instrument, mood, duration, and attribution. Remember to check if attribution is required, and if it is, please give the credit to the artist in your video description.


3. Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music


Free Stock Music is the place for free music. The majority of the music available on this platform falls under the umbrella of Creative Commons Licenses (CC-BY). You have the liberty to utilize this CC-BY music, even for commercial purposes, provided that you give proper credit to the respective artist in your website projects, YouTube videos, or social media video descriptions. Detailed instructions on how to credit the artist can be found on each music/song page.

It’s important to note that the free music on this platform is exempt from any copyright concerns. However, if you are unable or unwilling to provide credit to the artist, you may need to purchase a license directly from the artist’s website. Whether you require royalty-free background music for your business ventures or simply for your day-to-day activities, be it work or play, please feel free to explore our meticulously curated collection of Royalty-Free Music Playlists.


4. TeknoAXE Royalty Free Music




At TeknoAxe, we take pride in offering a diverse and expansive library of music tracks, all of which are made accessible under the Creative Commons 4.0 (CC 4.0) license. This license grants you the freedom to utilize any of our 1103 music tracks, spanning a wide array of genres, absolutely free of charge. What’s more, our commitment to enhancing your creative experience is unwavering, as we continuously introduce new music tracks to our collection every week, ensuring a fresh and ever-evolving selection.

All of our music files are conveniently available in MP3 format, making it easy for you to integrate them into your projects, whether you’re working on a website, a YouTube video, or any other creative endeavor.

It’s important to note that while our music is offered free of cost, proper attribution is required when you use any of our tracks. This attribution can be provided in several ways: by including a link to the TeknoAxe YouTube channel, directing your audience to our website, linking to the specific YouTube video where the music was utilized, or even providing a link to the precise webpage on our site where the track is located. This attribution helps support the artists and creators behind the music while also complying with the CC 4.0 license terms.

In essence, TeknoAxe serves as your go-to source for a vast and ever-growing library of music that can seamlessly enhance your creative projects. Whether you’re a content creator, a filmmaker, a website designer, or simply someone looking to elevate their personal projects, we invite you to explore our extensive collection and unlock the potential of free, high-quality music for your endeavors.


5. Machinima Sound




Machinima Sound is an excellent resource for finding high-quality music and sound effects for videos and other projects. They have a extensive library with thousands of tracks across a wide variety of genres including cinematic, electronic, rock, pop, and more.

One of the best things about Machinima Sound is their “Legacy” collection. These are tracks that are available for free for creators to use in their videos and projects, without needing to pay any licensing fees. You just need to properly attribute the artist in your video description or credits.

The Legacy tracks can be downloaded in MP3 format at 320kbps, which is high enough quality for most online video and audio projects. The library is searchable by genre, mood, instrumentation, tempo, and more so you can easily find music that fits your project.

I highly recommend checking out Machinima Sound’s Legacy collection if you need free, high-quality music for your videos, podcasts, or other creative projects. Just be sure to provide proper attribution to the artists by including their names and the track titles. This allows them to gain exposure from your work. And it’s always a good idea to double check the license terms just to be sure, but in general, the Legacy tracks can be used free for creators.


6. CCMIxter




CCMixter is a great site for finding free music and audio tracks that you can use in your videos, games, and other projects. One of the best things about CCMixter is that all of the music on the site is released under Creative Commons licenses, meaning the artists have allowed their work to be used by others.

When you visit CCMixter, you’ll see they have a specific category called “Free for Commercial Use” which contains tracks that can be used in monetized or commercial projects without needing to pay royalties or licensing fees. This makes it easy to find music you can legally use on YouTube, in games, on streaming platforms, and more.

CCMixter says their music has been used in over 1 million projects across the internet, so it’s a trusted source. When you find a track you like, you can download it in high quality MP3, OGG, or FLAC file formats.

Just be sure to provide attribution to the artist by mentioning them in your video descriptions or credits. The exact way to credit them will be specified on the track page, but typically you’ll want to include the artist name and song title.

With thousands of tracks to browse through, CCMixter is a great resource for creators looking for completely royalty-free music to enhance their projects. The variety of genres and moods makes it easy to find the perfect music to fit your needs.

7. Synkio




A bit different from most other sites. After you open the site, you’ll be greeted with a brief survey. This survey replaces the usual browsing through a list of songs, genres, moods, etc. After you’re done, the Synkio team will give you the results with a selection of tracks that fits your idea and budget. The selection is paired with clear and simple pricing for each track. If you want to make your YouTube videos to be more appealing and professional, you should try Synkio.


8. HookSounds: Royalty Free Music




HookSounds is among the best royalty-free music sites for YouTube. It’s an exclusive, well-curated music site with a wide range of original music tracks, composes by many great artists from all over the world. if you’re a content creator looking for more modern, trendy, and unique music, HookSounds is exactly what you need. HookSounds aims to be the best at creating non-generic music that you can’t find anywhere else, your YouTube videos will look and feel unique from the rest.


9. Artlist.io




Artlist.io boasts to be the best compared to other royalty-free music sites for YouTube. They might not be lying here. Created back in 2015, Artlist offers content creators the ultimate freedom and able to be the pioneer in the music licensing industry and shift it to the subscription-based model.

Artist removed all kinds of limitations from music licenses, making subscribers free to download and use the tracks forever for a fixed yearly price of $199 or $16.60 per month. Every song you download with an active subscription account is yours to use forever, even after your subscription expired.


10. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound


Epidemic Sound has one mission, to provide you free music tracks for your YouTube channel. The epidemic is quite old, it was established back in 2009. It was created to accommodate artists to make music and people who want to music for their contents.

You must subscribe to use their service and if you do, you can all music tracks in their database that are created by great artist or music producers. This is truly one of the best royalty-free music sites for YouTube.


11. Incompetech




Incompetech by Kevin MacLeod is an excellent resource for royalty-free music tracks that can be used in online videos and other projects. One of the best things about Incompetech is how easy it is to search and browse for music.

The site has a simple layout but powerful search and filtering tools that let you find tracks by genre, mood, tempo, instrument, and more. This makes it easy to find the perfect background music for your specific needs.

Despite the simple interface, Incompetech provides hundreds of high-quality music tracks that you can download in MP3 format. New tracks are added regularly so there is always something fresh when you visit the site.

The music is all licensed under Creative Commons which means you can use it for free even in monetized videos and commercial projects. The only requirement is that you properly credit the artist. The specific attribution that is required is:

“Music by Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech.com”

You’ll also need to name the individual track title when crediting. With great music and an easy attribution requirement, Incompetech is a very useful resource for video creators, streamers, podcasters, and more who need free background music. It’s definitely worth browsing through Incompetech’s catalog to find awesome tracks to add to your next project!


12. Josh Woodward Creative Commons Music

Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward


Josh Woodward is a musician who records music that is usually with vocals. All music is written, recorded and produced by himself. There are in total of 10 albums, and over 200 songs available. Every content creator is encouraged to visit the site and use the tracks for their content.

Every track is free and available in MP3 format, but you’re required to give him credit and promote his site. You can sort the tracks by genre, theme, name, duration, tempo, and mood.


13. Amazon Free Music

Amazon Free Music

Amazon Free Music


As one of the largest online retailers, Amazon also has an extensive music library with over 30,000 tracks available. While not all of these are free, Amazon does offer a good selection of royalty-free music at very affordable prices, often as low as $1 per track.

Under Amazon’s production music service, you can find a variety of genres and moods to suit different video projects. There are lively upbeat tracks for energetic scenes, somber pianos and strings for emotional moments, catchy pop for advertisements, and much more.

The low per-track pricing makes Amazon a great option if you need music for multiple videos or ongoing projects. And with 30,000+ tracks available, you’re likely to find plenty of options that fit each video’s tone and style.

For YouTube videos, podcasts, or other projects where you don’t intend to monetize or run ads, Amazon has a selection of tracks that are completely free to download and use. These can provide useful background music as long as you provide proper attribution.

With its combination of paid affordable tracks and free music, plus the massive selection, Amazon is very handy for video creators or anyone looking for production music on a budget. Just be sure to check the licensing terms to confirm whether attribution is required and if the tracks have any usage restrictions. But for most projects, Amazon can provide all the versatile royalty-free music you need.


14. AudioJungle




AudioJungle is another great resource for affordable royalty-free music. It is part of Envato Elements, which is a subscription service for digital assets. However, you can buy tracks individually from AudioJungle for only $1 each.

This low pricing makes AudioJungle ideal if you need music for multiple videos or projects. You can get all the tracks you need for just a few dollars. The library includes thousands of music tracks in every genre imaginable – pop, rock, hip-hop, orchestral, ambient, and more.

In addition to background music, AudioJungle has music kits with loops, vocals, and sound effects. These can be handy for DIY music production if you want to create your own custom tracks.

AudioJungle also offers some music tracks that are completely free to download and use. These free tracks can provide background audio for YouTube videos as long as you credit the artist.

Between the affordable $1 tracks that can be used commercially and the free music selection, AudioJungle is a valuable resource for video creators on YouTube and other platforms. It has all the variety you need from cinematic underscoring to upbeat pop music. Just be sure to check the license terms before using a track.

With its huge music catalog, reasonable pricing, and useful free selections, AudioJungle is one of the top sites to consider when searching for royalty-free music for YouTube or other video projects requiring affordable but high-quality audio.


15. Bensound




Bensound is one of the top sites creators turn to for royalty-free music for YouTube videos and other projects. They offer both free and paid music tracks covering a wide variety of genres and moods.

Many YouTubers use Bensound for background music in their videos to make the content more engaging and entertaining. The site has lively upbeat tracks perfect for energetic scenes as well as mellow acoustic songs for emotional moments.

Bensound has an entire section dedicated to “YouTube Audio Library” which contains music that is free to download and use on YouTube videos or other non-commercial projects. This makes it easy to find tracks you can legally use as background audio.

For more versatility, Bensound has hundreds of downloadable music tracks available for a small fee starting at $1. These can be used commercially without any royalties or restrictions.

Whether you need free background music for YouTube or affordable tracks for monetized videos, Bensound has you covered. Their catalog spans cinematic, rock, pop, jazz, acoustic, and more so you can always find the perfect vibe.

Just be sure to check the licensing terms on each track to see the allowed usage. But in most cases, Bensound’s music can enhance YouTube videos and make editing more enjoyable. For quality and variety, it’s one of the top sites for royalty-free music.

If you’re looking to step up your YouTube video production value with background audio, definitely browse Bensound’s catalog of free and paid tracks. The music will make your videos more lively, professional and engaging for viewers.



Royalty-free music can be a crucial tool for YouTube content creators to enhance their videos without worrying about copyright claims or licensing fees. The sites covered in this article offer a wealth of options, from completely free tracks to affordably priced music available for commercial use.

Creators should browse sites like AudioJungle, Bensound, and Incompetech to find high-quality, properly licensed music tracks in any genre imaginable. Carefully checking the terms of use and providing proper artist attribution where required will ensure videos remain free of issues. With the right royalty-free music, YouTube content can become more engaging, entertaining, and professional for viewers.



Q: What is royalty-free music?

A: Royalty-free music can be used in monetized or commercial projects without paying ongoing royalties or licensing fees. You only need to purchase the track once or obtain it for free.

Q: Can I use royalty-free music on YouTube?

A: Yes, most royalty-free music sites allow their tracks to be used on YouTube. Just be sure to check the terms and provide attribution if required.

Q: Is royalty-free music completely free to use?

A: Some sites offer tracks that are 100% free but others require a one-time purchase or subscription fee to download and use commercially. There are affordable options though.

Q: Where can I find the best royalty-free music?

A: Sites like AudioJungle, Bensound, Incompetech, and the YouTube Audio Library have great selections. Check several to find the right style and licensing terms.

Q: Do I have to credit the artist if I use royalty-free music?

A: Most of the time, yes. Providing attribution is part of the terms of use. Carefully check each track to see the proper way to credit.