22 Best Free Samsung Smart TV Apps You Need To Install

Looking for the best free Samsung Smart TV apps? Oke, now you come in the right place because in this post I will provide you the best Smart TV apps that you must have on your Samsung Smart TV. Samsung Smart TV has tons of useful Apps to use and today in this post I have listed almost all the Smart TV Apps from Samsung’s Smart Hub. The Samsung TV-Hub hosts a large collection of apps ranging from news, entertainment, weather, education, fashion, sports, streaming, Kids, Infotainment and game apps can be fun.

You receive the clear streaming movie programs using Netflix, Vudu, Amazon, and Hulu contained on Smart TVs, however there are a lot of other apps for your TV on the market. However, Few programs might not be accessible for elderly TV series while some might not be accessible for newer series. The Programs below are probably accessible for most of the Samsung Smart TVs.

A lot of Samsung apps for Samsung Smart TVs are available, but which are the best free apps you must-have? Please don’t move, here is a list of Free Samsung Smart TV Apps that must be installed on your device.


22 Best Free Samsung Smart TV Apps You Need To Install


1. Netflix




Netflix has been the most popular app for your entertainment on holidays nowadays. It’s an on-demand video platform with content that is fantastic. therefore, you’ll find all of your favourite movies and series on Netflix. Additionally, Netflix also offers some of its original and special series exclusive on this app. With thousands of series and movies, Netflix is among the greatest apps on Samsung Smart TV. This app must-have and installed on your Smart TV.


2. Spotify

Free Samsung Smart TV Apps

Free Samsung Smart TV Apps


Are you a music enthusiast? Spotify can turn your Smart TV into a small music theater With countless songs on the market, it is simple for you to play with any kind of music you like.

This is what we usually do on weekends at home. Using Smart TV to play music, it was fun. And also available a lot of music and we can filter the kind of music we love. How about you? Are you ready to play music with your Smart TV in your home? Please enjoy the largest online library of music in the world.


3. Youtube




Looking for the best apps for Samsung smart TV? Youtube is a very common app that you must have and install on your devices. Youtube is the largest video sharing platform in the world and most of people very familiar with it, the majority of them spend their time on Youtube whether it’s watching videos, watching song clips or as a Youtuber. Whatever it is, the Youtube app is a must-have, so you can watch Youtube videos more fun on a big screen as you can do on this Smart TV.


4. Google Play Store

google play store

google play store


This is the most important app you must install on your Samsung smart TV. Because to able install other apps, you must-have to install this app. I guess you must be familiar with Google Play Store? Ya, if you own android devices, you of course use this service to install any app you want on your device.

Google Play Store has millions of apps you can install for free. So, If you want to install any app on your smart TV, I would recommend you firstly download Google play store.


5. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

amazon prime video


Here you can watch all the high and popular rated TV shows and movies. It provides you all the latest content at the highest quality available. The subscription plan is also not significantly expensive. Along with the Amazon originals create this program a must-have for the Samsung Smart TV. The Amazon video serves in countries such as the USA, UK, India, along with other European countries.


6. Hulu




Hulu is one of the most popular streaming apps on a subscription basis. This app provides you a lot of movies, TV shows, sports, live news, and entertainment, make sure you never miss anything from there. With the Hulu app, you can find what

The platform is different from the other famous streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in that it lets users earlier access to popular series from multiple traditional networks. You specifically only have to wait a week


7. Plex




Plex is one of the most powerful and versatile media streaming applications for Samsung Smart TVs. By connecting a Plex Media Server on a home PC to a Samsung television, users gain instant access to enormous entertainment right from their living room. The Plex app transforms a Smart TV into a central hub for enjoying all of one’s digitized media collections. In addition to locally-stored content, Plex also provides access to thousands of free movies, TV shows, news and live channels from around the world.

Rather than pay expensive cable bills, Plex users can cut the cord and stream over 80 channels of live television programming directly through the app. A wide range of music stations are also at users’ fingertips for ambient background listening. Whether in the mood for Hollywood blockbusters, cult classics, international films or binge-worthy series, Plex satisfies any entertainment craving. Because content is served through the Plex Media Server, video and audio play instantly without bothersome buffers.

Convenience is further enhanced through Plex’s seamless support for all major multimedia file formats. Personal videos, photos and playlists stored on a networked PC can now dazzle on the largest screen in the home. With Plex, Samsung Smart TVs become all-in-one hubs for centralized control of one’s complete digital holdings. Cord-cutters gain flexible access to both free and purchased media in stunning picture quality for an affordable alternative to traditional cable.






VUDU is another best movie streaming app to fill the free time at home. If you have Samsung Smart TV you should install this app as soon as possible, why? Because you will get a lot of free movies and TV shows.

VUDU is great because you no need subscriptions and contracts to sign. Feel free to watch new movies and shows weeks before they hit the shelves and other subscription streaming services. Stream with extreme clarity in up to 4K UHD, great sound with Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio on select devices. Or watch thousands of free with limited commercials with Vudu Movies


9. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now


Playstation One of the biggest in the video game world today. Now, you can play a variety of PlayStation 3 games on your Samsung smart TV based on subscription or free.

By delivering its gaming catalog to the biggest screen in the house, Sony has created a truly cinematic experience for PlayStation fans. Whether revisiting classics or enjoying new free-to-play sensations, Samsung TV owners can now indulge their gaming passion in thrilling HD from the comfort of their couch. PlayStation continues to raise the bar for accessible and immersive entertainment.


10. FandangoNOW

FandangoNOW samsung smart tv app

FandangoNOW samsung smart tv app


With people spending more time at home and hungry for stellar home entertainment options, FandangoNOW provides the perfect solution. As one of the leading digital media platforms, FandangoNOW boasts an immense catalog filled with over 100,000 of the hottest movies and in-demand television shows from all major studios. Whether fans are seeking the latest blockbuster releases in stunning 4K Ultra HD picture quality, or wishing to revisit longtime favorites, FandangoNOW has it all available on-demand.

Through the versatile FandangoNOW apps, titles can be instantly accessed from a huge array of connected devices including smart TVs, streaming sticks, game consoles, mobile devices and more. No need for discs or inconvenient subscription plans – with the click of a button, viewers gain instant access to their rentals or purchases anytime, anywhere. Movies and episodes start playing within seconds of being selected for the ultimate in frictionless viewing.

FandangoNOW understands people’s desire to watch exactly what they want, when they want, without limitations. That’s why there are no pesky due dates for rentals – once started, movies can be watched to completion even after the initial rental window. Through the flexible and affordable options provided by FandangoNOW, audiences can build their own personal home entertainment collections in high quality for years of repeat enjoyment.


11. Vimeo




As the premier platform for professional-quality videos online, Vimeo offers a treasure trove of cinematic content beyond what mainstream streaming services provide. While known best as a showcase for music videos and independent films, Vimeo distinguishes itself by featuring work from a diverse global community of video storytellers. Browsing Vimeo presents an opportunity to discover untold new voices and perspectives from aspiring filmmakers of all backgrounds.

A great starting point is exploring Vimeo’s staff-curated selections highlighting the most inspiring videos uploaded weekly. Genres represented include narrative shorts, experimental works, animation, and documentaries offering a glimpse into other cultures. Categories like music videos also present innovative visuals complementing today’s indie artists. For lighthearted fun, browsing the comedy section is a guaranteed laugh.

What makes Vimeo special is its celebration of artistry over commercialism. While amateurs may one day see widespread success, most upload simply to share creative passions. There are no algorithms dictating search results, only human judgment recognizing merit. This fosters a sense of creative exploration unique from algorithmically-driven platforms. Viewers can immerse themselves in selections outside mainstream tastes, frequently encountering dazzling productions far above the amateur label. Overall, Vimeo invites discovery of new cinematic voices from around the world.


12. PopcornFlix




PopcornFlix is the best free movie and video streaming app must-have for your Samsung smart TV. It has tons of collection over 1500 movies in various categories like family, war, comedy, horror, drama, etc.

Convenience is maximum through the attractive PopcornFlix interface optimized for television viewing. Cross-platform accessibility means movies can start on a mobile device and continue seamlessly on the biggest screen. No monthly fees or paid subscriptions are ever required to unlock PopcornFlix’ vast library. This makes it ideal for those seeking affordable family-friendly options or casual browsing without long-term commitments.

Above all, PopcornFlix understands the joy of discovery. Carefully curated playlists highlight hidden gems worth unearthing through serendipitous exploration. Thanks to this stellar free service, Samsung customers enjoy top-tier movie night entertainment without breaking the bank.


13. Crackle




In the era of expensive streaming subscriptions, free apps like Crackle are invaluable for Samsung Smart TV owners. Crackle has firmly established itself as a top destination to access premium Hollywood entertainment completely free of charge. The extensive library boasts big-budget movies, iconic TV shows, and exclusive Crackle originals that can all be streamed on-demand without ever paying a dime.

Using the intuitive Crackle interface optimized for large screens, viewers can easily browse genres like action, comedy and drama to discover new favorites. Cable TV nostalgics will enjoy classics from Sony Pictures studios as well as commercial-free current seasons of popular off-network programs. And those seeking fresh content can peruse Crackle’s lineup of engaging exclusives developed specifically for the platform.

What’s more, Crackle understands the importance of convenience for busy households. Profile support means every member can resume where they left off across devices. Downloads also enable enjoying favorites on the go via mobile devices. Best of all, an HD streaming experience rivaling paid services belies Crackle’s incredibly affordable cost – absolutely free, forever.

For Samsung Smart TV owners seeking premium entertainment without premium prices, Crackle is an absolute must-have. It expands viewing options with a massive library accessible at the touch of a button, ensuring something wonderful to watch for all types of audiences.


14. Pandora

pandora app

pandora app


Just have Samsung smart TV? Ya, you have to install this app, because you can get the music you love for free. Find and allow the music you love to find you. Pandora gives you a personalized music experience that continually evolves along with your own tastes. Here you possibly create personalized channels from tunes, artists or genres, – easily pause and resume your songs or jump to another song searching for more? Pandora Premium™ Subscribe to enjoy on-demand music access, you are able to search and play your favorite songs, albums, and playlists.


15. Redbox Instant by Verizon

Redbox Instant by Verizon

Redbox Instant by Verizon


Enjoy top movies with Redbox Instant by Verizon. You also can browse, bookmark, and instantly stream the movies you need, right on your Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray player. Want something on the disc? Use the App to find Redbox places near you, determine what’s available to rent there, and then reserve your movie for pickup. Subscribe to your Samsung smart TV or devices one-month free trial offer for new subscribers only. If you like our service and do not cancel during the trial period, your subscription will renew automatically at the then-current monthly subscription rate plus taxes.


16. HBO GO

hbo go

hbo go


Are you really a movie lover? HBO GO program allows you to watch huge premieres since they air–and each episode of HBO’s addictive series like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Barry, and much more. Along with getting new films weekly, you also receive news, humor specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and also the particular events everybody’s talking about. You can watch HBO GO on your favorite screen like you will do on Samsung smart TV


17. BBC News

bbc news

bbc news


BBC news is must installed the app on your Samsung smart TV and you’ll receive the most recent breaking news from the BBC and our international network of journalists. The program also offers the BBC News Channel streamed live, social features, and personalization so that you may re-order the information categories to fit your interests.

The program can indicate topics based on where you are, stories you have recently viewed and what is in the news today. And you may quickly find topics and content that interest you with the Search. Pick from the familiar list of all BBC News indexes like Politics, Business, Entertainment and Health.



18. YuppTV




In today’s highly connected world, people want simple access to familiar content no matter where life takes them. YuppTV understands this need, and has emerged as a premier global entertainment provider by bringing the television experience directly to internet-connected devices.

Through the YuppTV app optimized for Samsung Smart TV, expatriates and international travelers can easily stay connected to beloved programming from abroad. The vast library contains thousands of LIVE channels spanning news, movies, sports and shows across various languages and cultures. Viewers enjoy all the latest primetime hits and major sporting events alongside family at home.

Beyond live television, YuppTV offers extensive Video On-Demand libraries for catching up on missed broadcasts. Subscribers can dial into familiar channels for both live streaming and on-demand viewing straight from the comfort of their living room. The intuitive Samsung app interface makes discovering new favorites seamless without ever leaving the couch.

By delivering authentic television experiences directly to internet-enabled televisions, YuppTV bridges distances between people and home. Families dispersed worldwide stay closely connected through shared programming traditions, regardless of borders or time zones. YuppTV truly enhances the global community through universal access to the familiar comfort and joy of television.


19. 365livesport

22 Best Free Samsung Smart TV Apps You Need To Install 1


For avid sports fans with a Samsung Smart TV, 365livesport is an essential app for satisfying any competitive passion. As a premier cross-media destination, it delivers around-the-clock access to a huge range of sporting activities from around the world.

Whether rooting for domestic football leagues or exploring new international competitions, 365livesport has live scores, stats and analytics on dozens of team sports. Devotees of football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and more can get real-time play-by-plays straight from the big screen. Armchair managers will appreciate thorough reviews of past matches and in-depth breakdowns of player performances.

When live games aren’t underway, sports junkies stay informed with constant news updates and video highlights. Schedules, results, tables and rankings keep fans plugged into the latest title races. Offbeat features like referee rankings also offer fresh angles on favorite rivalries.

Best of all, 365livesport understands the importance of seamless streaming optimized for television. Through its well-organized platform, Samsung owners can effortlessly browse leagues or just tune into featured live matches with a few clicks. The versatile app turns any television into a gateway to global sports fandom. With 365livesport, the living room becomes the ultimate headquarters for cheering on championships in style.


20. NBC Sports

22 Best Free Samsung Smart TV Apps You Need To Install 2


For sports fans with a Samsung Smart TV, the NBC Sports app is essential for easy access to premium live events and extensive on-demand content. As one of the leading broadcasters of major competitions, NBC Sports delivers top-tier programming from prominent partners.

Marquee offerings include NFL Sunday Night Football, PGA TOUR golf, English Premier League soccer, NASCAR races and the French Open tennis tournament. Additional partners like the USFL spring football league, Telemundo Deportes and more ensure a packed schedule. Regional sports networks also provide local coverage of teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and Chicago White Sox.

Beyond just live streaming matches, the robust NBC Sports experience dives deeper. An immense video library holds event replays, highlight reels and preview clips on all programming. This satisfies die-hard fans craving specific moments of past championships for marathon re-watches.

Access is simple through the app’s familiar interface optimized for large screens. Authentication with a participating TV provider unlocks a treasure trove of live sports at viewers’ fingertips. Closed captioning further enhances accessibility for all audiences.

Overall, NBC Sports serves as the ultimate one-stop-shop and community hub for any sport enthusiast. With constant new additions, it guarantees something exciting for every season through seamless streaming straight to the living room.



22 Best Free Samsung Smart TV Apps You Need To Install 3


If you have a Samsung Smart TV and love sports, then the PPV.COM app is a must-have addition to enhance your viewing experience.

As the leading provider of premium pay-per-view entertainment, PPV.COM delivers all the biggest events in boxing, soccer, wrestling, MMA and more directly to your Smart TV. Their state-of-the-art streaming technology supports stunning HD resolution and unmatched reliability so you never miss a moment of the action.

Unlike subscription services, PPV.COM requires no long-term commitments – simply purchase access to individual events like the upcoming Canelo vs. Munguia fight. Backed by over 30 years of industry expertise from parent company INDEMAND, you can be sure of secure payment processing and customer-first service.

Beyond reliable broadcasts, PPV.COM also standouts through immersive digital extras. Enjoy live chat features to discuss the fights with fellow fans worldwide. Unique functions allow viewing dual language commentary feeds or sharing videos from your phone directly within the app.

Best of all, the optimized Smart TV app interface provides the ultimate living room viewing experience. Whether watching solo or hosting a party, simply cast events from your mobile to ignite gameday on the biggest screen.

For access to the biggest titles across various sports with no subscriptions or cables needed, the PPV.COM app is an essential addition to any Samsung TV. Experience the future of pay-per-view streaming with a trusted industry leader.


22. bally sports

22 Best Free Samsung Smart TV Apps You Need To Install 4


If you’re a sports fan with a Samsung Smart TV, the Bally Sports app is a must-have addition to your home screen.

As the premier streaming service for regional sports networks, Bally Sports delivers all the live game action from your favorite hometown NBA, NHL, MLB and WNBA teams. Their extensive coverage includes not only games but pre/post-game shows so you’re always in the know.

Unlike traditional cable services, Bally Sports provides flexible viewing options. While cable subscribers can simply log in with their credentials, cord-cutters have the option to subscribe monthly through Bally Sports+ without a cable bundle. Either way, you’ll gain immediate access to a huge selection of events optimized for the big screen.

Best of all, the intuitive Smart TV app makes discovering new favorites seamless. Set custom notifications for your top teams so you never miss the action. With an easy-to-navigate interface tailored for televised sports viewing, just a few clicks launches any game live from the comfort of your couch.

For dedicated sports fans, Bally Sports ensured their regional networks follow you everywhere. So say goodbye to cable confinement and stream all the thrills and spills of your favorite leagues anytime on the largest display in your home. The Bally Sports app is an absolute necessity for any true fan’s Samsung TV.



That was a list of the best Samsung Smart TV Apps that you can install on your device. If you are a movie lover, there are thousands of free movies, TV shows, and kids show available. Samsung smart TV is the best deal that deserves thumbs up. Have a nice day and thank you for visiting.