Should there be a Bitcoin Political Party?

We see an acute political polarization among governments worldwide, keeping Bitcoin in the middle. The gap is likely to widen, and political parties have made things difficult in the coming times. So, the big question that comes into the market is, who will take up the interest of Bitcoiners, or is this the time to form a BTC political party? If you look at the current political conditions, you should look at the party. It also sticks to the dogmatic orthodoxy that is further applied to the US parties- the Democrats and the Republicans. If you can issue any change, a turncoat, outcast, or traitor emerges. If you can avoid the party line or similar issues, you are instantly crucified like a turncoat. There is no reason why there should not be any political debates around it within the country and even in other places. Hence people can engage in a deep conversation and discussion regarding the heretic that can allow them to enjoy the best kind of argument in the market. You can further explore more on this topic on the site –biticode.


Bitcoin – a political debate 

There is barely any room for such debates in the market like we have seen in many more days before or becoming like a nation. Back then, we could find people engaging in several conversations about different issues without falling into the heretic idea or calling it over the side of any argument. Today, you can find too many sound bites that appear to be a 30-second attack over several ads on microblogging sites like Twitter. Also, you can find any average person who can make informed decisions and then find the correct information about anything in the market. It would help if you thought again and the legacy media remains unbiased information. It would help if you thought again, and the political polarization seems to have captured the media in the market. Also, we see Americans are now working on the content, and they consume around 8.7% of the US divided on the left side over the political aisle, which reaches about 8.4% for the US polarized over the right side.

It is a polarization that only leads to improvement in the country. We also have some real-time issues that can help you get the idea to deal with the political leadership or even the political courage that is ready to change the status quo in the market. We have seen some unsecured southern border, which is now seen working on issues like homelessness or the inflation that is seen coming rampant in the market. It also helps add things hard and then put every US citizen to live in the country. Do you see the elected leaders now focussed more on these problems? Now, we can see them busy with their political will and watching them over TV shows and series. It is also sad to see the resentment in these shows. We do not see any problem-solving things coming with Congress, which will remain highly predictable in the coming time and life.


What brings in such a kind of behaviour? 

The root cause of this problem is credit-based financial mechanisms. You can find some easy money that helps people within the government that helps in spending beyond and then creating many more programs in the market. Also, you can find them paying good money out of thin air in the market. Also, credit-based cash is seen as motivating polarization as it helps the politicians that allow the voters to vote for what may come in the market. Also, you can find some dumb reasons for doing this in the market. It also helps in getting some reckless things in the market and then featuring the market with many more things to cave upon the next side of the camp.

Several politicians are now fighting on the other side without compromising to achieve the same without paying any more things in the market. Thus we see that short-sightedness directly screws people in the market, and then avarice emerges. We also need some new blood and life to this currency system. Also, you need visionary leaders who can check the past and move ahead to have an excellent future to see in the market. In this group, we can find ideas that come up in the market that would become Bitcoin in the coming future.

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