7 Best Sites Like Fiverr (Fiverr Alternatives) To Earn Money As A Freelancer

If we want to be straight with you, we are going to say to you that there are plenty of sites like Fiverr (Fiverr alternatives). But the real question is are they as good and reliable? Fiverr has come a long way from a $5 marketplace to a place for freelancers to earn real money for a living. It’s more than just a site to earn money for snacks and drinks, people go to Fiverr to look for real freelancers and real freelancers to look for real clients.

If you’re looking to make a living as a freelancer, Fiverr should be your top priority. But, people love to have alternatives, maybe you want more income, clients, or just options to have. in this article we’re going to give you our list of great sites where you can try to earn money.

These websites are legitimate and have been proven by a lot of people. We’re confident that you can get work or freelancers on these alternative websites.


7 Best Sites Like Fiverr (Fiverr Alternatives) To Earn Money As A Freelancer


1. Lemon.io

7 Best Sites Like Fiverr (Fiverr Alternatives) To Earn Money As A Freelancer 1


Lemon.io is one more decent Fiverr alternative. Founded in 2015, this freelance marketplace of vetted developers has been offering the top European specialists to blossoming American startups with the most skillful precision. Lemon.io accepts only the top 5% of applicants who pass a three-step rigid vetting procedure (CV and background check, soft skills check, and English language proficiency check) — so you’ll definitely find extra qualified specialists for your startup here. Sales, Matching, and Recruiting departments do their best to ensure the most suitful hire, and the Customer Success gurus take care of your relations with programmers on the way to the completed project.


2. Gigbucks




While not a lot of people know this site, we find it reliable enough to be on the list. Gigbucks is a great site for a place to find short-term gigs. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should give it a try. The gigs here can net you from $5 to $50 easily. The option is to approach clients or buyers directly, but the final decision will fall on them.

As a user, you can post as many gigs as you want to, just remember to not put up the same postings over and over again or you will be punished or suspended. Posting a gig on Gigbucks is completely free for both buyers and sellers and like we said before anyone can post as many gigs as they want with no additional cost. In fact, it’s encouraged to post a lot of gigs to increase your chances of getting a job offer.

Gigbucks has a review and levels system, which helps hard-working freelancers to stay on top of the page and get most clients. So, make sure you do your jobs well to earn a good rating. Gigbucks also has a great customer support with a quick response time, if you have any kind of problems, feel free to tell them that to get solutions.

Gigbucks is not the place for big projects, the payments are limited at $50 at maximum and there is a 14 days limit that you have to wait before being able to withdraw the money that you earned from your clients, until you reach Gig level 3 of course.


3. Toptal




Looking for sites like Fiverr can be the best move you’ve ever done. Toptal is like the VIP of freelancer websites. What makes Toptal special is that only 3% of all freelancers who signed up can land on a project. If you’re one of those 3%, you might be able to get very high-paying customers. It’s like winning a lottery.

Many great companies and startups are using Toptal to get freelancers, thanks to its accurate freelancer screening process and this helps you to work with some of the best companies in the world.

Toptal’s screening process is very accurate. Their system can eliminate 97% of all freelancers who signed up and the rest 3% can find the most promising projects on the internet. But of course, there is a high chance you won’t be in that 3%. If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, you might have no chance at all to be selected.


4. Truelancer




This is the right place to find hundreds or thousands of freelancing jobs in many categories including programming, multimedia and design, content and translation, admin, finance, accounting, marketing, SEO and many more. Seems like they have all the categories that freelancers can be good at. All you need to do is just choose one or more and you’re good to go.

Truelancer allows you to access all kinds of job opportunities to find the best job for you that matches your skill and specialization. Truelancer is a good candidate among other sites like Fiverr. You can certainly find any kind of jobs that you’re good at and get clients or buyers in the process.  You can filter jobs by the city to find the nearest to you.

Unfortunately, Truelancer as a service has a fee that you have to pay. They charge 8 to 10% of your earning for all your works, the fee is also depending on your membership plan. also, in case your work is getting refunded by the client after 30 days period, Truelancer team will charge you 5% of your total project value.


5. FreeeUp

Sites Like Fiverr

Sites Like Fiverr


FreeeUp is clearly one of top-class sites like Fiverr for finding freelance works. They have a screening process to make sure that all freelancers are reliable to attract more agencies and businesses to use their services.

You can find all sorts of projects here, from advertising, web design, to e-commerce and Amazon specialists. You can always find one or more fields that you can get into. FreeeUp is completely free to use for all freelancers and buyers or clients. You can’t withdraw your earning whenever you want buy you will be paid automatically every week. Looking at the reviews, a lot of people are really happy with FreeeUp. But we notice that it’s more suitable for agencies who are looking to hire freelancers.


6. Guru – Hire Quality Freelancers Online

Guru - Hire Quality Freelancers Online and Find Freelance Jobs

Guru – Hire Quality Freelancers Online and Find Freelance Jobs


If you need fiverr alternatives, maybe guru is one of the best. Guru’s interface is very user-friendly and can help anyone to find the best job for them. Looking for jobs can’t get easier than this, and everything is completely free. That’s why Guru has become one of the most popular sites like Fiverr, especially in the US.

Guru is perfect for small companies and businesses to look for freelancers who can do all the tasks that needed to be done. The process from hiring to finishing job is really fast and help everyone to be more productive. You message anyone easily, since the messaging service is available in a browser, on Windows and also Android.


7. Upwork

Upwork is Site Like Fiverr To Earn Money

Upwork is Site Like Fiverr To Earn Money


Probably the most popular site compared to other sites like Fiverr on this list. Upwork is a large marketplace for freelancers online, anyone who are looking to hire or be hired should go here. To start, you need to tell them what type of project you have in mind and Upwork team will help match you up with the suggested expert.

In Upwork, you can get your own virtual workspace for teamwork and all payments are securely handled by the Upwork team to prevent any kind of problems that might occur. Upwork has a very wide variety of jobs, you can find hundreds of job categories. It has an extensive reach that allows you to connect to thousands of clients. There is a chance for you to get a full-time contract if your client is satisfied with your work.

Using Upwork isn’t completely free, they take 10% of your earnings as a form of payment. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a job since you have to build your own network by getting a lot of positive reviews. But without a doubt, Upwork is among the best sites like Fiverr.