11 Best Sites To Download Subtitles To Watch Your Favorite Movies

Did you know that subtitles are not just letting you to hear impaired? It does more in helping you understand the new languages as well as interpreting a difficult-to-follow dialogue. If you are watching films on Blu-ray or DVD, there might have been a subtitle track included though usually in one or two languages.

Now let’s thank to the best sites to download subtitles that are available online so that you can experience movies in different language to your own. In details, we come with a review of a number of sites which are all popular and obscure.


11 Best Sites To Download Subtitles To Watch Your Favorite Movies


1. OpenSubtitles



Out of the five million collections of movie subtitles available on the internet, OpenSubtitles can be the first site you want to download. Truly, this site is an international affair, offering more than 50 different language choices to select. OpenSubtitles allows you to search the site in languages from Vietnamese to Arogonese.

The quality of this subtitle offers each upload that comes with the upload date, a movie name, comments and ratings. This way, the uploaded subtitles can be viewed using the crucial search bar at the top of your screen. Along with the advanced search bar, you will also be able to search the subtitles by age, format, rating and more.

Fortunately, this subtitle site includes not only the movie subtitles but also the ones for TV series. You can also participate in the community forum where the supports and tips to find the best subtitles are shared among the users.


2. Addic7ed

Best Sites To Download Subtitles


The second best sites to download subtitles is Addic7ed. As the name suggests, Addic7ed means addicted. This is aimed to provide the users with the one-stop subtitles shop. Similar to OpenSubtitles, Addic7ed is offering downloads for not only movies, anime but also TV series.

To get this movie subtitles, you are required to sign up for Addic7ed. Once you signed up successfully, you will be enabled to search for movies using a search bar or just scrolling through the drop-down menu. New released movies are usually displayed in an RSS feed at the top of the page.

Addic7ed also comes with a schedule to show you the next releases of your favorite TV series and stay organized. There are a forum available for offering Frequently Asked Questions and supports. Additionally, tutorial pages are also there to explain how to use the subtitles along with the common programs.

Similar to the former subtitles site, this one is also offering multiple language, from Swedish to Arabic.


3. Podnapisi

podnapisi subtitles plex


Podnapisi is an English-language site for movie subtitle which is considered clean and simple to use. Apart from the fact that it might sound like serving the international market, Podnapisi boasts more than 2 million subtitles for everyone to download. In details, there are more than 58,000 movies and over 6,000 TV series available in the site.

There are clear sections which are separated each other in Podnapisi. The main page displays the shortlist of the latest uploaded subtitles, the recently best-rated uploads along with the most downloaded and most commented-on uploads.

Similar to the major subtitle sites, this one lets you to search the movie subtitles using an advanced search tool containing the options for years, keywords, language and more. If you find it hard to search your desired movie, there is an active support forum that will provide you with a time to ask questions and discuss the latest releases.

In addition to provide the users with support, Podnapisi also has a community to translate the site into other languages from Xhosa to Africans.


4. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles


Another simple-to-use site to download subtitles is YIFY Subtitles. Unlike the existing major sites for downloading subtitles, this one offers only movie subtitles. In the other words, you cannot expect to download the subtitles for TV shows or TV series.

What the best luck! YIFI Subtitles are safe and piracy-free to use. It has multiple languages and long list of recently released movies along with the categories that separate movies by each language.

If you want to find a specific movie, a search bar is ready to utilize. There is also an autosuggestion tool that allows you to find a particular release as you are typing. Further, there has been information on the movie available including the release date, the length and rating completed with the listed subtitles.

YIFI Subtitles is a site that you can use freely. There is no registration requirements. This subtitle site handles the provided subtitles only, meaning that you cannot upload your own.


5. Subscene

subscene subtitle


Another best sites to download subtitles in our list is Subscene. Being known around 2005, this site comes with various languages including those specially designed for people who are with hearing impaired.

Subscene has a simple interface along with the prominent search bar located at the top of the page. When you see the front page, you will be viewed the list of popular movies and forum posts. This is probably aimed to invite you to directly click on the movies that you may be interested in.

The Subscene users offer regular updates along with the sign-up page, letting you submit your own subtitles. Not only the movies but also some TV series subtitles are available to download in this site in terms of popular videos.

If you find it hard to navigate within the site, the community forum is ready to help you. You can post them a question and they will lead you to hundreds of discussions posted in many kinds of languages. So you can easily find either discussions or tutorials here on this site

Each movie listed in this site has its own individual entry page containing information on the movie itself. For example, the year of release comes with the list of subtitles organized by the users-generated comments and ratings displayed underneath.


6. Subs4Free

subs4free subtitles


Do you still expect to have some other options to download free subtitles? Subs4Free is also one of the highly recommended choice. Yup, Subs4Free is a platform for downloading subtitles of not only movies but also TV series. It even allows you to check out the top subtitles along with the detailed resolution.

There are some features offered by this subtitle site. First, the content of this site is available in two languages which are English and Greek. Later, all of the movies and TV series can be found easily through the advanced search bar.

The third feature of this subtitle site is the ability of the site to allow you to view the listed movies that are linked to the latest subtitle. Further, it is also featuring the availability of the current uploaded subtitles.


7. BollyNook



Are you a fan of Bollywood movies? If so, feel happy to know that BollyNook is a site designed to allow you to download Bollywood movie subtitles. Moreover, it also enables you to download the movie in different languages including English, Dutch, Arabic, French and etc.

Thanks to the site offerings that makes you able to easily upload and download the subtitles of your favorite movies. You can also quickly view the list of subtitles based on the year, frame and more. Believe it or not, BollyNook is one of the best sites to download subtitles that let you search for the lyrics transactions.

Want’s more?

There is a link provided to read the Bollywood news as well as the detailed information about the celebrities who participate in the movies you are usually watching.


8. English Subtitles



Now you must be happy with your search! Yup, that is said, you find English Subtitles as a website to have a subtitle repository for thousands of movies. It amazingly offers the dark mode UI that makes you able to search your desired movies easily without any hassle.

What are the great offerings presented by this subtitle site?

Thanks to the availability of classic movies and TV shows that you can save for your nostalgic enjoyment. Moreover, English Subtitles is an open subtitle displaying the recently added subtitles along with the feature of easy navigation so you can search well.

This English subtitles also download SRT that provides an easy way of downloading movie subtitle.


9. Subtitles.hr

Subtitles hr


There are still dozens of websites where you can browse the movies easily. Subtitles.hr is a downloader website that supports various languages. Like in many other movie subtitle sites, this one also enables you to view the year and date of the subtitles.

Unfortunately, there are only two features offered. First, you can start search the subtitles using the specific characters and second, this site enables you to read the name of the top uploaders on the homepage. Well, it seems that you cannot find these features from the other major subtitles site.


10. Subdl

subdl subtitle download


Other site to download subtitles based on our list is Subdl. Truly, it comes with a selection of large subtitles database to search for. This subtitles site provides the users with the easy-to-use search bar to look for the downloadable subtitles without taking too much efforts.

Subdl is categorized as an English subtitle download platform organizing all of the subtitles according to the type of video release.

The features include the ability of the site to present subtitles for movies in English, Dutch, Italian, French and etc, the availability of 4 languages selection to filter out the subtitles SRT downloads and the availability of a separate section of subtitles along with the various time stamps.


11. TVsubs

11 Best Sites To Download Subtitles To Watch Your Favorite Movies 1


Another one of the largest subtitles downloading site is TVsubs. It offers many kinds of languages. As the name suggests, it comes with the subs packed and stored along with WinZip assistance. Both TV shows and movie subtitles are available to download with this site.

Like Subdl, TVsubs is also able to filter out the content of the subtitles based on your preferred language. It also allows you to see the statistics like week and day, month, and the total downloads.



Overall, it is quite necessary to have the best sites to download subtitles on your device in order that you can watch movies along with the subtitles. Moreover, if you really love movies while you don’t want to take such effort to understand the difficult-to-follow dialogue, having the best subtitles sites would be very much useful and helpful.

So, why don’t you try one of our recommended sites to download now?

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