35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone

In today’s digital world, verifying accounts often requires accessing a phone number to receive SMS codes. This can pose problems when signing up for new accounts or services, especially if you wish to protect your privacy or do not have consistent phone access. Fortunately, there are now reliable services that provide virtual phone numbers to receive verification texts without needing a real phone.

These online SMS services act as temporary phone numbers solely for confirming accounts or codes. They are extremely useful when you only require a number to receive verification messages during initial sign-ups. The services keep your actual personal contact information private while allowing you to verify accounts for sites and apps securely. They not only increase accessibility but allow more privacy and control over sharing personal data.

There is now a wide variety of these verification SMS services available. The top options provide numbers capable of receiving messages from nearly anywhere without requiring a registered mobile device. They enable smooth verification process for creating new email, social media, shopping, and other accounts needing confirmation. As these services grow more robust and secure, they have become essential tools that protect privacy while allowing important account creation and confirmation processes to proceed with ease. Exploring the Sites to Receive SMS Online without a Phone.


35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone


1. GrizzlySMS

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 1


The SMS activation service “Grizzly Sms” offers customers to buy bulk virtual phone numbers to register accounts on any of the popular platforms. The site supports receiving sms via API, which allows you to complete bulk account registration in the necessary services in just a few minutes. One-time SMS activation is also possible for retail customers.

In the presence temp, mobile numbers otp from USA, Chinese, Sweden, France, Russia, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, and 190+ other countries are available.

Popular services for bulk account registration:

Telegram, YouTube, Gmail, FB, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Line, KakaoTalk, Tinder, Nike, Naver, POF, Line, Amazon, WhatsApp

You can top up your balance in the following ways: Credit card, Bank card, PayPal, Qiwi, Payeer, USDT, AliPay and other

Advantages of temporary phone number generator:

  • SMS activation in all services without exception
  • Low cost: Our prices go as low as $0.04 (yes, 4 cents) per item
  • User-friendly and intuitive API
  • Quick delivery
  • Over 200 countries of mobile operators
  • Buying a phone number in a few minutes
  • A large number of payment methods
  • 24/7 responsive customer support
  • If you need API you can use API https://grizzlysms.com/docs


How does it work?

Grizzly SMS is a website that allows users to buy virtual phone numbers for SMS verification on various services, providing full anonymity and no responsibility for the number in question.

The service is valuable for people who want to try a service multiple times with different phone numbers or need multiple accounts on social networks or websites for marketing or personal purposes.

Grizzly SMS offers virtual numbers for SMS verification on popular sites, such as payment and online banking organizations, social networks, and modern messengers. You can use the service to receive verification and confirmation codes in a special panel on the website, where notifications can be turned on to avoid missing a message.

Grizzly SMS offers a temporary phone number for OTP from more than 200 countries and has a mission to save time and provide safety to users, with affordability, rich selection, impenetrable anonymity, risk-free registrations, quick delivery, and convenience being the benefits of the service. The company also provides 24/7 responsive customer support.


2. Tiger SMS

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 2


Searching for the best place to receive sms online for free? Tiger SMS is a secure and reliable service for SMS verification. It offers virtual numbers for registration on over 200 online platforms (WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Line, TikTok, Fb, Gmail etc.). The numbers come from China, the USA, Canada, India, Great Britain, Turkey, Russia, and other countries.

You’ll be able to choose a number from about 190 countries all over the world. Tiger SMS services are cheap and reliable, which makes Tiger SMS one of the best platforms in this sector.

A couple of words about Tiger SMS:

  1. The website has a simple and clear interface.
  2. The cost of numbers for registration starts at 5 cents.
  3. The database has over 100 000+ numbers for verification.
  4. Tiger SMS works with mobile providers from over 190 countries.
  5. There is a convenient API for automatic SMS reception.
  6. You can choose from several payment methods that work from any location.
  7. Online support 24/7.

And last but not least: the verification code comes to your virtual number within 1-2 minutes. This makes your registration through Tiger SMS look just like proper verification with your own number. Tiger SMS uses the most modern technologies while still taking care that the platform is user-friendly and accessible.



35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 3
SMS MAN is the Site to Receive SMS Online without a Phone. The service supports over 180 countries, including USA, England, Russia, and China. You can get SMS verification online for more than 2000 services including Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
SMS MAN is a safe way to sign up for any app without a phone number. You can buy a fake phone number and sign up vk account for free.
Prices for numbers start from $0.1, and on our blog and YouTube channel, we constantly post promo codes to get free numbers.  You can also pay in a large number of ways, either by bank card, cryptocurrency or Apple Pay. You can get a cheap offer SMS-MAN here.

4. MobileSMS.io

mobilesms.io review

mobilesms.io review


MobileSMS.io is a premium paid service that offers non-VOIP real sim card numbers for the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, China, India, and many more.

Their numbers work for almost any website since they are using real sims. If you are tired of using other services that simply don’t work,  I suggest you give them a try. They are not the cheapest, but if you need something that just works, this is a good solution. They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not able to receive an SMS Verification code using their number, which is not common in these services.


5. PVA Deals

Receive SMS Online

Receive SMS Online

If you need a real SIM phone number from the US to Receive SMS Online this is one of the most trusted California, the USA-based company.

PVADeals.com is an online SMS receive service number USA and they also provide Unlimited Mobile IP in USA called VIPN Verizon (Verizon network) and they sell PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) like Craigslist, Gmail, Google Voice, Facebook, Reddit, and any other website’s customized PVA as you like.


6. smspva



SMSpva is a service that allows you to receive SMS online. This means that you can create a virtual number for account activations via SMS, for verification Gmail, Facebook, Telegram, OpenAi, ChatGPT and more.

With Smspva you can easily create your number for app verification. This is a safe way to not reveal your private number. For example, if you want to create a new Whatsapp number and want to use another number, here you can create a new number from any country, USA, UK, China, Ukraine and many more. In addition, every country has many providers that will help you to create virtual numbers for account activations via SMS.


The next thing I like about Smspva’s service is that they have a wide variety of apps that I need. Like Instagram, Gmail, Apple, Craigslist, and many more. For payment, you can do it through PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin, wire transfers, and many more.

If you are looking for a way to verify OpenAi ChatGPT, they provide it with prices starting from $ 0.2 depending on the country, usually for the Asian region it is cheaper and for the USA and Europe it is rather expensive.


7. pvacodes.com




Pvacodes.com is the best website to receive SMS online to verify apps. There are more than 100 countries’ phone numbers that allow you to verify your social media accounts or internet forums. You can easily verify social media accounts that require codes from SMS. pvacodes.com offers the lowest price among all for a wholesale purchase of $ 0.15 for any service. Unlike smspva.com which offer prices starting from $ 0.10 – $ 1. But unfortunately, you will get into trouble if your balance expires. For payments, they support via PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Local India Payments (the best alternative for you based in India).


8. pvapins




pvapins.com best temporary phone number for receiving SMS messages and voice mails online. This service allows you to activate any social network account by receiving an SMS. They provide around 100 social media platforms and more than 100 phone numbers from countries around the world. such as the USA, Liberia, China, Somalia, UAE, Tunisia, Colombia, Qatar, Myanmar, India, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, UK, Germany, Poland, and many more. They offer the lowest prices starting at $ 0.12 – $ 0, 40 for any application. I guess it was reasonably priced and fairly reliable.


9. pvaverify 



pvaverify is the best real mobile numbers service to verify any application service. They work with national cellular operators to give you access to US-based cellular telephone numbers. Through their services, you can receive access to telephone numbers and use it to receive account verification SMS messages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

They provide a real mobile number and it’s not virtual so you can use it to verify almost all services, platforms or sites using text verification or calling.


10. Super Cloud SMS

sms verification

sms verification


Supercloudsms.com offers a useful service by providing free online phone numbers to receive SMS verification codes from around the world. This allows people to protect their personal phone numbers when signing up for less critical online accounts.

By using Supercloudsms.com, users can get temporary phone numbers from over 128 countries including major ones like the United States, Japan, Australia, and Canada. After registering, the system will assign a number capable of receiving SMS message codes frequently used for verification during account creation.

The main benefit is avoiding the disclosure of your private cell phone number. This adds a layer of privacy and security for non-vital services. It also helps prevent unwanted spam calls or texts to your actual device.

Supercloudsms.com numbers are intended only for trivial registrations like social media, gaming, forums etc. They caution against using their numbers for banking, payments, delivery services, or other accounts that contain sensitive information. Doing so would link their number to your confidential data.

In summary, Supercloudsms.com offers free online phone numbers that allow people to keep their personal information more private when signing up for low priority accounts that require SMS verification. Their numbers work globally but should only be used for unimportant services to avoid security and harassment risks.


11. sms-online.co

Receive SMS Online 2024


SMS-Online.co is the best free service that allows anyone to receive SMS text messages online without needing a phone or even creating an account. It offers an easy way to get SMS verification codes for registering with various apps and services.

To use it, you simply browse the list of available numbers on their website and pick one you want messages sent to. There is no signup process or fees involved. Once chosen, that virtual number is ready to receive text messages just like a real phone.

This can be extremely helpful when apps or services like Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, PayPal, AliPay and many more require confirming your identity via SMS verification code during registration. SMS-Online.co gives you a way to bypass that step without needing access to a phone.

So if you ever find yourself needing to sign up for an app or online service that requires SMS-based confirmation but lack a compatible phone, remember SMS-Online.co. Their database of virtual phone numbers awaits your messages so you can access the services you want without complications.

It’s a simple yet useful tool to receive text messages virtually for the many verification processes that rely on SMS codes. And best of all, the numbers work globally and do not need an account or phone of your own.


12. Getsmscode

bulk Mobile number

bulk Mobile number


Here is an expanded version of the text:

If you have used SMSPva before, Getsmscode is an excellent alternative worth considering. They provide similar services like disposable phone numbers for receiving SMS verification codes. For those needing to get text message codes without a personal device, they offer a reliable option.

Getsmscode allows you to receive SMS online without any hassle or complicated registration. After getting a virtual number, you can then use it to verify accounts that require text confirmation during signup.

While there are many companies that offer free SMS verification, using Getsmscode’s paid service has advantages in terms of accuracy, reliability and privacy. Their numbers work more consistently for receiving sensitive verification codes from major apps and sites.

Getsmscode has an extensive list of countries to choose numbers from including Cambodia (+855), Vietnam (+84), Indonesia (+62), USA (+1), Hong Kong (+852), Macau (+853), China (+86), United Kingdom (+44) and plenty more. Whether you need a virtual US, or UK number, they have you covered.

So, for those looking for an easy way to get SMS verification codes sent to a virtual phone number, Getsmscode provides a safe and reliable choice. Their paid service boasts greater accuracy for receiving sensitive verification texts from major platforms compared to some free options. Consider them next time you need text message codes without regular mobile access.


13. Smscodes.io

Temporary phone numbers

Temporary phone numbers


Finding an affordable and reliable SMS verification service can be challenging these days. While temporary phone numbers are often needed to confirm accounts, there is a lack of professional providers to fulfill this demand.

Luckily, Smscodes.io offers a solution with their private numbers specifically for account verification purposes, all at low costs. This makes them an ideal option for those registration processes requiring SMS confirmation.

Smscodes.io utilizes real SIM cards, not virtual numbers, from over 196 countries. This ensures the numbers work seamlessly for receiving those vital text-based verification codes when creating new accounts. Whether it’s for Google, YouTube, WeChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or other services, Smscodes.io has you covered.

The process is straightforward. First, you sign up for an account on their site. Then choose the service you need a number for, such as Gmail, select your desired country, and wait for the verification text message to arrive. Enter that confirmation code to complete your registration.

In closing, if you need an affordable, convenient and reliable way to access SMS verification for account creation, check out Smscodes.io. Finding services that offer working phone numbers at low costs can be difficult these days. With real SIM card numbers from 196+ countries to confirm your accounts, Smscodes.io is a great solution.


14. Receive-sms.cc

Receive SMS Online free

Receive SMS Online free


Receive-sms.cc provides a useful service by offering free virtual phone numbers that can be used for verification purposes in various apps and services. It gives people access to temporary numbers to receive SMS codes without needing a real phone.

The site has an extensive pool of available numbers, primarily centered in the United States. Users can select a number that corresponds to the app or account they need to verify, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The numbers work to receive the SMS text messages containing verification codes required when creating accounts or enabling features in many major applications. Whether you need to confirm your identity on social platforms or other services, receive-sms.cc has numbers available specifically for that purpose.

By providing free, disposable virtual phone numbers, receive-sms.cc makes it easy to bypass SMS verification steps that often rely on access to a valid mobile device. Anyone needing such confirmation text messages can simply use their database of numbers dedicated for that use case.

So, receive-sms.cc offers a repository of virtual US and international mobile numbers designed to receive verification SMS codes across many online services and apps. By removing the reliance on your personal device, it provides free, accessible numbers for account confirmation.


15. 5sim.net

get a free us phone number for verifications

get a free us phone number for verifications


For those needing a real US number to receive SMS verification codes, 5SIM provides an excellent service worth trying. They offer free disposable phone numbers that can be used for one-time registration and confirmation processes across many sites and apps.

Nowadays, a vast number of online platforms require a verification code sent to your phone during signup. Rather than use your personal mobile number and risk spam or security issues, 5SIM allows you to access a temporary phone number to safely receive the SMS confirmation message instead.

You simply use their website or API to acquire a number with your desired country code, then input that number where a verification text is needed. 5SIM will automatically receive the SMS text and display it for you to confirm your account. No SIM card or mobile plan required!

5SIM offers reliable service along with global numbering options from countries like USA, UK, Germany, India, Malaysia, Peru, Canada, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Vietnam and more. Their numbers work seamlessly for major apps and sites such as Netflix, Discord, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Foodpanda and many more requiring registration confirmation.

In closing, if you need access to a phone number strictly for one-time SMS verification without regular calling/texting, check out 5SIM for a free and easy solution. Their disposable global numbers provide added privacy and convenience for all those modern platform signups.


16. 7sim

Receive SMS Online for FREE

Receive SMS Online for FREE


For those needing a disposable phone number to receive SMS verification codes, 7SIM provides an excellent free service. With just a single click, you can generate a temporary phone number and use it to confirm accounts requiring text-based registration approval.

7SIM offers access to online phone numbers from over 77 countries worldwide, including major ones like USA, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Portugal and more. This global reach makes it easy to get a number matching the country requirements of the app/site.

The process is very simple. You select a number from their list, input it where the service asks for your phone number, then await the verification SMS message. 7SIM will automatically receive and display the confirmation text right on their website for you to finalize signup. No SIM card or mobile phone needed!

While many sites offer free SMS verification, a key benefit of 7SIM is enhanced privacy and convenience. You avoid giving out your personal mobile number, protecting yourself from spam risks. And there’s no registration needed to use their temporary numbers either.

So, if you need a one-time use virtual phone number to safely confirm account registrations requiring SMS verification, check out 7SIM. With 77+ country code options and a fast free online number generator, they make it easy to bypass phone verification steps without compromising privacy or security.

17. Receivesms.org

Receive SMS Online

Receive SMS Online


Here is an expanded version:

Receivesms.org provides a valuable service for anyone needing access to phone numbers strictly for receiving SMS text verification messages. Their platform allows you to use as many free online numbers as required and view incoming confirmation texts without a sim card or mobile device.

The temporary numbers work for verification processes when creating new accounts that involve SMS confirmation steps. Many major sites and apps now require validating your phone number via a code sent through text. Receivesms.org gives you a way to bypass that without compromising privacy.

You simply access their site, generate the type of number you need, enter it on the service asking for phone verification, then view the confirmation SMS they receive on your dashboard. This works seamlessly for account signups with major platforms like Apple, Coinbase, Discord, Fiverr, LINE, Shopee and countless more that rely on text verification for registration.

With receivesms.org you can use as many numbers as needed, view all your confirmation code texts in one place and take back control of your personal data. By keeping your own number private from arbitrary verification requests, you avoid exposing yourself to potential spam and data misuse.

If you need temporary phone access strictly for account validation via SMS, receivesms.org lets you take back control with easy, unlimited access to online numbers and texts.


18. Yunjiema

Free online phone numbers

Free online phone numbers


Here is an expanded version:

Yunjiema stands out as a top service for receiving SMS text messages online with extensive global coverage. They provide access to virtual phone numbers from over 180 countries including major regions like the USA, UK, Russia and China.

These numbers work seamlessly for SMS verification purposes when creating accounts on over 2000 of today’s most popular platforms. Whether you need to validate your phone number on Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook or countless other sites, Yunjiema has numbers available specifically to receive that confirmation text.

The process is very convenient. You simply generate the type of number matching your country requirement, input it when prompted by the service for verification, and Yunjiema handles receiving the SMS text containing the confirmation code. You can then view the message in your dashboard to complete signup.

Yunjiema focuses on protecting user privacy, security and convenience. By keeping your personal mobile number private, you avoid potential spam issues or data misuse that often accompany sharing your info these days. The numbers also automatically reset after the verification is complete for added security.

In closing, if you need to access SMS verification for registering accounts but want to maintain control over your privacy, Yunjiema is an excellent free option worth exploring. With extensive location coverage, great platform compatibility and automatic resetting numbers, they check all the boxes.


19. sms.sellaite.com

sms sellaite


Here is an expanded version:

For those needing access to phone numbers strictly for receiving verification SMS codes, sms.sellaite.com provides an easy and free solution worth considering. Their online SMS service allows you to bypass registration processes that require text confirmation without a phone.

Many major online platforms and apps now require validating your phone number when creating new accounts. Services like social media sites, entertainment/streaming platforms, and payment apps often ask users to enter their number to send a verification code via SMS.

Sms.sellaite.com gives you access to virtual phone numbers that can receive these text messages instead. You simply use one of their numbers when asked for your phone, then view the confirmation text on their website to complete the signup without a real SIM card or device.

This can be extremely useful for registration scenarios where providing your number isn’t ideal. For example, if wondering how to register for a Netflix account without a phone number, sms.sellaite.com has you covered. You can initiate making an account, then when Netflix sends the verification SMS to confirm, it will display on the sms.sellaite.com dashboard to finalize creation.

In my case, sms.sellaite.com allows easy access to online phone numbers designed specifically to intercept verification texts from major services. By keeping your personal number private, you avoid security risks. If you need temporary SIM access to receive SMS codes for account creation, check them out.


20. Verifywithsms




For those seeking a reliable source of free non-VOIP phone numbers for receiving SMS verifications, VerifyWithSMS is an excellent service to try. As a top smspva alternative, it provides easy access to real US numbers specifically for confirming accounts through text message codes.

Unlike virtual numbers, VerifyWithSMS utilizes actual phone numbers tied to SIM cards, not software-based VoIP technology. This ensures highest consistency and accuracy when receiving sensitive verification texts across major platforms and apps.

Whether you need to validate your identity on Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, PayPal, Amazon, Microsoft, eBay or countless other popular sites, VerifyWithSMS has non-VOIP numbers designed explicitly for that purpose.

The process is quick and convenient. You simply select the service needing verification, generate a number matching its country, input it during signup, then view the confirmation SMS on your VerifyWithSMS dashboard to complete registration.

If looking for reliable, non-virtual US phone numbers to safely confirm accounts through SMS verification, VerifyWithSMS is a top-tier choice to consider. Unlike some virtual number providers, their real SIM numbers reliably handle verification texts for vital services.


21. Quackr.io

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 4


Quackr.io offers a valuable free service for those needing temporary access to phone numbers specifically for SMS verification purposes. Their online numbers provide enhanced privacy and security when your personal information is requested during account signups.

These days, countless websites and apps require entering your phone number in order to send a verification text message for confirming your identity. This exposes users to potential spam calls/texts and data misuse risks later on.

Quackr.io allows you to generate secure virtual phone numbers to use instead, keeping your information private while still accessing the confirmation codes needed to register new accounts.

Their online numbers enable receiving SMS text online across major regions like the USA, UK and over 30 additional countries worldwide. Simply select the required location for the platform you’re accessing, input the Quackr number, and view the verification message on your dashboard.

By offering reliable temporary access to phone numbers solely for intercepting verification texts, Quackr.io ensures convenience without compromising your real number or identity safety. Your privacy matters, and their secure virtual SMS numbers provide the added protection needed when asked for sensitive information these days.


22. FreeOnlinePhone.org

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 5

For those without access to a working mobile device, FreeOnlinePhone.org provides an invaluable service – the ability to receive SMS text messages online without a phone. This opens up many opportunities previously dependent on having phone service.

The site offers temporary virtual phone numbers that specifically enable users to intercept verification codes sent via text message. Many online services now require confirming your number by sending a code during signup to validate your identity.

FreeOnlinePhone.org gives users a way to bypass these SMS verification steps by providing access to disposable numbers that can receive texts instead of your own number.

The process is very straightforward – you visit their site, select an available virtual number, then input it anytime SMS confirmation is requested. FreeOnlinePhone lets you view all incoming texts to that number on your dashboard. This allows you to access the verification code messages required to register accounts despite lacking phone access.

By offering reliable virtual phone numbers capable of receiving online text verifications, FreeOnlinePhone.org empowers users to access many modern services, apps and sites that they otherwise couldn’t without mobile service or their own SIM card devices.


23. sms-express.uk

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 6


Need a virtual phone number to receive text messages or verification codes? Check out SMS-express.uk, a website offering convenient online SMS services for users around the world.

Based in the United Kingdom, SMS-express provides virtual phone numbers across numerous countries, including free UK numbers. This allows international users to get a UK number and start receiving SMS messages right away without any costs.

I recently signed up for a free virtual number from SMS-express to test out their services. The registration process was quick and easy – within minutes I had a working UK number capable of receiving text messages to my online account.

Throughout my experience, I found SMS-express to have an intuitive website that makes retrieving messages straightforward. Their customer support team was also responsive in resolving any questions I had along the way.

Overall, SMS-express delivers an exceptional, reliable solution for obtaining virtual phone numbers and SMS message services. Whether you need a number for verification purposes or simply accessing texts online, I can recommend them as a trusted provider. The free UK numbers are an especially useful feature for those looking to try the services first without a financial commitment.


24. Receiveonlinesms.com

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 7


For those concerned about privacy or avoiding sharing personal contact information online, using a virtual phone number for SMS verification can be very beneficial. Services like ReceiveOnlineSMS.com provide access to disposable numbers that protect your identity during account signups requesting phone confirmation.

Many major platforms now require users to validate phone numbers when creating profiles by sending a code via text message. While convenient, this also poses potential hacking and spam risks associated with providing private data.

ReceiveOnlineSMS.com allows you to generate secure temporary numbers from top regions worldwide like the USA, UK and Spain to use instead. You simply input the virtual number when asked, then view the verification SMS they receive through your online dashboard and approve account creation safely without even needing a phone.

What sets ReceiveOnlineSMS apart as a top virtual phone provider is their reliable service, global number access and easy account management through a user-friendly dashboard. They enable both individuals and businesses alike to access extra protection during phone verification processes across countless sites/apps.

By leveraging reputable virtual number services like ReceiveOnlineSMS.com lets you take control over private information shared today. By accessing reliable disposable numbers for all those verification requests, you can browse safely without constantly exposing your personal contacts data.


25. Zusms.com

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 8


Need to access SMS verification codes but don’t have a phone handy? zusms.com offers a free online SMS reception service that makes receiving text messages simple and hassle-free.

As an innovative platform, zusms provides virtual phone numbers from multiple countries like the United States, United Kingdom, France, and beyond. Without needing to register an account, you can conveniently choose a number that matches your location requirements.

I recently selected a US number from zusms when signing up for a new PayPal account. Within seconds of picking my virtual phone line, I began receiving SMS messages through zusms’s easy-to-use web interface. It was incredibly quick and efficient for accessing the verification code to complete my PayPal registration.

Whether creating new social media profiles, signing up for mobile payment apps, or validating accounts, zusms is an essential tool for obtaining codes sent via text. Bypassing the need for a physical phone, you can route all SMS messages straight to your dashboard on their website.

With Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, Alipay and countless other platforms requiring SMS verification, zusms makes accessing these systems easy and straightforward. I highly recommend their hassle-free service if you need temporary access to text messages without the cost of a phone plan. For SMS receptions, zusms can’t be beat!

26. Smsplaza.io

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 9


Need an instant virtual phone number to receive SMS verification codes? Look no further than SMSPlaza for disposable numbers that protect privacy and bypass registration requirements.

SMSPlaza furnishes users with temporary mobile numbers capable of obtaining text messages online, no phone plan necessary. By accessing their database of phone lines spanning the United States, Russia, Ukraine and beyond, you can conveniently select the perfect number to meet text verification needs, entirely for free.

Recently, I utilized SMSPlaza when creating a new Vkontakte social media profile that required SMS confirmation. Within seconds of choosing a Russian virtual cell number, I began receiving verification texts through their clean, user-friendly interface – no account sign-up necessary!

Whether validating accounts on Facebook, Tinder, or PayPal, performing free SMS online receptions via SMSPlaza is a total game changer. Unlike apps demanding access to my contacts list, SMSPlaza’s straight-forward tools provide numbers instantly with complete data privacy.

So if you ever need disposable burner lines to secure verification codes that keep personal details safe, turn to SMSPlaza’s vast reserves non-registered numbers tailor-made for one-time text confirmation. Their free online SMS option breezes past registration hassles while accessing essential code-based validation steps.


27. Xnsms.com

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 10


So xnsms.com is basically this website that offers a free service where you can receive SMS verification codes and OTPs (one-time passwords), without needing to use your own real cell phone number. Pretty handy, yeah?

Their deal is they provide you with virtual, disposable numbers from different countries around the world – mainly China, USA, Hong Kong, stuff like that. I guess they have partnerships with certain carriers in these places to offer these numbers.

Anyway, the point is you can use these disposable numbers as temporary “burner” numbers whenever you need to sign up for something that requires SMS or phone verification. And the verification codes get sent straight to xnsms.com for you. Like let’s say you need to receive a login OTP to register for some app or website but you don’t want to use your personal number. Well, just generate a virtual number on xnsms.com, enter it into the app, and boom – OTP sent right to your free online inbox.

So it’s basically a free way to get access to temporary, online phone numbers whenever you need a bit of extra privacy or anonymity from giving out your real number. And it works for receiving authentic verification texts which is kind of cool. Major perk is that it doesn’t require actually having to use your own phone at all which is super convenient.

Seems pretty handy for anyone who values their privacy online or just doesn’t want to keep giving out their number. I guess the catch is it’s free only up to a certain usage limit before you have to pay – but hey, free is free!


28. getyoursms.com

A Fast and Free Service to receive SMS Online


If you ever need to receive SMS messages online, check out getyoursms.com. It’s a super fast and free service that lets you get verification codes sent straight to your virtual inbox. Pretty awesome right?

So basically you go to their site, select which country you want a number from, and type in the receiving number. Getyoursms then hooks you up with a virtual number to use. When the verification sms gets sent, it routing redirects it straight to your getyoursms account. So you can use it for like signing up for stuff that needs phone verification without handing out your real personal number.

And the best part is there’s no registration or login required. You don’t have to make yet another account with passwords and all that junk. Just tap in the site when you need a verification code, get your text delivered online, use the code, and call it a day. Quick and easy.

Apparently it’s also really secure and private. They don’t store any of your information or personal details. So you don’t have to worry about your data getting compromised which is always nice for peace of mind.

Oh and one other major perk – it’s 100% free! No hidden fees or paid tiers or any nonsense like that. Just totally free SMS delivery whenever you need it. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Who doesn’t love a good freebie!

So if online verification codes are your thing, next time you gotta sign up for something, do yourself a solid and check out getyoursms.com. It takes convenience and privacy to the next level!


29. onlinesim.io

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 11


If you’re ever in need of a temporary phone number for verifying stuff online, Onlinesim.io is clutch! They basically offer short-term “burner” numbers you can use to receive SMS text verifications or sign up for accounts that need phone verification. Super convenient.

This site has a beastly inventory too – we’re talking over 1 million phone numbers across 90 different countries…I had no idea that many numbers even existed! So chances are very high they’ll have one for whichever region you need.

The pricing is on point as well. If you only need a one-time text verification, it starts at just 1 cent! One freakin’ cent, yo! Even just renting a number for an entire day is only $3…I spend more than that on lunch. So cost is no issue with the type of service they provide.

And the best part? Everything works instantly without needing an actual SIM card or phone plan. Just select your country, grab a number, and all verifications get routed straight to your Onlinesim account. Fast, easy, and stupid cheap!

For anyone who cherishes their privacy online or runs multiple accounts, I can’t praise Onlinesim enough. It’s hands down the best instant virtual phone number service out there! And the prices flat-out decimate the competition…

So if you ever need temporary digits for verifying accounts online, do yourself a favor and check out Onlinesim.io. Way better value than a shady Craigslist burner! You can even test drive it free to start. Big fan!


30. smstome.com

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 12


Need a throwaway number for online verifications without the hassle? Check out Smstome! This handy site hooks you up with temporary phone numbers so you can get those SMS verification texts for registering accounts and whatnot. No real phone required – it just forwards everything online to your Smstome account. And the best part? No registration necessary!

Smstome’s got you covered with numbers from all over – Canada, the US, UK, Sweden…I think like almost 10 countries total. Since they refresh their list every month, chances are they’ll have one for whatever country the site you’re using needs the number to be from. Pretty slick!

Oh, and the numbers are all temporary and disposable – they only keep texts for a couple days before scrubbing them for privacy. So you don’t have to worry about your personal info hanging around forever on their servers or anything shady like that. Very nifty for security!

And without needing to make yet another lame username and password combo, Smstome’s looking out for the lazy folks among us who value convenience. Just pop in, grab a number, use it for your verification text, and peace out. Quick and painless!

For those times you just need a burner number without the commitment, can’t go wrong with checking out Smstome. They nail online verifications with virtual numbers for ultimate ease and privacy. The perfect combo!


31. SMS-receive.net

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 13


SMS-Receive.net is the best website that provides access to virtual phone numbers as well as real phone numbers connected to SIM cards. Their free service enables users to receive SMS text messages online, which can be useful when signing up for accounts on various social media, forum, and other websites that require phone number verification during registration.

Some of the popular sites that work with SMS-Receive’s phone numbers for verification include NAVERLINE, Yahoo, Microsoft, serverloft, CloudSigma, Facebook, Amazon, VK, OKru, Instagram, and RealStatus.

It’s important to note that any messages received via SMS-Receive’s phone numbers are viewable publicly on their website and cannot be deleted. So users should be mindful not to have private or sensitive information sent to these phone numbers. They are ideal for simple registration confirmations but not for ongoing private communications.

The benefit of SMS-Receive is convenience – access to phone numbers for quick verifications without needing to use your personal number. Just keep in mind that the messages lack privacy compared to your mobile device. Use SMS-Receive when a public and disposable number for registrations is handy.


32. sms24.me

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 14


Sms24.me is a top website for receiving SMS text messages online without needing to register or create an account. The site provides access to listed phone numbers that you can use to sign up and verify new accounts on popular services like Telegram, Facebook, Google, Gmail, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, WeChat, and KakaoTalk.

A major benefit offered by Sms24 is temporary and disposable phone numbers from over 40 different countries worldwide. This means you can choose numbers with a specific country code when you need it for registration purposes.

The ease of use and global number access makes Sms24.me extremely convenient for receiving those registration confirmation codes or SMS messages required when creating new accounts. And without any registration on the site itself, it’s quick and simple to access these powerful registration tools.

Just visit Sms24, pick an available number in your country code of choice, then use it when prompted for a phone number during your sign-ups. Within seconds you’ll receive the verification message right on the site to complete your registration. It provides free access to verification numbers when you need them, no strings attached.


33. receive-sms-online.info

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 15


Receive-SMS-online.info offers a free service that lets users receive SMS text messages online through a real SIM card. This provides access to view the exact content received by the modem along with dynamic sender ID information.

The website is useful for checking SMS delivery through different routes and testing dynamic sender ID functionality. When someone sends an SMS to the listed phone numbers on Receive-SMS-online.info, you can check on the website to see the actual message received as well as the identified sender ID.

Unlike some online SMS receiver tools, Receive-SMS-online is based on real SIM technology. This means it shows the SMS message details as they are actually received rather than a simulated experience.

So for both checking that messages are being properly delivered across different networks as well as ensuring dynamic sender IDs are working correctly during routing, Receive-SMS-online provides reliable visibility due to its real network-based system. The free access grants peace of mind that SMS processes are functioning as intended.


34. onlinesim.ru

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 16


Based in Russia, Onlinesim.ru stands out as one of the leading providers of virtual phone numbers for the purpose of verifying accounts on WhatsApp, Gmail, VK, and other widely used online services. With Onlinesim’s easy to use system, users can confirm and validate their accounts with just a few quick clicks.

This Russia and Ukraine-based service has rapidly gained popularity as one of the best of its kind in Europe. Its ability to keep users’ private phone numbers protected and hidden while providing temporary verification numbers makes Onlinesim an appealing choice for those concerned about privacy.

For any internet users in Russia, Ukraine or beyond who aim to keep their personal profiles secured against unnecessary disclosure of their phone information, Onlinesim presents an excellent solution. Signing up for accounts and services while keeping your main number out of view has never been quicker or simpler thanks to this top choice among temporary virtual phone services in Europe.

The next time you need quick and convenient phone verification for creating online profiles or services while keeping your privacy, consider turning to the trusted and easy-to-use leader – Russia’s Onlinesim.ru.


35. Receivesms.co

35 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online For Verification Without a Phone 17


ReceiveSMS.co – Your Free Online SMS Service. ReceiveSMS provides a powerful online platform for receiving SMS text messages through virtual phone numbers. Their free service grants access to temporary phone numbers that work for account verifications across various social media, ecommerce, and other digital platforms.

ReceiveSMS numbers function globally. Users can select numbers with country codes from the USA, UK, Sweden and beyond to give services during signup while keeping your private number protected.

The ReceiveSMS SMS receiver tool works seamlessly for confirming and activating profiles on an extensive list of sites and apps. These include Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, VK, Uber, eBay, Viber, Instagram and 300+ more popular platforms.

While many services demand personal phone numbers for activation, ReceiveSMS enables users to bypass this requirement and maintain privacy. By routing verification texts to their virtual numbers instead of sharing your private contacts.

Getting started is easy and requires no registration. Simply visit ReceiveSMS.co and pick an available number matching the country code needed by the platform you wish to verify with SMS confirmations. New virtual numbers are added daily.

Received messages typically appear within seconds on the ReceiveSMS site for fast verifications. They display for around 24 hours before automatic deletion. So users can access confirmation texts instantly while they last.

So if you want to enjoy privacy protections while seamlessly activating profiles across your favorite digital platforms, ReceiveSMS grants the tools to operate verification processes without ever compromising personal contact information.


FAQ: Temporary phone number or Virtual numbers for receiving SMS

Is using a temporary phone number illegal?

No, A temporary phone number is a phone number that is provided by a telecommunications service provider and is associated with a single subscriber or account. Temporary phone numbers are also commonly referred to as throwaway phone numbers, disposable phone numbers or temporary phone numbers. Companies and individuals may use temporary phone numbers for a wide variety of reasons.

Is temporary phone number safe?

A temporary phone number is an effective way to hide your real phone number online. But is temporary phone number safe? The short answer is yes, but there are a few caveats. First, it's important to understand that a temporary phone number isn't necessarily fake. In fact, it is a real phone number that you only use temporarily.

How can I get a free temporary phone number?

Many people aren't aware of the free temporary phone number services that can help them out. Temporary phone numbers work like traditional landline phone numbers, except they're easily retrievable online and via text message. While it's possible to get a temporary phone number online, many people find it easier to use services that provide temporary phone numbers through their mobile apps.

Why would I want a temporary phone number?

A temporary phone number is a service that provides consumers with a temporary phone number (also known as a disposable phone number) for use in SMS, voice, or fax applications. Some consumers use temporary phone numbers for privacy reasons, others use them to prevent telemarketers, spam, or fraud, and some use them to get phone numbers for verification purposes. Disposable phone numbers are also used as an alternative to toll-free numbers, which are more expensive, because disposable numbers are usually free. However, toll-free numbers are required by law to be answered by an automated system.

How can I get SMS code without phone?

How do I get SMS code without phone? Install a SMS verification app, Open the app and login, Press on the Settings, Scroll down and tap Restrict SMS , Turn on Restrict SMS, Enter the phone number you want to restrict, Tap Sav, Now, you will receive the SMS code from your number. Enter that in app, Now you have restricted your number.



The above are some of the recommendations for temporary phone number service sites to receive the text. Please choose according to your needs. I recommend using a paid service because it is more secure and you can use it for many registrations in the application. Use the virtual phone number SMS service above wisely.