Sneaker Discord Cookgroups: A Guide For Sneakerheads?

Have you ever wondered where sneaker resellers get all their information? Or perhaps how they can identify buyers in this relatively private industry? The answer is cook groups. Cook groups are essential for sneaker copping. There are many different cook groups, and some are very exclusive, with many available on Discord servers. Some like Proxydrop, provide sneaker proxies and an active community of sneakerheads on their own cook group. But what are they and how do they work? We’ll be getting into all these details in this article.


What Are Cookgroups?

Cook groups are a very useful, even critical, tool for sneaker resellers. At their base, these groups provide guides, early links, and monitors for shoe releases. However, this barely scratches the surfaces of what a good cook group can do for resellers.

A cook group is a digital community of sneakerheads where resellers can get information, advice, and vital tools to make copping limited edition sneakers much easier. Cook groups can be found on private Discord servers, although there are groups on other platforms such as Slack and even a few on private Twitter groups. The absolutely best ones are very exclusive, charge a monthly subscription fee, and limit the number of admissions.

You may be hesitant in paying a monthly subscription fee, especially if you’re only starting as a reseller. After all, you want to make money on sneakers, not spend it on a community. However, a good cook group can provide you with so much valuable information that most resellers see a definite return on their investment.


What Does a Cook Group Do?

A cook group provides a space for sneakerheads to come together to get information to buy and resell sneakers. It also provides a place to talk with other like-minded sneakerheads and share your opinions and passion for the products. However, the social aspect is just one benefit of a good group. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits a group provides.


Release Monitors

Most sneaker groups have release monitors that scrape sneaker sites continuously all day, every day. These release monitors will notify you when a new pair of shoes drops or when a popular pair is restocked. This is one of the best benefits of a good cook group as these monitors can even let you know about shock drops that aren’t released on the sellers’ calendars. The most exclusive cook groups will have release monitors for many different websites.


Early Links

These are URL addresses that you can assign to your bots in preparation for an upcoming release. Doing this saves a reseller a lot of time and increases the chances of copping a pair.



A good cook group is a never-ending fountain of knowledge. You can use this knowledge to learn about a specific release or just the industry in general.


Resell Advice

This is a precious benefit if you are new to reselling. Some groups are very supportive and can advise on which shoes to buy, what sizes to get, when the best time is to resell them, and even how much their worth can increase over time.


Sneaker Bot Setup Advice

Sneaker bots have numerous settings, and when you first start using them, they can be pretty intimidating. A good cook group can advise what settings to use to ensure the highest chance of success.


Group Buys

Sneaker bots only have a limited supply. Because of this, they are often sold out. However, if you are part of a cook group, you can take part in group buys with other members. Also, through your cook group, you can have access to sneaker servers and sneaker proxies at discounted prices.


Scripts and Tools

Some Discord cook groups have tools that generate accounts, monitor bot prices, jig your address, and more. Some groups even go so far as to provide mobile apps and SMS alert services that can be set to notify you of certain events in the market.


The Most Popular Sneaker Cook Groups

Getting into sneaker cook groups can be difficult as they are quite exclusive, and some only have limited spots for new members. These groups can often be found on Discord, and the best ones require a monthly subscription from members. However, this subscription can often be an excellent investment if you compare it to all the benefits you get from joining a good group. Below are five popular sneaker cook groups on Discord:


  • Steady Soles
  • Arrow Alerts
  • Winners Circle
  • CopWorks
  • Secured


There are also groups like Proxydrop that provide you with a sneaker proxy and have a strong community of sneakerheads in their cook group.


Final Thoughts

Sneaker cook groups are an essential tool for anyone who wants to cop the latest edition sneakers for reselling. Not only can these groups provide advice and a space to discuss shoes, but they can also offer very useful tools to make copping sneakers easier.

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