Soccer Streams – Free Reddit Soccer Streams: Reviews

Soccer, or football as it’s known around the world, is consistently one of the most popular sports globally. With fans scattered across countless countries and timezones, many supporters end up seeking out online live streams to watch games live that aren’t readily available on normal television.

In recent years, the Reddit platform has emerged as a major hub for fans to find free links and streams to soccer games. Various soccer-focused subreddits offer users the ability to post and share free streaming links in real-time as matches take place.

In this comprehensive review article, we’ll dive into the world of free Reddit soccer streams, providing an in-depth look at the most popular subreddits, their pros and cons, alternatives to Reddit for streaming, and concluding with final thoughts on the current landscape of watching soccer online.

Reddit Soccer Streams Subreddits

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Here are some of the most active and well-known subreddits used by fans to find free soccer streams:


  • The original Reddit soccer streaming hub, banned in 2018 but users migrated to new subreddits


  • Emerged as the top alternative after the r/soccerstreams ban, focuses exclusively on soccer streams
  • Over 75,000 members


  • Extremely popular Reddit streams subreddit for all sports, has active soccer offerings
  • Over 400,000 members makes it easy to find active soccer streams


  • Similar to r/nbastreams, this is a huge general sports streaming subreddit with soccer streams
  • Very reliable for finding NFL and NCAA college football streams as well


  • Smaller niche subreddit dedicated to streams of US Major League Soccer games
  • Useful for fans of MLS teams and matches


  • Dedicated to streams for the English Premier League, the most watched soccer league worldwide


  • Focused entirely on streaming UEFA Champions League matches


Reviews of Top Subreddits

Now let’s take a deeper look at reviews and experiences of using the top subreddits for free soccer streams:


With over 75,000 members, r/redditsoccercity has emerged as the top destination on Reddit specifically for soccer streams ever since the hugely popular r/soccerstreams subreddit was banned.


True to its name, this subreddit is exclusively focused on streams for football/soccer matches from leagues and competitions around the world. There is an emphasis on European leagues like the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A. But you can also find streams posted for various domestic club competitions globally, as well as international tournaments like the World Cup.

Stream Quality

The streams available range from SD to crisper HD streams at 720p or 1080p resolution when available. This depends on the original source of the stream. Live chat commentary on the streams is sometimes only available in foreign languages like Arabic, Spanish or Russian. Overall quality is decent but HD streams are less common.


Being focused on soccer helps weed out spam and irrelevant content. Moderators are also active in deleting non-working links. However, free streams are still hit or miss by nature, so patience and persistence is required to find working high-quality streams consistently.

Ease of Use

The subreddit itself is well organized by sticky posts for upcoming matches, and flairs to filter by league or team. Finding stream links takes some searching through comments. New Reddit users may find it confusing at first but it just takes some learning.

Activity Level

Thanks to the large membership base, links are quickly posted in real-time across concurrent live matches. There is an active community of stream contributors.


Problems like streams getting suddenly taken down or being flagged illegal and blocked are unavoidable. Also have to be vigilant of fake links and downloads disguised as streams in comments. But this comes with the territory of free streams.


With over 400,000 subscribers, this highly active subreddit is primarily focused on NBA basketball but also has a steady stream of links posted for big soccer matches as well.

The variety of stream links is excellent thanks to the sheer size of the community. You can often find crisp 720p and 1080p HD streams for major soccer games and tournaments here like the Premier League, Champions League final and World Cup matches.

However, hunting down the specific soccer stream links amidst all the NBA content can be tedious for some soccer fans. The stream sources also seem more prone to malware ads and clickbait links mixed in than more specialized soccer streaming subreddits.


As a subreddit dedicated specifically to the globally popular English Premier League competition, r/PremierLeagueStreams offers a focused hub to find stream links only for those matches.

With a smaller community of around 15,000 users, the activity level is noticeably lower than larger general sports streaming subreddits. Post volume and stream links for lower profile EPL matches is lacking.

But for blockbuster matches between big clubs like Manchester United vs Liverpool, there is often a good selection of solid HD stream links posted here. However, reliability suffers, with links going offline frequently.


For fans of US Major League Soccer, r/MLSstreams is tailored specifically to hosting stream links to matches in the MLS season.

Considering the MLS has a much smaller global profile compared to European soccer leagues, the 10,000 member community reflects that with fewer stream links and moderated activity in posting new links as MLS games kick off.

But the niche focus on just the MLS helps keep the stream links and discussion focused instead of lost in the mix of bigger subreddits. For consistent streams, the MLS live streaming service may be worth paying for instead.

The Pros of Reddit Soccer Streams

Reddit soccer streaming subreddits have some benefits that make them appealing:

  • Free access – The streams offer free access for those unwilling to pay for expensive cable/dish packages with sports channels and streaming services.
  • Huge variety – Between the major subreddits, just about any major soccer league, tournament or club friendly match is covered.
  • HD quality – 1080p HD streams are available, depending on the original stream source and connection speeds.
  • Great for cord cutters – Ditch traditional TV bundles and still watch soccer online.
  • Accessible on any device – If you can access Reddit on your phone, laptop, tablet, streaming box etc then you can use the links.
  • Active communities – Stream links are quickly posted as games kick off and kept updated if they go down.

The Cons of Reddit Soccer Streams

Using Reddit for soccer streams also comes with some downsides and risks:

  • Links frequently taken down – Free streams often get removed at source, making reliability an issue.
  • Spam and fake links – Have to sift through low quality streams and scam links trying to install malware.
  • Intrusive ads – Streaming sites funded by ads often have intrusive popups and clickbait ads.
  • No guarantees – Can’t be 100% certain of finding a working solid stream for a given match.
  • Need a Reddit account – Requires signing up for Reddit and joining soccer streaming subreddits to participate.
  • Subreddit bans – Occasional bans of streaming subreddits happen, disrupting the community.

Alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams

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Beyond Reddit, there are both legal and illegal alternatives soccer fans turn to for streaming games online:

Major media companies now offer premium soccer streaming packages online, including:

  • ESPN+ – $9.99/month, has rights to FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Eredivisie, MLS and more
  • Peacock – $4.99/month for Premier League matches
  • Paramount+ – Serie A, Champions League and other soccer properties for $4.99/month

The advantages are reliability and HD quality. But blackout restrictions and costs add up.

International Streaming Services

In specific countries, dedicated sports streaming platforms have emerged such as:

  • DAZN – Popular in Canada with Premier League, Champions League, Europa League and other soccer streaming for $20/month
  • Sky Sports – In the UK and Ireland, Sky remains the leader in Premier League coverage

The downside is if you attempt to access these outside the intended country, feeds will be geo-blocked.

Piracy Streaming Sites

Shadier websites exist strictly to host illegal pirated sports streams, including:


The streams may be smooth and free but also come with risks of malware infections and legal consequences. Use carefully.

Sports Bars

Watching matches at a local soccer-friendly sports bar with fellow fans can provide an exciting communal atmosphere. However, costs of food and drinks still add up over a long soccer season.


In closing, Reddit provides a hub to access a wealth of free soccer streaming links from generous users willing to share them online. But the tradeoffs are unreliable streams, invasive ads, and spam risks.

The soccer streaming landscape continues to evolve quickly as media giants bid for broadcasting rights. While paid services like ESPN+ and Paramount+ are still finding their footing, they likely represent the future.

But as long as demand exists, Reddit soccer subreddits provide a free option for diehard fans. Just be prepared to deal with their drawbacks for that access. Approach carefully, use ad blocking software, and don’t share any personal information for your own security.

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