SockShare Alternatives: 21 Websites to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

SockShare was a popular website for streaming movies and TV shows illegally. However, it was shut down in 2011 due to copyright infringement issues.

Since then, many SockShare users have been looking for legal and safe alternatives to watch their favorite movies and shows online. With the rise of legal streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc., there are now ample options available.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look at 21 legal and free SockShare alternatives to watch movies and TV shows online:


Overview of SockShare

SockShare Alternatives: 21 Websites to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online 1

Before we look at the alternatives, let’s briefly understand what SockShare was:

  • SockShare was a free movie streaming site that allowed users to watch movies and TV shows without signing up or paying any subscription fee.
  • It hosted pirated and copyrighted content, which is why it was shut down in 2011 amidst lawsuits.
  • The website had a clean interface and offered high-speed streaming without too many ads. This made it very popular among users looking for free movies.
  • However, since all the content was illegal, using SockShare meant exposing yourself to legal risks. There was also a risk of malware on such sites.

This shows why a legal and legit alternative to SockShare is required. Let’s now look at the top options:


Best SockShare Alternatives

1. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a free streaming service offered by Roku. It provides both movies and TV shows.

Some key features:

  • Completely legal and safe to use. Backed by a reputed brand.
  • No subscription or login required. Just visit the website and start watching.
  • Contains ads but limited. Interface is clean and streaming quality is excellent.
  • Great collection of movies and shows from top studios like Lionsgate, MGM, Sony Pictures, etc.
  • Available as a mobile app and also runs on Roku streaming devices.

Overall, The Roku Channel gives a streaming experience similar to SockShare but in a 100% legal manner. It can be accessed from a web browser too.


2. Crackle

Crackle is Sony’s free streaming service, which contains both movies and TV shows.

Key features:

  • Completely free and legal. No subscription required.
  • Large collection of movies and shows from Sony Pictures and other studios.
  • Available as website, mobile apps and TV apps. Supports all major platforms.
  • Contains ads but limited. Streaming quality is excellent.

For those looking for a free Sony Pictures movie experience legally, Crackle is the best option. The content refreshes monthly so there is always something new to watch.


3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the largest free streaming services with content from over 200 partners including Lionsgate, Paramount and MGM.

Here are the highlights:

  • 100% free, legal and safe. No subscription or login needed.
  • Enormous catalog of movies and TV shows. Content refreshes weekly.
  • Available as mobile apps and TV apps across all major platforms.
  • Allows downloading movies and shows for offline viewing.
  • Ad-supported but limited ads. Video quality is superb.

With one of the largest content catalogs among free services, Tubi TV is a great legal alternative to SockShare. The ability to download for offline viewing is a bonus.


4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free live TV streaming service with 100+ channels.

Key features:

  • Completely free and legal. Does not even require registration.
  • Offers 100+ live TV channels spanning different genres like news, movies, TV shows, sports, etc.
  • Available as website, mobile apps and TV apps across all major platforms.
  • Limited ads. Interface and streaming quality is great.

For those looking for a live TV experience, Pluto TV has channels dedicated to movies and TV shows that deliver a cable-like experience 100% legally. Worth checking out.


5. Peacock

Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service. It offers a free tier with ads.

Why consider Peacock?

  • Free tier offers access to hundreds of movies and shows with ads. Completely legal.
  • Great place to stream classic NBC and Universal content like The Office, Saturday Night Live, Harry Potter movies, etc.
  • Available as website, mobile apps and smart TV apps.
  • Clean and intuitive interface. Provides curated content like channels and trends.

If you are looking for classic NBC shows or Universal movies legally and for free, Peacock is a great choice.


6. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is Amazon’s free streaming service for movies and TV shows.

Key aspects:

  • Completely free and legal. Can be accessed through Amazon Prime Video app or online.
  • Good collection of popular movies like Megamind, La La Land, etc. and TV shows.
  • Limited ads. Provides X-Ray feature to get actor, soundtrack and trivia info while watching.
  • Available as website, mobile app and TV app. Works with Fire TV and other devices.

For those looking for a free streaming experience backed by Amazon, IMDb TV is a superb choice. The quality and reliability match Amazon’s standards.


7. Hoopla

Hoopla is a digital media streaming platform offered by public libraries in many countries.

Here’s an overview:

  • Completely legal as it is offered by public libraries. Just need a library membership.
  • Collection includes movies, TV shows, music albums, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and more. Great variety.
  • Intuitive interface across website and apps. Can download content for offline access.
  • Content can be borrowed for a specific time period, after which it is returned automatically.

By linking your library membership, you can access and stream a ton of free movies, TV shows, music and more on Hoopla legally. It’s a great resource.


8. Kanopy

Kanopy is another streaming platform offered through public libraries.

What makes Kanopy unique?

  • Legitimate platform through public libraries. Just need a library membership.
  • Collection focused on indie, classic and award-winning movies and documentaries.
  • Elegant interface, great streaming quality with no ads.
  • Users get credits to borrow content each month. Borrowed content expires after some days.

If you are looking for quality art-house and award-winning movies, Kanopy is a great legal choice. The collection is excellent.


9. Plex

Plex is a popular media server software. But it also offers free streaming of movies, TV shows and more.

Key aspects of the free streaming:

  • Legal platform with quality curated content.
  • Extensive collection of movies, TV shows, news and podcasts.
  • Beautiful and intuitive interface. Streams smoothly.
  • Available as website, apps and smart TV apps. Cross-platform support.

Plex delivers a polished free streaming experience, both on the interface and quality. Worth exploring.


10. Vudu

Vudu is Walmart’s streaming service, which offers free movie and TV show streaming supported by ads.

Why Vudu is a good SockShare alternative:

  • Reputable platform from Walmart. Totally legal.
  • Good selection of movies and TV shows. New content added regularly.
  • Slick and responsive interface. Streams smoothly.
  • Apps available across all major platforms.

Vudu offers a solid experience overall for free streaming. You can also rent and buy movies seamlessly.


11. Shout Factory TV

Shout Factory TV is a free streaming service for cult classic movies and TV shows.

Here’s an overview:

  • Completely free and legal. Just visit the website and start watching.
  • Collection includes cult classics, comedy films, martial arts movies and more.
  • Also offers original content like comedy shows and interviews.
  • Supported on website and apps across various devices. Limited ads.

It’s a unique free streaming option for fans of classic cult movies and shows. The collection is quite distinctive.


12. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free streaming service owned by Screen Media Ventures. It focuses on movies.

Some key positives:

  • Completely legal and free to access. Just visit site and start watching.
  • Collection includes popular movies, indie films, documentaries, foreign cinema and more.
  • Available as a website and mobile apps. Limited ads during playback.
  • New titles added every week across various genres.

For fans of indie movies or any genre, Popcornflix offers a nice library with some hidden gems.


13. Yidio

Yidio is a streaming search engine that indexes links to movies and shows across various streaming services and websites.

Here are the key features:

  • 100% legal website that indexes links to content on legitimate platforms.
  • Catalog includes both free movies + shows and rental/subscription options.
  • Lets you search across multiple streaming platforms in one go.
  • Intuitive interface and solid performance. Available as website and app.

If you are having trouble finding where to stream a particular movie or show legally, Yidio makes it easy by searching through multiple services.


14. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is covered above, but deserves another mention for offering a 100% free and legal way to stream Sony Pictures movies like Spiderman, Ghostbusters, The Da Vinci Code, Pineapple Express, etc.


15. Vimeo

Vimeo offers thousands of high-quality independent films and documentaries across different genres and categories.

Key reasons to use Vimeo:

  • Legal platform focused on indie content. Hosted directly by creators.
  • Thousands of quality films across genres and categories. Clean interface.
  • Content includes free and paid indie movies and documentaries.
  • Available as website, mobile and TV apps. Streams beautifully.

For indie movie lovers, Vimeo has a great collection of film festival hits, award winners and hidden gems. Truly an indie lover’s paradise.


16. DistroTV

DistroTV is a free streaming service for news, sports and entertainment content.

Why consider DistroTV?

  • 100% free and legal. Just sign-up and activate your account.
  • Offers 200+ free live channels spanning news, sports, movies, shows, music, arts, kids and more.
  • Intuitive interface. Streams smoothly across website and apps. Limited ads.
  • Available across major platforms. Solid replacement for cable TV.

With hundreds of free live channels, DistroTV is a great option to replace cable TV legally for news, sports and entertainment. Tons of content!


17. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library that offers free access to millions of digital content.

Key aspects:

  • Completely free and legal. Run by non-profit organization.
  • Massive collection of public domain movies, TV shows, live music, audiobooks and more.
  • Old and obscure titles hard to find elsewhere. Interface is dated but functional.

For hard-to-find classic movies, TV shows and more, The Internet Archive is an unbeatable source thanks to public domain access. The collection is mind-boggling.


18. Retrovision

Retrovision is a free streaming site for classic public domain movies and TV shows.

Some highlights:

  • Legal website for public domain content. No registration needed.
  • Collection spans silent films, noir thrillers, westerns, drama and more.
  • Simple site design focused solely on streaming the videos.
  • Available on all devices with a modern browser. Streams smoothly.

If you love really old classic movies that are hard to find, Retrovision makes them available legally and freely thanks to public domain. The collection is priceless.

19. Reddit

Reddit is a popular social platform. But some subreddits offer links to legally stream movies, shows and live sports.

Key reasons to use Reddit:

  • 100% legal as the links posted are only to legitimate streaming services.
  • Subreddits like /r/BestOfStreamingVideo, /r/fullmoviesonyoutube, etc. offer streaming links.
  • Great for finding streaming links to live sports matches.
  • Active community for requests and recommendations.

By using specific subreddits, you can discover links to legally stream or watch movies, shows and live sports matches. A handy resource on Reddit.


20. YouTube

YouTube offers thousands of free, full-length movies and shows to watch legally.

Some examples:

  • Older movies which have become public domain and are free to watch.
  • Movie trailers, behind the scenes, interviews, events and more.
  • Legit channels like Movies Topic, Paramount Movies, Lionsgate, etc. that share movies.
  • Free shows like Cobra Kai, Kitchen Nightmares, Forged in Fire etc.

YouTube has a sizable collection of free movies and shows spread across various channels, studios and more. Just need to search effectively.


21. Yahoo View

Yahoo View offers free streaming of recent episodes of shows from ABC, NBC, FOX and more.

Some key aspects:

  • Completely free and legal. Owned by Yahoo and Hulu.
  • Allows streaming of latest episodes of shows 1-8 days after airing live on TV.
  • Collection includes shows from ABC, NBC, FOX, Comedy Central and more.
  • Supported on desktop and mobile browsers. Limited ads. Streams well.

It’s a great option for those looking to catch up on recently aired episodes from leading networks legally and for free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the streaming services listed here 100% legal?

Yes, all the streaming platforms covered above provide access to movies and TV shows in a completely legal manner. They have proper licensing deals with studios/distributors.

Q. Do these platforms offer content for free without registration?

Many services like Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Crackle, Retrovision, YouTube, etc. offer free content without needing any signup or registration. Some may require signing up for free access.

Q. What kind of content do these platforms provide?

The content spans old classic movies, recent blockbusters, popular shows, indie films, documentaries, public domain content and much more. Some platforms like Pluto TV also offer live TV channels.

Q. Can I access the content on apps and smart TVs?

Yes, most of these streaming platforms provide access across websites, mobile apps, and TV apps to watch on smart TVs and connected devices conveniently.

Q. Is the video quality good on these free platforms?

In general, the streaming quality offered is excellent across services like The Roku Channel, YouTube, Tubi TV, etc. Some platforms offer HD streaming too. The quality is more than enough for enjoying the movies and shows.


SockShare offered free streaming of movies and TV shows but was plagued by copyright issues and illegality. Thankfully, there are now several excellent legal alternatives that allow you to watch both movies and shows online for free.

Platforms like The Roku Channel, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Crackle and others covered in this article provide extensive libraries of movies and shows that span various genres, languages and periods. Many of these platforms can be accessed across devices through mobile and TV apps.

The video quality offered by these free, legal streaming services is excellent. You get to enjoy an ad-supported streaming experience that is smooth, easy-to-use and completely safe. Options like Hoopla and Kanopy even integrate with your local library membership. For hard-to-find classic movies, services like and Retrovision offer public domain movies.

So whether you are looking for latest box office hits, popular shows, indie films, documentaries, public domain classics or foreign cinema, there are plenty of free streaming options to choose from. By using these legal platforms, you can avoid the security risks and ethical concerns around piracy websites. Plus support legitimate platforms that share revenues with studios to fund more movies and shows.

In summary, SockShare may be gone but there are now plenty of 100% legal platforms for an excellent, smooth and free streaming experience across devices.

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