Some Study Advice For Students In New Normal

Learning in this new normal situation will take more time and energy than learning in the traditional classroom. Although it is not easy, you can still do it well by following some of these tips. In this article, we are going to share some useful tips on how you can learn effectively during this new normal situation. You can face some challenges that may occur during this new normal by following some of these tips below.


Some Study Advice For Students In New Normal

Some Study Advice For Students In New Normal


1. Set a clear goal

 First, you may want to create and write down your personal goals. When you set up clear goals, you can manage your time and stick to your plan easily. Focus on your end goals and what you will achieve after you complete your classes. It will be a good encouragement and motivation for you.


2. Make your study plan

Learning in the new normal will require you to have enough dedication for getting success in your class. You can make a study plan, so this plan can help you stay focused on your deadlines. Stick to the schedule and adjust it when it is necessary. You can use a planner for organizing all tasks and assignments that you would like to complete.


3. Practice a good time management

All students in the new normal will need to practice good time management. You should never wait until the last minute for doing your assignment. Without good time management, you will feel tired and stressed all the time. You need to estimate how much time you need for completing all of your tasks. You can start by doing the most important and the most time-consuming jobs. 


4. Have a dedicated study space

During this new normal, you are going to spend a lot of your time in your home. Online classes during the new normal era don’t require classrooms anymore. Therefore, you may want to create your own study area in your home. Your study space can be in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Creating a dedicated study space will allow you to focus on your tasks effectively.


5. Get off social media

Social media can be the biggest distraction that you may have during this new normal. After you dedicate a study time for yourself, you can consider logging off from all of your social media accounts during your study time. You can keep your phone away during your study time, so you will never get tempted to open your social media accounts.


6. Be engaged

Although all classes are delivered online, you can still be engaged in your online class. Participating in your online classes can help you understand your course materials in a better way. You can also talk to your classmates about the current topic. If you have some difficulties in following your classes, you can talk to your teacher. Being active in your class will be an important thing that you need to do. By doing so, you can learn anything faster in your online class.


7. Use some online resources and tools

During this new normal, you are required to do all of your assignments and tasks from your home. You can take advantage of all online resources and tools that are available on the Internet. For example, you can use the online library from your schools for finding some relevant materials for your class. You can also use some other online resources, for example, Trello for doing task management, Project Gutenberg for finding some free books, etc.


8. Take some time out

This is another important thing that you need to do during this new normal. You can take a break after you do some assignments or attend some online classes. Taking some small breaks in between your classes will refresh your brain, so you can refocus on the other materials. Napping, walking outside, and talking to the other family members will re-energize you.


9. Buy high quality devices

A new laptop or personal computer will significantly speed up your educational process. If you don’t have savings for new technology, you can read information about types of credit cards in the Philippines here:

Learning in the new normal should never have to be a sad and stressful situation for you. You can make everything around you neat and comfortable, so you can enjoy your new learning experience during this new normal situation. Learning in a comfortable space with good time management will be the key to be a success during this New Normal.

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