8 Best Sportsurge Alternatives with Each Pros and Cons

Are you looking for free Sportsurge alternatives?  There are many websites (Domains) with the name Sportsurge, it makes users confused. At Sportsurge, you should be able to stream sports content (events, matches, highlights, etc) from various categories. Expect to find F1, MotoGP, NFL, MLB, NBA, and others there. Not only you should find various arrays of contents, they are also coming in HD quality.

Despite the fact that Sportsurge doesn’t provide the sports streaming content service directly on their site, they are a trusted service. They only place high-quality links that connect users to the original sources. However, not everyone is happy with the directory’s mechanism. Well, if you are one of them, then knowing the alternatives can be super handy.


8 Best Sportsurge Alternatives with Each Pros and Cons


1. NFLBite

If you are into NFL so much, then this would be the best sports channel to stream your favourite sports content. You won’t have to pay anything to access the site, and you get to learn more about your favourite clubs or athletes. You will find stories, news, and live streams there.



The site actually started as this Reddit community, and then it expands to a streaming site with high-quality content. There are many reasons to love this site. As one of Sportsurge alternatives, you can get quality content with in-depth coverage. It has active social media presence. So, if you are active on Twitter, you can get updates from there.

You don’t have to install anything either. You only need to use a regular browser and you will be directed to the site. However, you can only focus on NFL, not different kinds of sports categories. If you are looking for a site for various sports subjects, this one won’t be the right one for you.


2. NBA Bite

Just like the previous website, this one is dedicated to NBA subjects. Into basketball so much? Then NBA Bite would be a perfect source of sports information and streams. From the design alone, the website has this warm and catchy-looking layout.



The user interface system is simple and yet spot-on. And you can enjoy complete coverage of everything related to the NBA, such as games, conferences, schedules, teams, and so much more. You can even get information about the live games as well as upcoming ones.

Many of the contents aren’t only free, but they are coming in high-quality content. You can track or view the scores as well as getting updates of your favorite clubs or players. Despite the okay website, the one on the mobile phone is a bit cluttered. They can do better, really, especially if they want to improve the service to be as good as the PC or laptop. But overall, they are quite okay and more than satisfying


3. YourSports

If you want a site that can give you streaming access to many types of sports events or matches, then YourSports would be a great option. As one of Sportsurge alternatives, they are offering free service and high-quality content.

8 Best Sportsurge Alternatives with Each Pros and Cons 1

Although the site offers the service for free, you are free to upgrade the service to a paid one because of the IPTV channel’s existence. With this feature, you should be able to enjoy your entertainment and sports programs to the highest content.

The streaming quality is also good and impressive. Be advised, though, that your sports won’t stream the contents on the spot. It is more like a directory that collects links. Once you click on the link (any of them), you will be taken to the source. Moreover, if you will have to deal with the ads if you access the free service. If you decide on upgrading it to a paid membership, you will enjoy ads-free environment and personalized chat name.


4. SportMargins

If you want to get more than just sports streaming content, this is your go-to place. With SportMargin, you should be able to get the latest news as well as being able to stream the videos.



The news coverage is pretty in-depth, which is a good sports source especially if you like to tune in to the world of sports. This is one of the Sportsurge alternatives that only focus on one topic: football, so if you are looking for news about basketball or boxing, for instance, you won’t find it here.

However, the site has an interesting user interface. You can get news articles, main stories, statistics, and others – such as video content or streaming videos. You don’t have to install any plugin or software to get direct access to the site. Use a regular browser and you are good to go! However, this is only focusing on football. And you will be dealing with a lot of ads.


5. Sport-Stream

This is a website that will provide updates on different sports categories, like basketball, hockey, boxing, football, and so much more. Be prepared to see UEFA rankings, FIFA, or Formula 1 rating. To make exploration easier, you can even get the latest events in the most popular category.



For instance, if you are into football, you will find out that UEFA Champions League and English Premier League are the most popular (streamed) contents.

You can still stream content from Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Serie A, or La Liga, but you are informed that English Premier League is one of the most-streamed content. Don’t worry about the quality as everything would be premium and high in quality.

Besides the contents, you can also enjoy the latest news update – and it will be given in real-time manner. Despite all of the benefits, the website itself isn’t very good. It doesn’t have any support for video player and you will deal with ads. Yes, it is a free service, but it doesn’t mean that you will deal with tons of ads.


6. CricFree.sc

Want to enjoy your sports contents without having to pay a dime? Then CricFree would be the best place to do so. As one Sportsurge alternatives, it provides a great access to various sports subjects, such as basketball, football, tennis, and so much more. You are able to enjoy the free service, but you are also given the freedom to upgrade the service to a paid membership.



If you are willing to pay and upgrade the service to a paid subscription, you will be able to enjoy more features – and you won’t have to deal with the limitations. You can also enjoy the communities if you like to interact with other members. But if you stay with the free service, you will have to deal with ads – it’s just inevitable.


7. FromHot Sport

If you want entertainment access with one-stop-for-all concept, then FromHot would be the one. It is a site that doesn’t only provide sports contents, but also TV series and movies.

FromHot Sport


The site acts as a directory that will connect you to the original sources – so they won’t stream the contents on their site directly.

But rest assured that you can get updates from various sports subjects, such as American football, boxing, racing, fighting, and so much more. The contents are also good and high in quality.

As one of Sportsurge alternatives, this can be a great source of knowledge and information. However, it is advisable that you have good and solid adware blocker because the site is packed with adware.


8. LShunters

This is another directory that can give you information about various sports events and contents. Yes, you won’t be able to stream the contents directly on the site, but you can be directed to legitimate sources.



However, many of the user’s reviews are stating negative things about them. In the past, this site might be one of the best Sportsurge alternatives, but it may not be so currently. Be careful and don’t get your hopes high in this site.


FAQ: Best Sportsurge Alternatives

Can I stream live sports events?

Yes, you can. All of the sites displayed here can stream live (sports) events.

What is the best streaming service?

It depends on your personal preference, really. Some people like a site that focuses only on one type of sports while some like a site with various sports subjects. For those in the previous category, they will love SportMargin or NBA Bite. For those in the latter, they will love Sport-Stream or YourSports

How much should I pay?

These websites are typically free, but if you want to upgrade the service to a paid one, each site has its own price range. Generally, there are different prices for different packages. You should check to each one of them.

Can I upgrade the service to a paid one?

Yes, you can. Some websites do provide paid membership. Find out more the details from their website.

How can I access the services, including the highlights, matches, and others?

Simply check into the site and start from there. They usually provide categories for the highlights or links. Once you click on one of those links, you will be directed to the content.


Those are some of the most promising Sportsurge alternatives that you can explore for your sports entertainment and enjoyment.

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