5 Best Text To Speech Software – Easy to Convert Text to Speech

Why do you think we need the best text to speech software nowadays? Handling some physical tasks in the same time now must be more practical. If you expect to walk, do gardening and household chores, have exercise or even work, the use of text-to-speech software becomes popularly and commonly used.

In the business environment, text-to-speech software is very much useful and helpful to boost the productivity. People are utilizing it to manage their duties. Ass the rise of audiobooks, people must have this software on their devices to engage in the activity.

Text-to-speech software is one of the transcription services that everyone can use to seamlessly read not only documents but also e-books either on your desktop or your mobile phone. In this regards, we are going to share you the best text-to-speech software we have selected from the trustable resources. So read every details of each review sections to allow you to choose one software you may need.


5 Best Text To Speech Software – Easy to Convert Text to Speech


Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is one of the best text-to-speech app designed for developers. It is affordable, easy-to-use, supporting multiple file types, and having multiple language options.

Amazon Polly is an intelligent text-to-speech system created by tech giant Amazon. It employs advanced deep learning techniques, turning text into lifelike speech. This way, this software can be utilized by the developers to create speech-enabled products and applications.

Best Text To Speech Software


Amazon Polly supports an API that allows you to easily integrate speech synthesis capabilities into e-books, articles as well as other media. This software is easy-to-use. If you want to convert the text to speech, you just need to send it using the API and it will send an audio stream back to the software.

Amazon Polly enables you to store audio stream as MP3, PCM and Vorbis file formats. Further, it supports for a wide selection of international languages and dialects including British English, Australian English, German, Italian, French, Australian English, Spanish, Dutch , Russian and Dennis.

As one of the recommended and best text-to-speech software, Amazon Polly is ready as an API for its own and as a feature of the AWS management Console. Further, it is also available as a common line interface. In pricing, this software will require you to pay based on the amount of text characters that you want to convert into speech.


Capti Voice

For education, you had better select Capti Voice for the text-to-speech software. It is basically designed for learning. It is user friendly and integrated with cloud platforms. However, the education licenses is considered expensive.

In education world, the use of text-to-speech software is also popular to help improve the comprehension among other things related to education. This way, Capti Voice comes to help listen to anything you want to read. This software is also personalizing both learning and teaching as well as solve the language issues.

Capti Voice


Capti Voice is available as an online and offline reading support solution. It has been widely used by various level of schools, colleges, businesses and professionals around the world. Capti Voice supports more than 20 languages. It can also greatly improve the language vocabularies and be one of the active reading strategies. Well, to support education field, it doesn’t stop there. This software is able to narrate various content such as e-books, articles and web pages.

Capti Voice is a text-to-speech software you can use along with cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. Further, this software can be accessed across a plethora of devices, age groups and content formats.

If you are interested to use this software, there is a free version for personal use. You can firstly have this free version to utilize it along with all of its features but not the high-end ones.

Well, if you are teaching a language, Capti Voice is the best text-to-speech software to consider.


Linguatec Voice Reader

The next text-to-speech software in our list is Linguatec Voice Reader. In the list, it is the trusted choice you will ever know. It is widely used around the world. it comes with 67 voices. There are various files supported along with multiple language options.

Linguatec Voice Reader is based in Germany created by Linguatec company a number of years ago. It is also categorized as voice reader software that can convert text into audio files quickly.

Linguatec Voice Reader


Linguatec Voice Reader is designed with the home edition to quickly convert text including emails, Word documents, PDFs and EUBs into audio streams. This way, the converted text can be listed on a PC or mobile device. Luckily, there are 67 different voices you can select as well as 45 languages support including French, Spanish, Danish, Turkish and Italian.

Basically, this software is created with the purpose to improve productivity such as reading out the manuscript for speeches, lectures or presentations to find out the incorrect word order or missed-out words.

All in all, Linguatec Voice Reader has a sleek and easy-to-use user interface. You can just adjust the speed fast and pitch the audio files. In addition, each of export option is listed well and clearly.


Natural Reader

If you want a text-to-speech software with the quality cloud, Natural Reader can be the right option. It supports not only a range of files but also a wide file and is multilingual.

Natural Reader is a cloud-based speech synthesis software that is suitable for personal use. So, it is likely that Natural Reader is a solution for you to convert any written text including PDF and Word documents, e-books, and web pages into a lifelike speech.

natural reader


Designed as one of the best text-to-speech software, Natural Reader can access it form anywhere else through smartphone, computer or tablet. This is due to the cloud technology used in the software. Similar to Capti Voice, this software is able to upload documents from the cloud storage lockers like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

In this software, there are 56 natural-sounding voices which are available in 9 different languages. The users can access all of these voice along with the languages including American English, British English, Spanish, French, Germany, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch.

What’s more?

Natural Reader support many kinds of file formats that are PDF, TXT, PNG, DOC(X), ODT, JPG, and Non-DRM EPUB. There are still more file formats supported along with MP3 audio streams.

Natural Reader offers three different products either online, software or commercial. In this case, online and software products are offering a free tier.


Voice Dream Reader

Another best text-to-speech software is Voice Dream Reader which especially designed for mobile-optimized option. It is designed with 36 built-in voices and multi-linguals. It is also integrated with the cloud platform.

voice dream reader


In the world of text-to-speech software, there are plenty of choices available for mobile devices. In this case, Voice Dream Reader is one of the excellent examples. This way, this software is able to convert documents, e-books and articles into natural-sounding speech. So you can read a list of articles while you are driving, working or having exercise. There are also auto-scrolling feature and full-screen as well as distraction-free modes to help focus on converting the files to speech.

Similar to other text-to-speech software, Voice Dream Reader also offers a wide selection of built-in voices along with the multiple languages. In detail, there are 186 built-in voices within 30 languages including English, Bulgarian, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Croatian, Dutch, French, Finnish, Greek, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese and Italian.

Integrated with cloud platform, you can use Voice Dream Reader with cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Instapaper, Pocket and Evernote.


Final Words

Finally, if you need the right app to help you work with so many physical activities at the same time, don’t hesitate to download one of the best text-to-speech software we have shared above. If you are a developer, Amazon Poly is the right option. If you work in the academic or education field and need such software, Capti Voice will be great enough to help you work out your duties. And for your mobile-optimized option, you can just opt Natural Reader.

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