The 3 Essentials To run A Successful Etsy Store

If you are a creative person that loves to make crafts then you’re in luck. Instead of giving them away as Christmas gifts, you can sell them on Etsy and make a business out of your creativity. Etsy has millions of people per day shopping for handmade creations.

If you are able to do things right then you can get some of them to buy your artwork or crafts. In fact, there are many creative types there that are making a living from their Etsy store. In this article, we will go over what you need to do to be able to turn your creativity into a business by using Etsy.


The 3 Essentials To run A Successful Etsy Store

The 3 Essentials To run A Successful Etsy Store 1


1. Know your costs

Before you put any pictures up on your page or think about selling your crafts for a living, you have to determine if it will be financially worth it. This means that you have to know your costs.

Knowing the cost doesn’t just mean how much you paid for the material to make your creation, although that plays a big part. You have to also calculate how much courier Atlanta costs, how much the packaging costs, and even how many hours it takes to make the product.

Since your time is money, it also makes sense to know how much money you would make per hour once you put a price on it and then deduct the expenses it cost to produce it.


2. Optimize your store page

Once you have determined that you can make a decent living off of your creations it is time to get them online. The key to success is having a storefront that makes it irresistible for people to buy.

It all starts with the perfect pictures. It is important to put your product in the best possible light so it looks good but it goes beyond that. You also need to make sure the pictures describe a lot of the features of the product. This includes the size, what it looks like from different angles, and how it looks in certain situations.

You also need to describe the product well. Just giving the specs like size is not enough. Describe it in a way that includes the types of keywords that somebody searching for this type of product will use.


3. Build a fanbase

Even though there are millions of people shopping on Etsy, it is a good idea to drive some traffic from outside of the platform to your store. This is because if you have a solid social media following then those people are already fans of what you are doing and are likely to buy something.

Find out where the people who would be most interested in your creations are hanging out online. There are a lot of social media networks so it’s important to spend your time on the one where your potential fans are hanging out. Then, post some interesting and engaging content that they will love along with the occasional promotional post that highlights your Etsy store.

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