The Best Way To Manage Your Documentation

Being an owner of a business requires you to think a lot about how to optimize the work of your company. There are a huge amount of different tools to do that, but the common issue for many companies is the paperwork.

It does not only take much time but requires much management skills and keeping every single paper in the correct place. Sometimes, issues with the paperwork may lead to different unpleasant consequences. And this way you have to optimize the document workflow process.

However, not is fully possible for you to manage all your documentation using your computer. Many services provide such services, and their cost varies. They may offer you a monthly subscription for only 20 dollars or for 40+. For small companies, such investment may be just unavailable.

Even more, you cannot be sure that the service will fully satisfy all your potential demands while spending money in advance is not a thing. To choose the right service, you need to look straight to the priorities of your company. The list should include:

  • A nicely done interface of the website. Everything must be in its place, for new users to understand it. The user-friendly interface will allow even the oldest employees, who are not good at computers at all, to understand the rules of using the resource.
  • Security is the key to successful working with workflow automation software. You don’t need to always worry about the safety of your data, because that way nothing changes compared to offline documentation management. Finding a reliable service is the main thing.
  • An ability to work with a mobile device will significantly increase the efficiency of working in your company. The document workflow will be a great option if your employees will have an opportunity to send, copy and sign different documents even if they are not near their desktop device now.

And all these features may be combined in some extremely expensive applications, which will improve the document workflow process but will be a huge cost.

So, finding a free-to-use workflow automation software would be a great idea for users.


Why choose free software?

Free software may be stereotyped for many people. It seems that it will not provide as great services as the paid services will. However, Pandadoc proves wrong.

This service is a platform for managing the paperwork of the company. Each part of the work team is able to use this application for free, instead of keeping in mind to buy the subscription on some overrated service.

The process of working is way too easy, even novice computer users will manage it quickly. And the safety of the data is the feature that Pandadoc is proud of the most.

Moreover, the application is available for mobile devices, so workers will have no issue with receiving and signing some documents, while the employer would be calm about the fact that no one will lose some valuable paper.

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