Top 5 Anonymous Exchanges for Polkadot

An anonymous exchange is one of the easiest and fastest ways to swap crypto without identification. Today, most major platforms have KYC procedures in place to comply with government regulations, avoid money laundering and fraud.

All you need to use an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange is to indicate your crypto wallet address and the amount of the coins to swap in the designated fields. The most popular services are Kraken, Godex, Binance, Changelly, and SwapSwop. Below, we will talk about them in more detail.


Polkadot Coin Review

In 2021, the Polkadot (DOT) blockchain project appeared in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, to the surprise of many people who had never given a positive Polkadot prediction. Being in development for several years, this solid project should one day compete with the Ethereum blockchain. Another main competitor of Polkadot is the Cosmos blockchain (ATOM).

Polkadot`s goal is to eliminate the problem of current blockchains that operate in isolation. The project is supported by the Web3 Foundation, an organization that funds and helps conduct research.

Initially, Parity Technologies worked on node software for Ethereum. Later, it withdrew its support and focused on Polkadot and its associated project, Substrate. Work began in November 2017 when developers released the first code on Github. Polkadot has gone through 3 proof-of-concept algorithms and 100,000 lines of code.


Best Anonymous Exchanges for Polkadot

It’s very important to choose the right exchange for a better result. The advantages of anonymous crypto exchanges for Polkadot converting are:

  • No wasting time confirming identity.
  • No risk of personal data leakage.
  • No restrictions on crypto exchange usage.

Now let’s talk about the 5 most anonymous Polkadot exchanges that you can confidently use.



Kraken is owned by Payward Inc and regulated by FinCEN. It has managed to gain the trust of users. No successful hacker attacks on the exchange have been recorded. In addition, Kraken was chosen as a platform through which users who were victims of the Mt.Gox scam could claim their lost funds. It was the first crypto service to introduce a full auditing system (Proof-of-Reserves) that cryptographically verifies whether the balances of exchange users match with the funds in Kraken wallets.


Godex is a service that still considers the KYC rules to be contrary to the original idea of anonymity. All information that this platform has is the recipient’s address to send coins to. Moreover, later this information is deleted. The exchange rate is fixed for the duration of the transaction, and more than 300 coins are available on it. Customers describe this exchange as a true anonymous platform, with professional service and 24/7 assistance.



Binance is one of the most used platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Its reputation is well established, and it offers many services related to crypto. Binance is at the forefront of what is done on the market. It is possible to use the platform without KYC. You don’t need to disclose your identity as long as you don’t make a deposit or withdrawal of more than 2 BTC per day. For the vast majority of private users, this is more than enough. In addition, you will enjoy all the services offered by this leading platform and unmatched user experience.



Changelly was founded in 2015, and after a year managed to attract more than 100,000 users, which is very impressive. The company is headquartered in Prague and is highly respected and trusted in the cryptocurrency industry. It allows you to swap digital assets anonymously. Among other pros are fast transactions, low commissions (0.5%), and no verification required (just your email). Changelly impresses with a very simple user interface, and you can buy crypto directly with Visa or Mastercard.



It is one of the most famous anonymous exchange services in demand functioning since 2019. Its commission ranges from 0.1% to 0.7%, but most often it is 0.3%. You can quickly and anonymously convert Polkadot to any other asset.



Anonymous crypto exchanges are safe — there is nothing dangerous about remaining anonymous. KYC and AML are not in the interest of crypto enthusiasts. That is why a lot of traders are trying to bypass them and get digital coins without identification.

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