Top 8 Tools for Creating Android Apps

Despite competition from other platforms, Android has maintained its position as the most popular OS globally. This suggests that Android applications are very well received by the public. The vast majority of app developers target several platforms, including both Android and iOS. An outstanding Android app can only be built with top-tier development resources.

Top 8 Tools for Creating Android Apps 1


Best Tools for Creating Android Apps


Android Studio

The official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android was created by Google and is called Android Studio. This IDE was created using IntelliJ IDEA as a foundation. It is a de facto need for most, if not all, Android mobile development projects.

You can practically build the whole app in Android Studio for smartphones, tablets, Android TV, Android Wear, Android Auto, Glasses, etc. Most of your work will be done in Java or Kotlin. It also supports C++.



A fantastic method for testing and reporting bugs is the next item on the list. It is used by businesses like Yahoo, BuzzFeed, Lyft, and PayPal throughout the development process. Each developer may use it to record issues, add screenshots, and share the information with other developers on the team to keep track of all the defects.

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Appy Pie

Who knew that some of the greatest applications for developing mobile apps didn’t need strong technical knowledge or coding skills? Since it is a platform for no-code application creation, Appy Pie accomplishes just that. Because even though it’s fantastic that you are familiar with the top programming languages used today, using a no-code platform would be helpful if you were to create an app quickly for a customer.

You can provide your clients with quick and simple native app experiences by developing applications using Appy Pie. If any of your users may not have access to the Internet, your applications will also offer offline functionality for content access. 


Studio Visual (with Xamarin)

One of the top cross-platform IDEs for C# or C++ is generally Visual Studio (with Xamarin), which is a Windows product. For situations where you have to create applications for both Android and iOS, it is the ideal choice (which is often the case). You may discover several templates for quicker development and tools for cloud Android applications with Azure in Visual Studio. You may use Visual Studio to build, test, distribute, and evaluate your Android app development projects.



Performance is always important while working on any web- or mobile-related project. Additionally, FlowUp is the ideal tool for developers to assess the functionality of any program, including Android apps. You may utilize it as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution with a monthly subscription. The system displays a tidy, well-organized dashboard with all the important application parameters, such as CPU, bandwidth, storage consumption, etc.


Zoho Creator

Brands must provide their consumers with a unique and tailored user experience. If not, it may lead to irrelevant customer experiences that eventually erode faith in the brand. Therefore, companies must make sure that their Android applications are easy for their devoted users and relevant.

An excellent Android app development tool that perfectly fills this demand is Zoho Creator. Due to the platform’s low-code development capabilities, app developers may create customized applications with an intuitive user interface, pre-written code snippets, and guided scripts for a shorter app development lifetime. 



Eclipse is the next item on the list. Eclipse was the primary tool for Android development before the arrival of Android Studio. Although Google no longer supports this program, some developers continue to use it to create both Android and non-Android applications. For building cross-platform apps, in particular, Eclipse is still a reasonably handy tool and it supports some programming languages.



Platforms for developing apps may be simple and elegant at the same time. One such example is Vysor. For businesses that don’t need all the fancy things, the platform is one of the finest options for creating Android applications.

With the help of Vysor, developers may simply explore and modify any aspect of Android applications on a PC. It offers developers simple integration and usage. The mirror or control function for Android, screenshots, wifi capabilities, Vysor sharing, and even access to all future innovations that the Vysor developers may release are some of the platform’s noteworthy characteristics.


Bottom Line

Platforms for developing mobile apps are excellent tools that may help you create campaigns that are optimized. But of course, depending on why you’re designing an app, each platform offers pros and downsides of its own.

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