Top Ethical Hacking Certification to Learn in 2022

The process of ethical hacking deals with the identification of vulnerabilities in an organization’s infrastructure, system, or application that an attacker might exploit. The practice of ethical hacking is used to prevent any security breach or cyberattacks by using the method of lawful hacking. An ethical hacker follows the mindset of an attacker and follows his steps to gain authorised access and thus check the strength of the strategies and networks of an organisation.


Why should you get an ethical hacking certification course?

If you are interested in learning about ethical hacking, then a certificate course can help you do so. Learning this can even help you implement the best security practices wherever required. There is a constant threat of attacks on the systems and applications. By learning this process and the methods that the attackers use to infiltrate systems, you can prepare yourself to deal with these issues before they become an actual danger.


Best Ethical Hacking Certification Courses to Learn in 2022

There are multiple cyber security certifications and ethical hacking certification courses being offered. These courses are designed to teach these legal hacks in the best possible manner. Mentioned below are the best courses to go for in the year 2022.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification Training
  • This course is offered by Koenig Solutions and is highly valuable as it offers instructor-led training that allows students to get an in-depth idea about the field.
  • Students are provided with sample papers, practical lab sessions, and they get to interact with industry professionals. All these aids in building a strong foundation for a career in ethical hacking.
  • Students can get trained from any location around the world, and upon successful completion of the course, they will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate.


  • LinkedIn Learning – Ethical Hacking Course
  • This course contains eighteen different learning content to gain knowledge and enhance skills on this subject.
  • You will build your hacking skills with the help of industry experts, and this course includes major topics like Kali Linux, scanning networks, risk identification, etc.
  • The contents of this program are in a simple format, and you can even start with a trial version for free. This program requires a time duration of 26 hours approximately.


  • Cybersecurity For Managers: A playbook
  • This program is a professionally designed resource for executives and decision-makers to elevate their skills in data security
  • It is suitable for learners from intermediate to advanced levels and requires approximately six weeks (5-6 hours daily).
  • It includes advanced hacking methods and other essential features for business leaders and managers and promotes their business growth.


  • Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Course
  • This is the most suitable one for anyone who wants to take up ethical hacking professionally and become a cyber security expert.
  • It covers topics like reporting, sniffing traffic, attack, exploitation, information gathering, scanning, enumeration, etc.
  • The time duration required is 23 hours for this program, and it is suitable for beginners who want to take this subject professionally.


  • Cyber Security Basics: A Hands-on Approach
  • This program was developed by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid’s professors. It offers tech topics like network security attack- management and monitoring, computer forensics, vulnerability pen testing and management, reverse engineering, etc.
  • It requires six weeks, and no prior knowledge related to cyber security is required here.


  • Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch
  • This is a comprehensive ethical hacking learning course offered on the Udemy platform and focuses on strengthening practical aspects of this complex subject simply.
  • The major topics covered here are Malware analysis, network penetration testing, gaining access, post-exploitation, web application penetration testing, Linux basic, etc.
  • This program requires a fundamental knowledge of IT and a PC or laptop with 4GB RAM.


  • Specialization in Hacking for beginners
  • Reputed hackers themselves design this program, and this will give you an introduction to IP address, DNS overview, Post scanning, exploitation weakness of the target, and many more.
  • This course demands a time duration of 2.5 hours and is suitable for beginners.


  • Cybersecurity specialisation
  • This course focuses on a comprehensive and significant range of subject topics.
  • All the concepts here are well explained, and it demands a basic knowledge of this subject and a time duration of 8 months.


  • Hacking and Patching course
  • This course is most suitable for everyone interested in learning all the tips and tricks when it comes to common injections. It offers unique course topics and demands a time duration of 17 hours.
  • It further requires a fundamental knowledge of the subject to begin learning with this course.


  • The complete Ethical hacking course: Beginners to advanced
  • This program helps learn penetration testing and ethical hacking and further includes topics like cracking DoS attacks, SQL injections, Breaking Linux passwords, etc.
  • It demands a time duration of 24.5 hours approximately and no prior knowledge of the subject.



Thus, we can conclude that ethical hacking is of great help to many industries and organisations. With the advancement of technology and shift towards online working and data storage, security is an essential aspect of the same. You can become a certified hacker from the platform of EC council and many other certifications courses that are being offered in the market.

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