14 Best Gogoanime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online For Free

Looking for Gogoanime Alternatives or sites like Gogoanime to watch anime for free? Due to the fact that anime has grabbed the youth’s attention, Gogoanime comes as a high-quality online streaming site specializing in Japanese anime.

Anime has a massive fan all over the world. To meet the need of providing anime fans with the best anime site, Gogoanime is the right option. It is due to the massive database of various anime sub-genres offered by the site along with the updating library and additional TV series.

Gogoanime usually presents shows dubbed in English. Therefore, the users will easily access the site even for a newbie. Although some countries have blocked this site, there are still some ways to watch Japanese anime online.

Here are the best Gogoanime alternatives you can take into consideration. Read the review we are going to share here and find the one you like most to pick up. You can enjoy your favorite Japanese anime later on. No worry!


What is GoGoAnime?

GoGoAnime has emerged as one of the most popular sites for watching anime online for free. It hosts a massive media library packed with new episode updates, marathons and simulcasts straight from Japan of popular ongoing series across genres.

Easy site navigation and organized catalogs make discovering fresh titles intuitive even for first-time anime viewers. GoGoAnime also enables conveniently tracking shows via customized lists and notifications so fans never miss out on new releases or updates on favorites.

While available entirely for free without subscription requirements, GoGoAnime does run third-party ads to maintain operations. However, these prove minor annoyances considering the breadth of subbed and dubbed anime content options at one’s fingertips.

Offering extensive catalogs of anime classics as well acclaimed newer series, GoGoAnime brings cherished franchises and hidden gems to screens everywhere. Covering mecha, slice-of-life, shounen, shojo and far more – GoGoAnime has shows to meet all tastes from casual viewers to devoted otaku.

With both quantity and quality of shows rivaling paid services, GoGoAnime makes experiencing anime in its full diverse glory easy and enjoyable. Its vast media vault earns its rank among fan-favorite free anime streaming hubs online.


Is GoGoAnime legal?

GoGoAnime is generally considered an illegal streaming site. Here are some key points about the legality issues around GoGoAnime:

  • GoGoAnime hosts links and embeds content from unofficial streaming sources, many of which provide pirated copies of anime shows without permission. This is illegal.
  • However, GoGoAnime itself does not host most of the content. It scrapes streams from various third party hosts. This complicates the legal situation slightly.
  • The site is not officially licensed to distribute the shows it links to. Most of the anime would normally require a paid subscription on legal platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation.
  • There is lots of copyrighted material on GoGoAnime used without authorization from anime producers and license holders. This raises clear copyright concerns.
  • While free for users with ads, GoGoAnime does profit via ad revenue, memberships etc without rights to the actual content. This commercial use breaks copyright law.

So in summary – yes legal experts consider sites like GoGoAnime which link to or embed copyrighted streams without permission to be illegal services violating intellectual property rights under most countries’ laws. There are legal risks around using such platforms. However the exact way authorities tackle these sites remains complex and varies regionally.


What happened to GoGoAnime?

GoGoAnime went through a turbulent period recently when anti-piracy groups and original rights holders began actively pursuing legal action against the site for enabling access to illegal streams and downloads.

As a result of mounting pressure, the original GoGoAnime.io domain was taken down after receiving several strict DMCA copyright infringement notices. This caused the once extremely popular free anime streaming platform to go offline unexpectedly much to the dismay of its loyal userbase.

However, within a short period the site returned using new web domains – currently operating as GoGoAnime.pro. The site continues functioning basically the same as before, still scraping streams from various third parties without permission and profiting from enormous libraries of unlicensed fan-subbed anime content.

Nonetheless, the brief disappearance of the original GoGoAnime is emblematic of the fragile existence unauthorized streaming platforms face against intensifying crackdown efforts. The site may resurface under alternative links, but for how long remains uncertain given the precarious legal standing and competition from affordable legitimate services.

While die-hard users have returned, only time will tell if GoGoAnime manages to survive escalating anti-piracy group efforts working to shut it down permanently through punitive legal routes in the long run.

14 Gogoanime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online For Free With English subtitles


1. KissAnime




KissAnime is the first popular anime streaming site for a couple of years and it is also one of the best Gogoanime Alternatives today. Along with the mobile-friendly version available on this site, you will only be able to access this site on your smartphone. The mobile version is completed with the feature of touch-optimized allowing you to consume bandwidth less than the common desktop version.

KissAnime also comes to offer an active forum section where the site members can have a place and time to discuss everything about anime, dorama, and other Japanese culture in general. Now if you are one of the online anime enthusiasts, you can pick up KissAnime soon and enjoy your favourite anime soon.


2. Chia-Anime




Chia-Anime stands out as a top free anime streaming site – with over 50,000 high-quality English subbed episodes and 5,000+ series available for smooth online viewing.

The responsive interface makes marathoning classics or discovering new shows intuitive across devices. Frequent uploads and fast streaming in up to 1080p HD enhances viewer enjoyment as well. Anime covering every genre from shonen adventures, chilling horror, emotional romances, hilarious comedies and far beyond ensure all tastes get catered to.

Convenience features enable easily tracking favorites and simulcasts airing fresh from Japan to never miss out on hype new episodes. Whether longing for a nostalgic retro series binge or the latest seasonal waifu – Chia-Anime welcomes anime lovers ranging from casual viewers to devoted otaku.

Propelled by a dedication to expand their already massive media vault daily, the site affirms its identity alongside elite free anime streaming hubs. For unlimited on-demand anime streaming gratitude, Chia-Anime hits the mark through its speed, simplicity and wealth of content options.


3. Animeland




The next great Gogoanime alternative on the list is Animeland.us. Animeland is the right place for you to watch some dubbed anime even without registration. Loving Naruto, One Piece, Sword Art Online, and other famous anime shows are simple by searching all of them here on Animeland. All episodes are available. All you need to do is just to search for a specific anime in the search bar located in the top-right corner of the Animeland site.

As one of the recommended Gogoanime alternatives, Animeland facilitates the users with a chat widget allowing the visitors to talk about anime and give out their feedback. You will also be displayed by “New Added Anime” when the site has recently added a new series. This notice is located at the bottom of the site. So, you won’t miss anything here on Animeland.


4. AniWatcher

14 Best Gogoanime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online For Free 1


Anime lovers must have been familiar with AniWatcher. Yup, this site is just a simple site surprising visitors with a large amount of content. There are more and more excellent anime shows you will find if you keep searching.

A great thing about AniWatcher is the fact that the site has not only been dubbed but also subbed anime. The new episodes can always be added without any delay. Additionally, this alternative also provides you with multiple streams for each anime on the site, allowing you to go anime streaming without switching to another mid-season anime streaming site. What a great site to consider, right?


5. AnimeShow




AnimeShows stands out as another excellent option for watching anime online similar to Gogoanime. This anime streaming website impresses with its slick, user-friendly interface and vast content library spanning genres like action, adventure, comedy, horror, drama, romance, school life, mystery, sci-fi, slice of life, vampire, mecha, and more.

Each anime listing comes complete with a thorough description sourced from MyAnimeList.net, allowing viewers to learn all about the plot, characters, episode count, and other key details at a glance. There is also a comments section under each episode where fans can share reactions, analysis, or anything else on their mind. While not a full chat room environment conducive to active discussions, this comments box still facilitates some interaction.

Overall, AnimeShows satisfied with its modern site design, extensive anime catalog, informative descriptions, and outlet for voicing opinions on specific episodes. For those seeking a feature-packed, legal alternative to access and discuss a wide range of subbed and dubbed anime series, AnimeShows.tv checks many of the right boxes. The user experience mirrors much of what made Gogoanime a popular destination among anime enthusiasts.


6. AnimeUltima

 Gogoanime Alternatives

Gogoanime Alternatives


Have you ever heard about AnimeUltime? As one of the best Gogoanime alternatives, AnimeUltima comes as a source of anime with all genres without any limitations and registration. You can just open the website, search for your desired anime by the search bar and enjoy the anime without any disruptions.

To optimize the use of AnimeUltima and enjoy watching anime, it is recommended that the users create a user account. It is due to the goodness that the site offers you, for instance, you will get notifications when there are new released episodes are added to the site. Additionally, the users are also provided with the space to leave comments under each individual episode.

What’s more?

Well, listed as the considerable alternative for anime, AnimeUltima has its own Discord channel, allowing you to talk about everything related to anime and ask other users for recommendations. In short, this site is not only offering you a simple and easy way of enjoying anime but also other flexibility to enjoy more with the site. Now Animeultima.TV moved to another domain animeultima.su.


7. Nyaa.si

Nyaa Torrents

Nyaa Torrents


For those looking to supplement their anime streaming beyond Gogoanime, Nyaa Torrents stands as an indispensable resource. This public torrent tracker offers one of the largest indexes of anime, Japanese television shows, software, music, games, and more. While much of the content is only available in Japanese, Nyaa Torrents features a dedicated category for subtitled anime as well.

Downloading from Nyaa Torrents does require having a torrent client installed. We recommend the popular, multi-platform BitTorrent client for its ease-of-use and compatibility across operating systems. This means Nyaa Torrents serves as a versatile anime source, with the ability to access torrents and initiate downloads on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. No matter your desktop or mobile setup, you can leverage Nyaa Torrents flexibility.

With its niche focus on Asian media, depth of anime series and films, and BitTorrent delivery, Nyaa Torrents makes for the perfect complement to free streaming sites. For unlimited access to particular titles or seasons, higher video quality options, or building digital anime libraries, tech-savvy fans should certainly explore Nyaa Torrents as an essential alternative. The public tracker facilitates P2P downloading without subscription, fees, or registration too. For those seeking anime from all possible sources beyond just streaming, Nyaa Torrents delivers.

8. 9Anime




Another anime site like Gogoanime is 9Anime. 9Anime is one of the listed sites you can read the review here. Like other anime websites, 9Anime comes with a clean and clutter-free interface. It offers streaming of TV series and movies without limitations. Luckily, you can also download any of your favourite anime shows for free.

There are lots of categories to select along with the subtitles. Most videos are dubbed in English, thus, they cover users all over the world. In other words, it is easily accessible. Additionally, you don’t have to do any registration to download any of the anime shows on this site. So, you will be completely anonymous here if you are using a VPN. Hence, more people keep streaming anime shows on this site from time to time.


9. PutLocker




Now you can also consider listing PutLocker as the other alternative to watch anime shows. Putlocker has been popular not only for Anime but also for TV series and films. You can find them all here on this site for free. Due to its free of charge, this is the site that most people are looking for and most users are keeping with.

PutLocker continuously maintains and updates the newly released anime. To enjoy all the anime, you must stay on this site and download all the movies, TV series, and anime without registration and payment. It is a site that is completely free to open and free to download.

PutLocker comes also with the mirror links on the available video if the server is going down. The only downside of this Gogoanime alternative is the advertisements and pop-ups which appear uncontrollably. Thus, it is much recommended to use VPN and blockers.


10. 4Anime

Sites like 4anime for All Anime Lovers


Among the other sources of anime, 4Anime is the one that comes with all the features and extra features to allow you to watch the anime videos with subtitles and English dubbing. A simple description is also available as a great option to select when you want to know a bit description of each video.

There is also a separate tab to enable you to watch cartoons. Thus, if your children like not only anime but also cartoons, Kuroani is the best place to visit and stay.


11. AnimePlanet




With over 45,000 anime series, movies, and manga titles catalogued, AnimePlanet stands as an ode for animation enthusiasts. Upon free registration, fans gain tools to tailor their own corner of the vibrant AnimePlanet community. Personal libraries compile favorite shows while reviews and forums connect kindred spirits.

Yet AnimePlanet’s catalog only begins an endless quest to uncover dazzling new anime worlds. The site’s machine learning recommendation engine analyzes watch history and ratings to reveal hidden gems matching one’s tastes. Furthermore, AnimePlanet boasts expansive genre pages charting essential viewing across categories. Updated simulcast schedules also announce premiers rushed from Japan to eager fans.

While advertisements support AnimePlanet’s free streaming model, they occupy only minimal sidebar space without disruption. By centralizing anime fandom yet also guiding exploration, AnimePlanet frees enthusiasts to scour every niche from mainstream battles to obscure sci-fi until each may author their own anime tale worth sharing.

Through seasoned guidance or forging new connections, AnimePlanet champions anime not just as entertainment, but an open passport into incredible imaginary realms limited solely by one’s curiosity. Wherever the journey leads, AnimePlanet stands ready to recommend the next breathtaking destination.


12. viz.COM

viz anime

viz anime


If you’re trying to find websites similar to Gogoanime, I believe viz.com is one of the best options. Although some internet providers do block access to viz.com, you can get around that by using a VPN service. Viz has a huge library of anime that’s always being updated with the latest shows and episodes. You can stream popular new anime like Boruto and Pokémon there. But they also have a ton of classic series, everything from Inuyasha to Bleach and much more. So whether you want to watch old favorites or catch the most recent episodes straight from Japan, viz.com has what you need once you connect through a VPN. Their collection spans old and new anime across tons of genres.


13. CartoonCrazy




In addition to viz.com, CartoonCrazy is another good site to check out if you’re looking for alternatives to Gogoanime. CartoonCrazy has a huge library of cartoons and anime that you can watch without needing to create an account. It’s a great option if you prefer shows with English dubs or subtitles. The interface and user experience on CartoonCrazy is really smooth and easy to navigate as well. You won’t have any trouble finding your way around the site. One downside is that you’ll probably encounter a lot of pop-up and display ads that open up extra tabs in your browser. But that’s a fairly small inconvenience considering all the content they offer for free. Much like Gogoanime, you can find all the latest and greatest anime on CartoonCrazy along with older classics. And you can stream it all without logging in or paying anything. So between viz.com and CartoonCrazy, anime fans have some excellent sites to get their fix of shows, both new and from years past, without breaking the bank.


14. AnimefreakTV

animefreak tv

animefreak tv


It seems that Gogoanime has potentially shut down or is otherwise inaccessible at the moment. For those wondering “What happened to Gogo Anime and why can’t I access it anymore?” it appears the site has either closed down indefinitely or is facing technical issues that have taken it offline. Whatever the exact reason, the bottom line is that Gogoanime’s library of free anime streams is not available right now.

So if you’re looking for places to watch anime that are similar to what Gogoanime offered in the past, you’ll need a new site. One Gogoanime alternative worth checking out is AnimefreakTV. This site hosts a large collection of anime that you can watch for free with English subtitles in high definition.

What makes AnimefreakTV a great streaming option is that they stay on top of all the latest anime episodes coming straight from Japan. New episodes frequently show up on AnimefreakTV just a day after they air overseas. So you won’t fall behind on all your favorite series even with Gogoanime no longer being an option. And there are no ads to deal with either when watching on AnimefreakTV. Overall it’s an excellent replacement to turn to if Gogoanime remains down and out. The huge anime library, quick updates, English subs, and smooth streaming make AnimefreakTV a top choice.


FAQ: Gogoanime

is Gogoanime safe?

Some users asked on the Reddit forum is GogoAnime safe? Is GogoAnime safe from Viruses and malware? Yes, the original site of GogoAnime has been taken down by the government regarding copyright. While many clone sites are similar to GogoAnime which we usually access on the internet. Unfortunately, some GogoAnime copycat sites use Pop-up ads. Most of the Pop-up ads are malware and you should be careful. Please use antivirus and VPN to keep your computer or device more secure.

Is GogoAnime Down right now?

Some users complain that they unable to access GogoAnime and the site is not working for a while. So, I am going to find GogoAnime and still active. Why you unable to access GogoAnime? The main reason is your IP address banned by ISP. So, how to cover this problem? You need to do is use VPN to access GogoAnime site. VPN allows you to unblocked sites. But be careful please to fake site like GogoAnime.

What are Sites like GogoAnime?

GogoAnime has millions of fans because of its huge collection. But in some cases we unable to access GogoAnime, because it has been banned. For that, we have some of the best Sites like GogoAnime with English subtitles. Some of the alternative GogoAnime sites are KissAnime, Chia-Anime, Nyaa.si, 9Anime, AnimePlanet, CartoonCrazy and many more.

There are still many other Gogoanime alternatives (Sites like Gogoanime)  you can easily find for sure. However, the best anime sites we have just shared on this page are the more widely used and popular alternatives to watch anime you like most. Find one or two sites that are suitable for your preference and personal likeness to enjoy anime more.