4 Top Rated Productivity Software To Improve Your Teamwork’s Productivity

Productivity software is also best known as personal productivity software or office productivity software. It is defined as application software that is utilized for producing information such as documents, databases, charts, presentations, worksheets, graphs, electronic music, digital paintings, and digital videos.

As its name suggests, productivity software is created to increase the productivity, particularly of the individual workers, for example from the typist to the knowledge workers despite the wider scope now. Some examples of productivity software are office suites that brought word processing, spreadsheets, and relational database programs to the desktop that existed in the 1980s. This productivity software revolutionized the office along with the size of the productivity increase. They were good compared to the pre-1980s office environments of typewriters, handwritten list, and ledgers as well as paper filling.

In 2010 and so on, productivity software becomes widely used and even more integrated into daily personal life.

In this article, you will learn the top-rated productivity software both for the free and the paid version which are all available in 2021.


4 Top Rated Productivity Software To Improve Your Teamwork’s Productivity



In our list, Trello places the first rank. Trello is designed to help teams move work forward. This means that using Trello, the teams can collaborate, manage projects and achieve the new productivity peaks. As the home office rises its use during coronavirus pandemic, Trello is the best option that enables your team to work and accomplish all the things uniquely.



Trello leads the team to work together using the Trello board, lists, and cards. It is able to customize and expand along with its features to support your teamwork to grow. Trello is just like an all-in-one place to manage projects, build the team spirit, and organize the task.

Trello allows you to join over 1,000,000 teams around the world. No, you must be wondering why it is widely used throughout the world. Well, here are the features that makes the software the best option:

  1. Trello’s Board

The board is just the starting point of all. This way, you can organize works on Trello’s board using the lists and cards as the building blocks. Trello’s broad leads the team to grow with the tasks, timelines, calendars, productivity metrics and etc.

  1. Trello’s Card

Trello’s card functions as a portal to organize work more properly at which you can manage every single part of the task. You can also track and shared the works with your teamwork. Just open the Trello’s card and uncover an ecosystem of the checklist, attachments, due dates, conversation and more.

  1. No-Code Automation

Trello is designed with the built-in automation called Butler that is functioning to reduce the number of dreary task on your project board. This can be enabled by harnessing the automation power across your entire team.

  1. Integrated Top Work Tools

Through the integrated to work tools, you will easily get connected with apps that your team has already used. There are hundreds of power-up tools available so that your team can have the expected workflows.



Flock is the second productivity software to consider using to increase productivity. Everyone trusts the greatness of this software to assemble organization and start crushing your objectives. In this regards, there are lots of reasons why Flock becomes popular after Trello.

Firstly, Flock communicates in channels in order to help make streamline decision and solve the problem. This way, the conversations and all of your work will be organized and managed well by Flock in channels to achieve your goals. So you can create a channel to discuss anything worth dealing with the team projects of the company. It is just a wide initiative.

Top Rated Productivity Software


Second, Flock avoids the chaos and clutter by eliminating the discord by the messy conversation and email. Later, this software is completed with the video conferencing feature through the built-in video and voice calling system to keep your employees involved and connected through all of your devices.

Forth, luckily you will never get lost in translation. You can always communicate to express the feedback and clarify your tones even when the text won’t cut it. Thanks also to the enhanced video conferencing that enables you to share your screen from any device to dive into the details and visually deliver the message.

Flock also offers features and tools that makes your chats easy to perform. You can collaborate seamlessly from top to the bottom, throughout the whole company. Further, Flock also keeps information flowing safely to all of the organization using the secure and real-time sharing feature.

Flock also keeps the stakeholders up to speed and projects on the record through the shared notes, to-dos, and reminders. So be more productive with Flock and be less distracted. Being more productive with Flock means you stay sharp with a productivity software that keeps progress on point. And, be less distracted by using this Flock for your team uses daily.


Meister Task

Meister Task is a management tool designed for online projects and team collaboration that allows the users to create project dashboards, collaborate with the team members, and work together in real-time. The dashboard of this software comes with an overview of not only projects but also notifications. Therefore, the users can create an unlimited number of projects. Later, the users can invite others through email to work together.

Meister Task


Meister Task’s dashboard is customizable that allows the users to create project sections based on their needs. There are some features that the users can optimize to get the full functions of the software. Those are:

  • Kanban-style makes the projects customizable along with the filters, task limits, automation and templates for recurring the tasks.
  • Reports and statistic for the analysis of time, compliance and project progress.
  • Time-tracking with the due dates and custom fields, tags and checklist in order to tackle the task.
  • User groups, team projects and admin control along with the restrictions to access.
  • A dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Integrations with popular solutions such as Outlook, Dropbox, Buffer, G Suite and GitHub.
  • Mentions, group address, comments and email notifications.

As one of the recommended productivity software in our list, Meister Task offers such great benefits for the users. First, the users can bring every part of the work to one place only and hassle freely. Thus, there is no more switching between the distinguishing software.

Meister Task can organize, assign and easily keep a tab on all of the task. The seamless channels can also be created to communicate with your team members, improve the coordination and team spirit.

Using this software will make you able to accept the accurate details on things such as the project progress and the time spent on many kinds of tasks as well as help you plan more effectively. Last, this software allows you to control who can view the information.


Zoho Cliq

If you are looking for cloud-based team communication and collaboration software, Zoho Cliq is the best choice ever. This way, the team could use team chat, audio and video calls, as well as file sharing features to improve the level of productivity of a business.

zoho cliq


With this software, you can easily integrate your business productivity software with third-party platforms.

Wondering what features offered by this software? Well, undoubtedly, Zoho Cliq can collaborate with groups through the channels. The conversation is searchable along with the ability to view multi-chat. This software also supports voice, video and group calls as well as the ability for screen sharing.

Zoho Cliq comes also with on-the-go accessibility across the devices. Thanks also to the integrations with the renowned tools like Mailchimp, Trello and Dropbox. Similar to other productivity software, Zoho Cliq also enables file sharing and workflow automation with real-time updates and messages conversion into task.


Final Words

Finally, you could deeply understand the general description of the software to increase productivity in your business. So don’t hesitate to use of the four productivity software we have reviewed on this page.

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