10 Tricks and Tips for Your New PS5

Most people who have a desire for gaming can almost give everything to get their new PS5 console. Kids can even go ahead to make all their friends jealous of their new toy. So what next can you do after getting a new PS5? What constitutes the dos and the don’ts? Let’s take a look at a list of tricks, crafted by computer science help experts.


Tricks and Guidelines to Consider After Acquiring Your New PS5

New PS5

New PS5


  • Dodge screenshot spoilers. It proves possible for the PS5 console to hide screenshots, especially when it displays gameplay beyond your play point. Additionally, it can include flagged-up things, identified by the developer as probable spoilers. To avoid this, set your console by checking the spoiler warnings on the game/app settings.
  • Save the PS5 DualSense battery. The innovative DualSense controllers prove designed to keep themselves on. Therefore, you can set the power saving to either ten, thirty, or sixty minutes by going to the interface’s power-saving option.
  • Control the consoles notifications. It proves crucial to block unnecessary alerts on the PS5 games console. Thereafter, set what notifications to allow, and which can pop-up on-screen. You can also identify the types of notifications that you can do without.
  • Regulate your console’s screen captures. Most, if not all, PS5 consoles will capture moments like one where you celebrate a game’s trophy win. If such random photo captures prove undesirable to you, then go to your settings and turn the feature off on the broadcast and captures feature.
  • Try and avoid using the DualSense microphone if you can. The built-in microphone and speaker on the console’s DualSense can prove convenient. However, it can prove wise to connect an external headset to have a better experience. It arises as the vibrations interfere with the quality of sound.
  • Set your user privacy on the PS5. Most people have become increasingly subject to privacy breaches, especially on the internet. Therefore, go to your PS5 cog icon and pick your user privacy and accounts settings to regulate what information people can see or obtain from the console.
  • Control the PS5 using an app. The PlayStation app can now get supported on iOS and Android platforms. Further, you can get access to new and aesthetically pleasing functions. You can do a voice chat via the app, start downloads, launch games, and access the PlayStation store, among others.
  • Play PS4 the simpler way. The PS5 plays almost every game on PS4, and you can easily migrate your PS4 games using a hard drive (external.) So plug in the external drive into your PS4 and migrate the games. You will only have to plug in the PS5 and enjoy your games.
  • View your stats. Laptops and phones prove better when telling the amount of time you have used on them. Similarly, the PS5 can also do the same, and this permits you to stop overusing or wasting too much time on it.
  • Vacuum clean the PS5. It proves possible to disassemble the PS5 side plates and get access to the dust catcher pans.



You can enjoy the full experience of your new PS5 console by understanding the ins and outs of the product use. All you have to do entails adhering to these guidelines.

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