6 Tunngle Alternatives for Your Private Connections

If you are into internet gaming, you probably want to know more about Tunngle alternatives. Tunngle is a VPN software where you can play LAN games on the internet. You see, in the past, computer games incorporating multiplayer system was usually bundled with the LAN mode. You were only able to play those games with other computers that were connected to the local network. But then came VPN software, allowing LAN simulation across the net, so you can play the game over the net.

Why would you need VPN like Tunngle, anyway? Well, there are some games only supporting multiplayer games over LAN. With VPN like Tunngle, you should be able to play the games with friends – and yet all of you don’t have to be within the same network. The bonus feature is about the availability of private VPN (hundreds of them) where everyone can support a different game. So, what are other possible alternatives to Tunngle that you can enjoy or access?


6 Best Tunngle Alternatives for Your Private Connections


1. Remobo

6 Tunngle Alternatives for Your Private Connections 1

Tunngle Alternatives


This is an app to help create an instant VPN between users. It enables you to connect to one another, acting as if everyone were within the same LAN. Using the app would be simple too. Just use the computer to log in and then add other users to your (buddy) list. This software will automatically create its own IPN between the computers.

As one of the many Tunggle alternatives, this software allows tons of features and abilities, such as:

  • It allows you to remotely control your access files or your home computers while you are on the go – while traveling or at work
  • It enables you to browse the internet and the web safely – through other computers within your list.
  • It allows you to share big files privately between computers
  • It replaces your already existing VPN, which may likely to be difficult, costly, and complicated
  • It allows you to perform video conferencing, secure instant messages, run games, and stream media


2. Evolve




This is software that will enable you to play (social) games on the PC. The interface system is responsive and easy to use. It enables you to play thousands of different games easily. It also offers you some social tools, which you can use to interact with other gamers. Not to mention that it has its own community and environment that you can use to bring everyone closer. Players can play games remotely to one another, communicate and interact with each other, or simply stream the games with the others. Evolve claims itself to be a platform in the next level grade – offering all in one (gaming) platform that will connect the gaming world with social media and interaction online.


3. Freelan




As one of the Tunngle alternatives, Freelan is offering a flexible manner to use the VPN service. Basically, this software gives you tons of flexibility and versatility where you can manage the VPN connection – the way you like it. This is a great way if you use third-party servers and yet they can’t provide enough service – or they may not be allowed to do so. This is also a great solution if you want to make your own version of protected and safe network.

Freelan is an all-around free open source VPN service that can be used for macOS, Linux, and Windows. With it, you should be able to create 3 different types of VPN: peer-to-peer, client-server, and hybrid (which combine the two types mentioned before). If you need a VPN just to hide the IP or to unblock websites, there are other easier and simpler alternatives to use. But if you want to create a flexible and secure environment with VPN without the server, this software will be super handy.


4. NeoRouter




If you are looking for powerful and handy VPN software without having to configure anything, then you have come to the right place. NeoRouter provides a remote access simplicity that is ideal for your personal needs or small business requirements. It is easy to use. It is simple to manage. And it is secure. With this software, you should be able to connect your computers (or mobile devices) to a virtual LAN at different locations globally. Once you are connected, you should have access to Remote Desktop, printer sharing, application sharing, folder sharing, files, and so much more.

With NeoRouter, you are able to:

  • Play games online
  • Protect the net traffic, especially on public (WiFi) hotspots
  • Share videos and photos
  • Help family or friends with computer issues remotely
  • Access home computers from anywhere safely and securely


5. Netvfy




This is like the replacement for DynVPN because the latter has been deprecated. Netvfy offers the same powerful and handy features to make internet exploration accessible and even enjoyable. For a starter, it boosts easy management. Not all apps are able to do so – most of them may require tech-savvy people to operate it and make it run. Well, it won’t be the case with Netvfy because you should be able to manage everything with a simple dashboard. Expect fast and simple arrangement for this matter.

Not only it offers fast and reliable connection, but it also boosts safe and secure platform. No need to worry that you are being watched or spied on. And most importantly, you should be able to enjoy virtual connection with all of your devices. No monkey business. No fussy arrangement. No complicated matters. Everything should be managed and run efficiently and effectively – and you should be able to enjoy fun experience while doing it. No wonder if this app is included in the list of Tunngle alternatives.


6. Radmin VPN

radmin vpn

radmin vpn


With this software, enabling secure connections between computers would be super easy. The secure connection will take place behind the firewalls, making sure that you can enjoy safe operation without any obstruction or hindrance or lag. You should be able to download the software without paying anything. This Tunggle alternative is quite easy and simple to use.

Those are your candidates in having a secure and protected connection. Which of these Tunngle alternatives seem to be the perfect option for you?

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