The Top 10 Usagoals Alternatives for Free Sports Streaming

Usagoals was one of the most popular free sports streaming sites for many years. However, it has recently gone offline permanently. This has left a big gap for sports fans looking for free options to watch live games and events online.

The good news is there are still plenty of working Usagoals alternatives available in 2023. In this guide, we will cover the top 10 sites to replace Usagoals and securely stream live sports without any signup or fees required.

Why Usagoals Shut Down

Usagoals provided links to live streams of sports games from around the world for free. It became hugely popular as an easy way for cord-cutters to watch soccer, football, basketball, baseball, cricket, boxing, and more online.

However, like many free streaming sites, Usagoals did not have any rights to broadcast the content they linked to. The site was dependent on user uploads and embeds from third party sources.

Over the years, Usagoals received many DMCA takedown requests and legal pressure from sports leagues to cease operations. The Premier League and other organizations actively worked to shut down the site for copyright infringement.

In October 2022, Usagoals ultimately went offline permanently. The site posted a message saying “We have now decided to close down permanently. Thank you for the memories.”

While it’s sad to see Usagoals go, there are still many alternative sites that offer the same free sports streaming experience.

Top 10 Usagoals Replacement Sites

Here are the best working Usagoals alternatives to watch live sports in 2023:

1. Streameast

Streameast has emerged as one of the most popular replacements for Usagoals. The site offers high-quality live streams for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, tennis, and rugby.

Streameast is very reliable during peak traffic and has multiple backup streaming servers. You can watch in HD on desktop or mobile devices with no app install required.

2. Crackstreams

Crackstreams provides free access to live sports including NFL games on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday nights. It also covers MMA events like UFC fights, Boxing PPV matches, Soccer games, and more.

The site has a smooth video player and multiple stream options if one feed goes down. You can watch events on any device without registration needed.

3. Sportsurge

Sportsurge aggregates live sport streams from various third-party sources. It makes it easy to find working links for NFL, CFB, NBA, MLB postseason games and more.

The site is always adding new domain extensions to stay one step ahead of takedown requests. Make sure you have an adblocker enabled to avoid popups.

4. ReddiTSports

ReddiTSports is a sports streaming subreddit where users post links to live games. It covers everything from Football, Soccer, MMA, Boxing, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.

The community is very active in posting and upvoting high-quality streams. You need a Reddit account to access and participate.

5. Buffstreams

Buffstreams is one of the most reliable sites for high-definition live sports streams. It offers smooth streaming for NBA, Soccer, NFL, Boxing, UFC, and Cricket matches.

The site is very user friendly on both desktop and mobile devices. Buffstreams finds and compiles the best live stream links from various sources into one place.

6. Crackstreams

Crackstreams is an alternative domain for Crackstreams that also offers free live sport streams. It’s a great option to bookmark in case the main Crackstreams site goes down.

You can watch NFL, NBA, Boxing PPV, MMA events, Soccer games and more in HD quality with no signup required. Just open the site and pick your sport to find working streams.

7. SportsHD

SportsHD provides free live sport streams in high-definition quality. It offers a wide range of leagues and tournaments including NFL RedZone, NHL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, and Rugby.

The site has reliable video players and aggregates links from various streaming sources. An adblocker is recommended to avoid pop-up ads when navigating the site.

8. SportRAR.TV

SportRAR.TV is an aggregator of free live sports streams from third-party sites. You can watch NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, Tennis, UFC, and Boxing events.

The site is compatible with all devices and has Chromecast support. An adblocker like uBlock Origin helps provide a smooth streaming experience without annoying ads.

9. Volokit

Volokit offers free HD quality streams for NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, MMA, and Soccer. The site provides a user-friendly interface to quickly find and start watching your desired event.

Volokit is supported on mobile devices and has Chromecast capability for watching on your TV. The streams are smooth and reliable even during peak demand.

10. Feed2All

Feed2All compiles links to live sports streaming sources from around the web. You can find feeds for NFL, NBA, Boxing PPV, Soccer, Tennis, and other major events.

The site is easy to navigate and streams can be sorted by quality and language. An adblock extension is highly recommended when using Feed2All to avoid excessive ads.

How to Stream Sports Safely with Usagoals Alternatives

When using any free sports streaming site, it’s important to take precautions for your privacy and security online:

  • Use an adblocker – Sites like these rely on ads to generate revenue. A good adblocker prevents malicious ads and popups.
  • Don’t click ads or popups – Never download or provide any personal information to sketchy ads.
  • Use a VPN – A VPN masks your IP address and location to keep your streaming private.
  • Enable antivirus software – Scan for any malware infections from dubious streaming sites.
  • Avoid fake streams – Check multiple links as some may be low quality or malware traps.
  • Browse securely – Use the latest browser versions and keep your devices up to date.

By taking some basic precautions, you can safely enjoy free HD sports streams through the many Usagoals replacement sites. Just be smart in avoiding sketchy links or downloads to protect your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Usagoals Alternatives

Here are answers to some common questions about using Usagoals replacement sites:

Most free sports streaming sites operate in legal grey areas by providing links to content hosted on third party servers. The sites themselves do not host any infringing content. Sports leagues often send DMCA notices to take down links but new alternatives pop up quickly.

Can I get in trouble for streaming?

Individual users are very rarely pursued legally for simply watching streams. The risk is mainly for the sites providing the content themselves. Streaming does not involve illegal downloading, uploading or sharing of copyrighted material.

Why do the streams sometimes get taken down?

Sports organizations actively monitor and submit takedown notices to free streaming sites and their sources. The streams often work inconsistently as sources try to avoid detection. Having multiple backup sites/links helps find a working feed.

Are these sites safe to use?

Safety depends on the individual site. Reputable options like the ones we listed are generally safe when basic precautions are taken. But be very wary of fake sites that may contain malware. An adblocker and antivirus software provide essential protection.

Can I watch on my TV?

Yes, most sports streaming sites work with Chromecast or HDMI connections to your television. Some also have Apple TV or Roku apps available. Smart TVs with casting abilities make it easy to broadcast to the big screen.

What sports can I watch on these sites?

The most common sports covered include NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, Soccer, Boxing & MMA, and international cricket matches. Some sites have expanded into more niche sports as well.

Will I have to create an account?

A major benefit of Usagoals alternatives is no registration or account setup is required. You can immediately click a link to start watching. This maximizes convenience for the end user.


The permanent shutdown of Usagoals has left a gap for free sports streaming. Thankfully, several quality alternatives have risen to take its place for the 2022/2023 sports seasons.

Sites like Streameast, Crackstreams, Sportsurge, Buffstreams, and ReddiTSports offer the same free access to live NFL, NBA, Boxing, Soccer and other sports. You can get smooth HD streams on any device without needing to register or pay.

Just be vigilant in protecting your privacy and security when using free streaming platforms. Avoid harmful ads or downloads. With the right precautions, Usagoals replacements provide the next best thing to expensive cable packages.

Bookmark your favorite picks so you always have multiple options to flip between when watching sports online. Now you can cut the cord without missing out on live game action.

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