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Even those who are out of context have heard how the international shipping industry suffered because of the restrictions related to the pandemic. Many companies faced a shortage of orders and were forced to reduce the number of positions. Other businesses found the rescue by working remotely. Today, we are going to tell you more about one of the most demanded at-home packing jobs.

The title of this position is quality manager. These are specialists that are capable of executing quite versatile functions, which is the reason why so many businesses are opening new vacancies for them. Uss-Express LLC is such a business. Let’s learn how the company acquired its current reputation and which conditions it offers for potential workers of the quality control department.

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I am a worthy Candidate


Are there more pros or cons? 

Your attitude to packing jobs from home heavily depends on your previous experiences and your understanding of the duties. No vacancy can be perfect and not all jobs in the shipping company can satisfy your personal career needs. For instance, the quality manager job at Uss-Express won’t suit you if you aren’t ready for routine work. On the other hand, there are many positive sides to this coin.

  • This job might be your source of extra income because you can work as a part-timer, too;
  • Uss-Express has a good reputation as an employer that always pays out on time – salary is paid twice per month;
  • you can improve your qualifications by attending special courses hosted by the Uss-Express company;
  • you will gain a brand-new experience in cooperating with the world’s most known businesses;
  • friendly environment inside the team that motivates to develop soft skill;
  • generous bonuses for full-time workers and for those who do their job on weekends.


The main responsibilities of a quality manager

Generous bonuses are mentioned in the last point in the list of advantages. You can count on those payments only if you are hardworking and committed enough to cope with the following responsibilities of a quality manager:

  • receive packages; 
  • verify the quality of products;
  • repack goods if necessary;
  • put labels on parcels; 
  • send parcels to the required addresses.

Feedback on the reputation of the company Uss Express

Feedback from people who have a specific experience in this packing job at home is very important. They might uncover some peculiarities that aren’t visible to media and regular internet users. This is an example of what an average review looks like.

“I need more time to see all the benefits and pitfalls. My friend recommended me to file this form for the quality manager vacancy because I couldn’t find a job without qualifications. Well, so far I like it, but I can’t say anything more because it’s just my first month and I need more time to see all the benefits and pitfalls” 

This 4-star testimonial was published by a newly-hired worker. As you can see, this manager like the ease of applying for this vacancy and the fact that you can learn the qualifications in the process of working.

We found more such reviews on other platforms to check if they are published by real people. What we found really impressed us because it appeared that Uss-Express has quite a good name as a provider of packing from home jobs.


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Apply to the position


How one begins to work from home shipping packages

In an average shipping company, the employment procedure might be quite extended. Some businesses require their clients to have specific experiences and qualifications in shipping jobs from home. This is not about Uss-Express. Its employment procedure is completely transparent for candidates – you apply and seat an online job interview. After you finish a training session, you can work from home shipping packages as a member of the Uss-Express team.


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