Warframe Market: A Guide to Buying and Selling Mods, Relics, and More

Welcome to this in-depth guide all about Warframe market – one of the most popular and useful third-party applications for Free-to-Play online shooter Warframe. This article will break down all the key features of the Warframe market and provide tips on how to use it effectively for both buying and selling in-game items.

The Warframe market allows players to list items they want to trade and view items others have listed to facilitate trades outside of the in-game trading system. It has become hugely popular with the Warframe community as an easy way to obtain rare mods, prime parts from relics, vaulted items and more. So whether you’re a new or veteran player, understanding how Warframe market works is essential.

A Brief History of Warframe Market

The Warframe market first launched back in 2015 as a simple website where players could list items they wanted to buy or sell. Within a few months, it had gained massive popularity within the Warframe community for offering a much more convenient alternative to the game’s own limited trade chat channels.

Warframe Market: A Guide to Buying and Selling Mods, Relics, and More 1

Over the years, the Warframe market has continued to evolve and improve based on community feedback. In 2017, the site launched mobile apps making it even more accessible. Additional features like price tracking and notifications were added. By 2019, Warframe market had facilitated over 100 million platinum trades in total.

Today, the Warframe market remains one of the most heavily used third-party tools by the game’s sizable player base. Its popularity is a testament to how well it streamlines the otherwise tedious trading process in Warframe.

Key Features of Warframe Market

Now that we have a bit of background on Warframe market, let’s take a closer look at some of its core functionality and features:

Listing Items – Players can create listings for items they want to sell by selecting the platform, and providing item details and desired platinum price. Listings remain active for 7 days.

Searching for Items – Use extensive filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. Search by platform, item name, type and player-suggested prices.

Whisper function – Quickly message sellers directly from their listings to initiate trades.

Price tracking – Charts showing the average sold price history for an item over time, helpful for pricing items fairly.

Notifications – Allow buyers to subscribe to price drop alerts for items on their wishlist.

Mobile apps – Seamless access to all features of the site through dedicated iOS and Android apps.

Reputation system – Buyers and sellers can leave positive or negative feedback to build store credits and show reliability.

And more – Extras like a stats page, wishlist manager, and integration with third-party apps.

The variety of useful features is what makes Warframe Market the go-to trading hub for the game’s community.

Using Warframe Market To Sell Items

Now that the basics are covered, let’s delve into practical strategies for utilizing Warframe market effectively:

Warframe Market: A Guide to Buying and Selling Mods, Relics, and More 2

Pricing items correctly – Research average going rates using the price chart feature and don’t overprice. Be competitive without undercutting too much.

Take high-quality screenshots – Well-lit images showing item details clearly helps buyers verify what they’re buying.

Respond to whispers promptly – Quick replies keep potential customers engaged versus ghosting them.

Be respectful and reliable – Positive interactions build your reputation over time for bigger trades. Refund promptly if issues arise.

Set low stock numbers – Remove listings once sold to avoid disappointing buyers seeing “sold out” items.

Re-list expiring items – Refresh popular items going unsold before they auto-expire after a week.

Expand offerings over time – As reputation grows, branch out from common to rare items others may seek.

With patience and good customer service, Warframe Market allows dedicated players to make good platinum through steady item sales.

Using Warframe Market To Buy Items

Warframe Market: A Guide to Buying and Selling Mods, Relics, and More 3

For buyers, the key is to leverage the many search features:

Wishlist items ahead of time – Subscribe to price notifications for desired mods or prime parts to pounce on deals.

Check individual player profiles – Sellers with high ratings are less risky and may be negotiable on bulk item discounts.

Browse recently listed items – New uploads are most likely to still be available versus older expired listings.

Filter by online status – Prioritize reaching out to active sellers who can trade immediately versus those offline.

Send message before adding to cart – Double check availability and work out logistics prior to committing platinum for reserved purchases.

Be speedy on good lowball offers – Snag rare finds priced well below value before other eager buyers notice.

Have platinum ready ahead of trades – Nothing’s worse than messaging a seller only to have to run off farming more plat first.

With preparation and efficient use of all the site has to offer, Warframe market allows finding even the rarest of items with relative ease versus relying solely on in-game systems. Both new and veteran players can smoothly obtain needed gear to enjoy the game more fully.


In conclusion, Warframe market has revolutionized trading within the hugely popular free-to-play game Warframe. By offering a centralized easy-to-use hub outside the game, it has streamlined the process of buying, selling and tracking prices on all in-game items.

Both new and veteran players can smoothly acquire coveted items or make extra platinum through steady trades. With fair pricing, positive interactions and patience over time, anyone can reap the considerable benefits Warframe market provides to the entire community. It will likely remain a cornerstone resource for Warframe players for many years to come.

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