4 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Video Messaging to Drive Performance

No matter your industry or the type of content you create, video marketing can enhance your brand’s image and bolster engagement with customers at every stage of the buying cycle.

In fact, 86% of consumers would like to see more brand-driven videos. Additionally, 64% would make a purchase after watching branded social videos, and almost 70% prefer watching videos to learn about new products rather than from other marketing materials like articles, infographics, or e-books.

With that in mind, marketers need to understand how they can leverage video messaging across an array of content types to drive audience growth and improve brand perception.

Here are four ways you can use video messaging to win at every stage of the buyer journey.

4 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Video Messaging to Drive Performance 1


1. Empower Customers with How-To Videos

Customer service is a never-ending process, so empower customers to help themselves with how-to video messages.

These types of videos are popular because they build trust with your target audience by demonstrating the value of your product or service while also serving them content that is relevant to their own needs.

For example, Home Depot produces educational how-to videos to help their customers better understand their products while also generating buzz for their brand. These include relatable content like how to buy a gutter or clean your roof.

Meanwhile, product demos are a subset of how-to videos. They help marketers tell their audience what’s coming down the pipeline while still engaging them within the current offering.

Products usually have a short lifespan, so marketers need to find ways to educate customers about new offerings without being too disruptive. Product demos help marketers do that with a “preview” feature that’s available on many video hosting platforms.


2. Maximize Your Webinars

Webinars can establish thought leadership in your industry, provide new product or service information, and drive sales. But if you want optimal results from your webinars, the content must be engaging and deliver value to attendees. Consider creating short webinar content that covers a specific product or topic and sharing them with target audience segments through video messaging. Or, use video messaging to share snippets of your valuable content with attendees to encourage your audience to sign up.

You can create engaging webinar content by:

  • Combine screen recording with the human touch. With a reliable screen recorder tool, you can actually record your screen or your camera—or even both, allowing you to provide a visual demonstration while also incorporating that all-important human aspect to connect with your audience. This helps to increase engagement and can make events feel even more dynamic than they already are.
  • Feature a lead generation call to action during a webinar. These calls to action can include links to landing pages, registration forms, or any other lead magnet associated with your business.
  • Use webinars to nurture your leads after the presentation. Attendees can receive follow-up emails, direct messages on social media or via email, and follow-ups via surveys with a clip or the entire webinar as a freebie.

4 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Video Messaging to Drive Performance 2

3. Tell Your Brand Story Through Video

Not every video message needs to be about selling a product or service. Some of the most effective marketing videos focus on storytelling.

This could be a video message that tells the story of your brand, shares employee testimonials about your product, or offers insights into why your company was founded and how it guides your business ethos.

For example, Dove’s Real Beauty campaign features a series of videos that share diverse stories about what beauty means. These videos have generated more than 114 million views across social media channels and have been a huge success for Dove’s brand image.

These types of video messages not only create a connection with your target audience but also inspire people who are passionate about your brand’s values and mission.

4. Get Your Products in Front of More People

Video marketing can fuel growth by broadening your digital footprint and increasing awareness for your brand.

In the past, marketers could only upload videos to YouTube and send traffic from their websites to YouTube through a link embedded on their site’s homepage or an internal page.

Now, with branded video content, marketers can upload videos directly to YouTube without sending traffic off their website, allowing marketers to save time by uploading video content in one place while also increasing the amount of content that gets exposed on YouTube and Google search results pages.

Moreover, marketers can also drive traffic back to their site by adding a call to action at the end of videos. They can direct viewers to specific product pages or landing pages, which help generate leads and increase sales for your business.

Videos are also shareable on social media, which can expand your reach and increase organic views exponentially by exposing your content to new audiences. Finally, you can offer customized, engaging customer support or guidance by sending video messages to a single customer for one-on-one interaction or to multiple customers simultaneously for highly targeted engagement with a specific customer segment.

Video messaging is a powerful tool that marketers can use to generate leads and drive revenue. With the right video messaging strategy in place, you can take your business to the next level.

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