4 Ways On How To Guess Someone’s Instagram Password

Among the number of social media platforms that are variously used in the world, Instagram stands out to be the most popular and exciting. Youngsters are the ones that are very eager to use and access Instagram all the time.

So, it is not uncommon to see your teens staying online for the whole day and be on Instagram. This is the time for you to consider learning how to guess someone’s Instagram password to monitor what your teens are doing and make sure they are safe online.

In general, monitoring someone’s social media account is done by using spy app. Some spy apps still require you to reach the target’s device first before you can start using the app and some do not. There are also some other way you can do without having such apps.

In this article, we are going to learn how to guess your teens’ Instagram password so that you can go into their account and view what’s going on their Instagram.


4 Ways On How To Guess Someone’s Instagram Password

Ways On How To Guess Someone’s Instagram Password


Use Spy Apps

As we have mentioned, there are commonly a number of spy apps that will help you monitor someone’s Instagram. Today, we are going to review three of the apps. They are KidsGuard Pro, mySpy and Cocospy. These apps are considered much effefctive to secretly find out the password of someone’s Instagram.


KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is noticeably a professional tool to enter someone’s Instagram. In fact, many people use this app to hack into Instagram profile used on any type of smartphone. Typically, this app is used for monitoring kids, employees and spouses.

Knowing the password of your kids or teens’ Instagram, KidsGuard Pro will enable you to easily track many online activities such as video calls, voice calls, messages, real-time location and many other.

Now here are the steps to follow in finding out the Instagram password using KidsGuard Pro:

  1. Sign up for account.

Sign up is the primary step of all to have a KidsGuard Pro account. To sign up, you must visit its official website and create your account. Enter your valid email address and a strong password. For verification, go and open your email and simply click on the link given.

  1. Configure your account.

The second step is configuring your account by giving information dealing with the target mobile device. Later, download KidsGuard Pro APK file on your device by visiting clevguard.net. After the installation, open the app and fill in the credentials you used before.

  1. Track the password.

This is the point on how to guess someone’s Instagram password. After APK is successfully installed on your target’s device, leave it and go to your dashboard using your web browser. Tap on the “Keylogger” options. Just below this option, all the keystrokes typed on your target’s device are viewed and you will find the Instagram password of your target.



mySpy is another powerful and effective tool along with the great features you can optimized to help detect the target’s Instagram password. This app is so special in performing the Gmail password hack, remotely track the smart devices, hack Line password as well as hack the Instagram password.

Believe it or not, mySpy is designed as an advanced, comprehensive and powerful spy app to enable you monitor not only iOS but also Android, macOS, computer and Windows devices. And thanks to the app’s stealth mode that won’t let the target detect that you are running on his/her device.

mySpy can track a various activity including calls, images, videos, text messeges, apps, browsing history, location and many more. The key to grab Instagram password is the Keylogger option that is powerfully tracing the password of your target’s instagram.

So you are wondering how to do it? Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Signup for mySpy as the first step. To sign up, you can simply visit the official website of mySpy and be ready with your valid email address and password.
  2. Install mySpy.

After processing the sign up, you will usually receive an email for confirmation. Once you received the email, open it and click the link provided for further instruction. Typically, the link will direct you to download and install the app.

  1. If you are finished with the installation, you can simply start monitoring the target device, meaning that you can open his/her Instagram. To perform this step, make sure you log into mySpy on the device using the credential used before.
  2. View Activities on Instagram.

Finally, if all steps are completed, you will be able to view activities on the target’s device. To get the password, click on the “Keylogger” options to view all of the keystrokes typed on your target’s device. This way, you will be able to see the Instagram password of your target. Voila! You can open and enjoy surfing on the target’s instagram.



If you want an effortless app for grabbing someone’s Instagram password, CocoSpy can be the suitable option. This app is very professional for all Android users to monitor their kids and teens, ensuring they are safe online. This is due to the fact that online predators, cyberbullying, pornography and other improper contents are now unavoidable. Thus, along with the use of CocoSpy, you will be able to watch out the messages, call logs, social interactions, contacts, Instagram data and etc.

In this regards, there are 3 simple steps on how to guess someone’s Instagram password with CocoSpy:

  1. Sign up for CocoSpy account.

As the earliest step, sign up for CocoSpy account by visiting www.cocospy.com to create your account. Be ready with your email address and strong password. Later, install the CocoSpy app on your target’s device and complete some settings required for preparation.

On the first page of the Setup Wizard, type a name to identify your target’s device and select “Android” to continue.

To install Cocospy, go to “Settings” and choose “Lock screen and security” and enable “Unknown Sources”. Finish by click “OK”.

Later, follow “Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect”. Then, disable the “Improve harmful app detection” and “Scan device for security threats.”

  1. If you are finished with the above step, install CocoSpy app. This way, visit the downloaded page on your target’s device. Find the APK from the “Notifications” pop-up windows. Select “Install” and later, click on “Open” to start the app.
  2. Track someone’s Instagram on your control panel.

When you are finished with the installation and settings, go back to your PC or your device to complete the setup process. The wizard page will be redirected to the control panel dashboard.


Use Online Tool

Though using spy apps are quite handy, the steps can be complicated if you are new to spying someone’s social accounts. Therefore, we also share you how to guess someone’s Instagram password using online tool. This way, you don’t have to donwlaod any app.

However, the reliability of this method may be less comparable with the methods using apps. Yet, you can try it, well, who knows it will be much easier.

Instaleak is an online tool that is also commonly used to guess on someone’s Instagram password. so start by following the steps below:

  1. Open your web browser on your computer and visit http://instaleak.net/
  2. On Instaleak homepage, select “Start Hack” to tap on.
  3. Enter the username of the Instagram account that you want to hack.
  4. Select “Check Account” option.
  5. Wait for a few seconds and the Instagram password of your target will be available for you.


Final Words

So you have reviewed our article about how to guess someone’s Instagram password, well, it is expected that you can monitor your kids and teens well to ensure they are safe online. KidsGuard Pro, mySpy and Cocospy are the apps that are much recommended. However, if you don’t like to download and install any app, you can use online tool called Instaleak.

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