Ways to Boost Cellular Signal With Your Own Hands

Let’s talk about how to strengthen the cell phone signal in case of poor reception. We are often asked for advice and help to solve problems with sky mobile signal. This issue is typically faced by residents of first floor apartments, country houses, as well as employees whose offices are behind the walls of modern giant buildings, which are made of reinforced concrete and energy-efficient windows with a special coating.

Unfortunately, many Uctel customers get into unpleasant situations, when during a conversation on the phone line connection suddenly breaks off, disappears, and the caller can not hear the other party.

The reason for this is the fact that the mobile signal, which is essentially a radio wave, is shielded by various obstacles – reinforced glass, reinforced concrete buildings, trees, and houses. As a result, there are “dead zones” inaccessible to the cellular signal.

How to enhance GSM cell phone signal (in the basement, cottage, or apartment) with your own hands we will describe below in detail. There are two most common ways to strengthen the cell phone signal:

  • With the help of special passive device – GSM antenna
  • Using an active repeater (GSM amplifier)
  • Active methods

In order to achieve the strengthening of cellular signal using a set, which consists of donor (external) antenna, repeater, as well as one internal antenna (sometimes they can be useful several). The external antenna is capable of picking up electromagnetic waves and then transmitting them to the repeater via RF cable.

Thanks to the GSM repeater to cut off the parasitic noise from the useful signal, then the filtered radio waves are amplified and transmitted to the client connected to the device antenna. As a result, the resulting system creates an internal (indoor) zone of quality reception in the allocated area, within which you can communicate on a cell phone without any problems and restrictions. In general, it looks like a micro base station relaying a signal from the operator’s cell.

Amplifying the cell phone signal with the help of active devices is quite effective, the main thing is to choose the right equipment (for the desired range – 4G, 3G, 1800 MHz, 900 MHz, as well as the area of coverage. GSM signal amplifiers can provide not only comfort, but also reduce the harmful effects of the wave on human health.

The fact is that getting into an area of uncertain reception, the phone begins to operate at maximum power, radiating approximately 1 kW, which is ten times higher than its traditional power. Uctel specialists have been engaged in enhancing cellular signal at sites of all kinds of scale for many years.


About passive methods

You can gain LTE, 3G or GSM cellular signal by using passive devices – often a variety of amplifying antennas. The antenna cable accesses the internal built-in antenna of your cell phone. The device picks up the electromagnetic waves from the base station, amplifies them and sends them to the cell phone or rather the built-in antenna. It is connected to the phone using a special adapter or inductive adapter. In this case, the received signal is partially attenuated in the cable itself, so the effectiveness of this method is small and ineffective.

In addition, no one wants to depend on the wire, the length of which is small, which is not too convenient for communication. Thus, cellular signal amplification by means of passive devices can be classified as a not very effective approach.


Compliance with necessary regulations and permission to use

Installation and use of amplifiers (repeaters, repeaters) of cellular communication GSM, 3G/4G does not require registration of equipment in any authorities and is carried out without registration of separate solutions SCRF, without registration of permits for the use of radio frequencies or radio frequency channels. That is, the equipment can be freely purchased and used without registration of any documents and permits.


But please note

Installing the amplifier mobile communications GSM or 3G/4G, you should know – its low-quality installation or configuration can bring the “opposite effect” and your system, instead of increasing the reception of the signal from the BS, will on the contrary reduce it.

In this case, any of the mobile operators have all the technical capabilities to detect the presence of interference for quality reception and distribution of radio waves from their base stations. With the help of special measuring equipment, engineers will determine the location of interference in the form of improperly installed GSM amplifier.

After that, the owner of such a system will be given a warning to reinstall, correct the settings or completely replace all the equipment.

Keep in mind that any cellular signal amplifier, even installed in the most competent way, creates interference to the signal of the base station. Nevertheless, there are certain norms, and if you do not exceed their maximum value, you should not have problems. However, it is important not only to skillfully install all the elements of the equipment, but also to be able to configure it correctly.

Therefore, if you do not have the necessary knowledge of setting up GSM repeaters and their installation, it is better not to try to make a GSM signal amplifier with your own hands, and to use the services of specialists for this.


Some tips that can improve network reception

  • Often the thick walls of your house or the body of your car cause a weak signal, so try to be closer to a window or outside.
  • You can get closer to a communications tower: the closer you are to it, the stronger the signal.
  • Try to avoid tall objects such as trees, mountains, metal structures and high-rise buildings. They can shield the signal. Stay in an open area if possible.
  • Weather conditions such as rain, snow, or thunderstorms greatly affect signal strength and quality. During a thunderstorm, do not use your gadget at all.
  • Battery charge also modifies signal reception and transmission. If the battery charge of your device is small, it may not have enough power to catch a good signal. So a charged smartphone, will catch a better signal.
  • Do not block your smartphone’s antenna with cases or other accessories. The antennas are hidden inside the case, and here we are interfering with them. Even holding the smartphone horizontally, our hands can block the antenna, thereby reducing the signal strength. That is why it is better to hold the smartphone vertically

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