9 General Ways to Watch Disney Movies Online Free Sites

Watch Disney Movies Online – If your kids (and yourself) are so in love with Disney movies, knowing how to watch Disney movies online free sites can help especially if you don’t have the extra budgets for the cable. After all, the combination of cute characters, charming animation, and lively music is always appealing and nice on its own. Not only those movies can entertain your kids, but you can cherish the memory when you were still a child yourself.

Just because you don’t have any cable, BluRay, or DVD, fear not! You should be able to find free service or online streaming if you are smart and creative. It’s a good thing that there are still several sites that offer free services online although Disney is said to launch their streaming service somewhere in 2020. But until then, you should know several websites and services to help you with the free service.

Here are some options for the stream or watch, but not all of them are free. But they are still making worthy spending that is actually cheaper than cable service. If you are creative enough, you may find a way to combine several services.


Best Ways to Watch Disney Movies Online For Free

Watch Disney Movies Online Free Sites

Watch Disney Movies Online Free Sites


Disney Channel is your best shot when you want to watch their movies. However, they aren’t free so you will have to pay. However, some people say that their online system is actually better and cheaper than the cable version.

When you go to Disney Channel site, you can find TV movies, TV series, and others. The site is at http://watchdisneychannel.go.com. You can also go to Disney Video sites that collect (video) contents from other sites. Expect to find cartoon clips, celeb interviews, trailers, updates, and news. It is at http://video.disney.com.

Disney Movies site, at http://movies.disney.com, has a complete info about Disney’s movies. The info is about the ones ready for home watching and the ones playing in theaters. Again, this is a paid service, so when you go to each movie, expect to find ‘Buy’ button. When you click it, you are allowed to buy the digital stream or download from each movie from places such as Amazon, Disney Movies Anywhere, iTunes, and more.


VPN Function

You can always use the VPN if you want to watch Disney movies online free sites even if you aren’t in the USA. In most cases, when people from outside America are trying to access the services, they will be redirected to other sites where they need to pay to download the movies or contents. But if you want to enjoy the service for free, then use the VPN.


Express VPN

One way to enjoy watching Disney movies even if you are from other countries (other than the USA), is to use VPN Express. It is quite popular because of the strong encryption (256-bit) and it has no logging policy. It also has big server network that covers 1000 servers within 145 cities in 94 countries. Another cool thing is that it can serve many platforms, such as Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. However, the service is free for the first 3 months.



As a popular VPN having a big server and network, this one can help you with your entertainment needs. Aside from the double encryption mode, this VPN is also able to run on different platforms (Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows) and also different browsers (Firefox and Chrome). The VPN isn’t free but it is quite affordable. If you can combine free browser and service with this VPN, you can enjoy Disney movies without paying.


DirectTV Now

If you subscribe into AT&T, you can enjoy DirectTV Now. You can stream videos and you are allowed to pick different packages. With this service, there are 3 channels for Disney TV: Disney Junior, Disney XD, and Disney Channel. If you have AT&T, you can watch them on demand or live. They aren’t exactly free service, but you can enjoy various perks for your spending. Not to mention that you can also have access to the app (DirectTVapp) for Kindle, Android, and iOS – allowing you to enjoy everything while being mobile.

For American viewers, this service is easily accessed with the AT&T. If you are from other countries, you are free to choose the VPN that you like and then gain the access.



The streaming service is quite different in terms that instead of focusing on the on-demand contents, it is focusing more to live TV. But it comes with packages that would suit your ideal needs of good entertainment. You can enjoy various Disney channels as well as other kids channels like NickToons, Cartoon Network, Nick Jr, or Cbeebies.

Besides the easiness in navigating the services, like Android and iOS apps, you can also operate it through different devices, like Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, and other smart TVs. If you really want to have free service, it has free trial period for 7 days so you can try whether you like it or not. Read: 12 The Best Torrent Search Engine Sites


Prime Amazon

Here is a good news for the member: you can watch the TV shows and movies for free because they are already included within the membership. However, if you aren’t a member, you can still try the free service. Prime Amazon offers free trial period for 30 days. It is quite an offer.

Amazon Video is another alternative where you can have a standalone subscription where you only need to pay $13 a month. Such an amount is relatively lower when compared to the regular subscription fee. However, Amazon Prime membership has tons of perks – things that you will miss when you choose Amazon Video subscription



Although it isn’t exactly a free website offering free service, you can always have the trial period. it lasts for 30 days – during which you can try to watch Disney movies online free sites. The site also has some Disney movies although the contents and titles are limited because of the free service. But if you don’t mind the limitation and you think that 30 days are enough for your entertainment satisfaction, then Netflix can be your best pick.

This isn’t a free service, I know. And if you are looking for the free service, then you won’t be able to enjoy it long. But it should be enough to allow you some taste of Disney enjoyment. After all, some people don’t really like it when they have to subscribe to Disney for a long time – they can’t handle the sweetness and mushy-mush effects. Getting an access to the free limited service can help you decide whether you want to have a long-term paid subscription or not. But if you are ready for Netflix membership, it costs only $9 – for basic package, that is.



This is one free website covering TV shows and movies of more than 16 million and 400,000 titles. The styles are Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Japan, Bollywood, Hollywood, Thailand, and more. Because of the many styles and titles, you can always try the Disney movies. Some people say that this site is pretty nice to watch Disney movies online free sites although you shouldn’t get your hopes high or you shouldn’t expect too much.

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So, there you have it. There are actually several ways to gain access to Disney Channels. It is the most affordable manners although you can’t really watch Disney movies online free sites – completely free.


How to Watch Disney Movies Legal?


How to Watch Disney Movies Legal

How to Watch Disney Movies Legal


You can watch Disney movies online for free through sites on the Internet, but my advice is to look for legal channels because you will get more benefits, one of which is Disney plus.

Disney + is a US subscription streaming service managed by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International. This service was launched in the United States on November 12, 2019 and will focus on films and TV shows from Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television.

In the future, the plan is Walt Disney will also launch new properties such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox and many more.

This channel is a competitor of cable TV such as Apple TV, Netflix, ESPN + and Hulu. So if you want to stream Disney movies, please subscribe to Disney + service because you will get many benefits from this service.



Netflix best place to watch disney movies

Netflix best place to watch disney movies


Netflix is the next place to watch disney movies legal and the best. You can subscribe and watch lots of channels that allow you to watch Disney movies.

One more thing, Netflix allows you to get a free trial period. You can watch Disney movies, non-stop and fill your free time at home. Children’s programs are also available and so you won’t be bored.