Top 5 Web Design Tips For Beginners

Web designers work at the intersection of creativity, e-commerce, and technology. The guys like to make websites that are creative, functional and aesthetically pleasing for visitors, which helps to achieve business goals. 

Web development may seem like a simple thing at first glance, but each unique design contains nuances. Medical website design.

Each new project is studied by a web designer with the following questions: 

  • Who is the site for?
  • What audience are you trying to reach?
  • What information is needed to attract and convince potential customers?
  • What design elements will work together to convert your target audience?
  • How does a website work for an internet marketing system like social media or email?
  • How well does the site reflect the client’s brand values and character through unique graphics and brand designs?
  • How does a website help a client achieve their business goals?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining and developing the site?


What does a web designer do?

The tasks of a web designer differ depending on their skills and working conditions. There are three popular scenarios: freelance work, agency work, and full-time work. 


Freelance work:

Freelance web designers offer a range of services, depending on their skills and preferences. In addition to the creative work of creating a website, they also need to work with clients and do business on business development. The plus is that you can choose projects you want to work on, but freelancing means discipline in terms of doing things so that routine doesn’t eat up creativity.


Working in an agency:

In a streamlined agency, web designers don’t have to worry about finding clients, but in return they get less freedom in choosing projects. The composition of web design projects in an agency is influenced by the agency’s service package and team.


Work in the state:

On-staff web designers usually work on one main company site or a small lineup. They can curate a specific module or a specific section on a large site. Many companies use the company’s website as a “flight control center” for their online marketing activities – a place where they can refer potential customers to learn more about the company’s services or buy a product.

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What do you need to know in order to create quality web design?

  1. In the first place, these are programs for creating websites. This is Adobe Photoshop CC or Sketch for Mac OS. Knowledge of these programs in the field of web design will quickly and efficiently create layouts. 
  2. In second place is typography. It is one of the most difficult subjects in design, and is the biggest and most common problem for aspiring web designers. Typography includes working with text, its correct design, as well as the interaction of text with the visual impression of the site. Carries the general message of the site.
  3. In third place in terms of importance is graphics. After all, high-quality work with pictures and photographs makes the layouts really bright and memorable, so to speak, the “face” of the designer in the portfolio, when a potential customer judges you as a performer. And if you have competent typography and original graphics on your layout, then you are almost guaranteed success.
  4. Psychology is in fourth place. After all, a designer must know the basics of psychology in order to understand how a user behaves on a site, how he reacts to certain color combinations, to the location of layout elements and to navigation. Indeed, only with the correct arrangement of elements, knowledge of composition, psychology, the design turns out to be not only beautiful, but also useful. And this is what we need! 
  5. The fifth place in our TOP is occupied by technologies. These are the basics of HTML, CSS and JS. That is, the designer should be a bit of a front-end developer. Indeed, in order to create a layout, a designer must understand how it will be embodied in the layout and how it will work in the code: animation, what scripts can be used, how a drop-down element can be submitted, and also know what elements and how should be programmed.


Where to study web design?

YouTube channels about web design. The world’s most popular video hosting contains dozens of the most helpful videos and lectures. Teaching web design from scratch with YouTube videos is one of the easiest and most affordable ways.

Books and articles. Helpful educational materials about web design are much more likely to come out in text rather than video. That is why we recommend that you subscribe to the best web design blogs to stay on top of current trends and trends.

Free web design courses. They are available both on the aforementioned YouTube and on other equally well-known sites. Pitch deck design agency.

Professional courses. As the name implies, this category of educational courses and programs is a complete training covering all the necessary knowledge in the field of web design.

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