Understanding Webinar Software Features and Its Best Examples

Webinar software is one of the online conferencing and collaborative services. Other similar terms include webcast and web meetings. This online services are frequently used in the sense of peer-level web-based meeting context. Webinar software, in this case, tends to be the standards for web conferencing but some specific organizations practice the usage in term of conference.

As one of the web conferencing services, webinar software generally uses internet technologies particularly on TCP/IP connections. The services include real-time point-to-point communications and multicast communications from one sender to many receivers.

This software offers a text-based messages, voice and video chat that can be shared simultaneously across different locations. The application includes meetings, lectures, training events and presentations from a computer or device which is connected to the web through the internet.

In this article, we would find out the features of Webinar software and some examples of it to inspire you to utilize the software for your importance.


Features of Webinar Software

There are some typical features of webinar software that everyone can utilize to perform web conference. So here are the details of the features:

Webinar Software Features


Live or Streaming Video

Live or streaming video feature enables you to have a full motion webcam, digital video camera or multimedia files pushed to the audience.


Slideshow Presentations

Slideshow presentations feature allows images to be presented to the audience. There are markup tools and a remote mouse pointer that can be used to engage the audience while there is a discussion about the slide content presented by the presenter.



This feature is a real-time audio communication on the computer using headphones and speakers.


Meeting Recording

Meeting recording is one of the main features used when the presentation activity is recorded on the server side or client side for the next view and distribution.


Web Tours

Web tours feature will work very well when there is a websites demonstration at which the users can also participate. This way, the URLs, cookies, scripts, data from the forms and session data can be shared to other participants so that they can run on web-based logons, clicks and etc.



Whiteboard with annotation allows either the presenter or the attendees to mark the items on the slide presentation. Alternatively, you can simply make notes on a blank whiteboard.


Text Chat

If you want to perform live question and answer sessions, text chat feature can be utilized to connect people to meeting. This way, the text feature can be public and private. The public text chat is echoed to all participants while the private text chat is echoed between two participants.


Screen Sharing/Desktop Sharing/ Application Sharing

application sharing webinars


The next feature of webinar software is screen sharing or desktop sharing or application sharing. This feature enables the participants to view anything that the presenter currently shows on his/her screen. In this case, there are several screen sharing applications that permit for remote desktop control. This will allow the participants to manipulate the screen of the presenters. However, this feature is not widely used.


Polls and Surveys

Other features offered by webinar software are polls and surveys. This feature enables the presenter to make questions along with the answers in terms of multiple choice. Later, the questions that have been made will be directed to the audience.


The Best Listed Webinar Software 2021

webinar software


Due to the fact that webinar marketing is a vital strategy for businesses and lots of consumer brands, the use of webinar software platform is rising from times to times. One of the factors causing the rising use of the software is the covid-19 pandemic that requires people to work from home.

Let’s check out the best listed Webinar software widely used in 2021.



Livestorm is one of the few webinar platform that is also known as marketing tool. It offers all of marketing features such as automation sequences, automatic replays and etc.). As the software for webinar, it offers lots of things, too.

The features of Livestorm include:

  • Automated webinars that enable you to replay at a set times for the whole day.
  • On demand webinars that tells the users about the webinar that is going to start. This will encourage the participants to sign up on the spot.
  • Polls that allows speaking to attendees in real time and set the polls.
  • Live webinar that is likely the typical live webinar format.
  • Instant meetings that is designed to replace Zoom/Google Hangout as the company’s go-to video meeting application.
  • Free training feature that becomes the in-depth resources on making webinars.
  • Analytics to support the performance of your webinar strategy.

Thanks to Livestorm great capability to be used for meetings and demos up to 12 people. This software can also integrate with the collaboration tools such as Miro which can be utilized to level-up the team’s virtual meetings.

This software is beautifully designed for the great user experience including registration landing pages and live webinar experience. Unlike other webinar software platform, Livestorm integrates with most of the common marketing tools such as Salesforce and Hubspot. Thus, you can deeply understand how to perform webinars.



The second webinar software that is widely used stating from 2021 is Demio. Truly, Demio is listed as one of the best webinar platform that is available these years. During the pandemic, this software has thrived, adapted and kept up with the increasing needs of marketing teams that are forced to work online.

In fact, many other platforms are outdated and have failed to stand out with the times, however, Demio offers not only a modern platform but also the powerful one. If you find other platform offer automated or live webinars only, Demio offers not only the live webinars but also the pre-recorded.

Demio simply lets your webinar run the interactive polls, launch offers using call-to-action buttons, run Q&A, share live document handouts and etc.

Well, here are the features you can utilize if you decide to use Demio as your webinar software.

  • Stay registered series that allows people to sign up once for the series of webinars.
  • Private chat features that provide the users with the choice to send private message to an event coordinator or public messaging which can be visibly viewed by everyone.
  • Branded registration page that keeps everything consistent with your brand.
  • Like Live Replays feature that automate the replays of your webinars to be included in the email list.
  • Analytics feature that insights into your webinar performance.

Now you may have a question; who is Demio for? Basically, Demio is designed for marketing teams who want to dedicate webinar tool along with the automated replays but pay more attention to the live activities.

For non-profits and education companies or organizations, Demio offers a 50% discount. Believe it or not, many marketing heavyweights that use Demio are the team in Proof, Drip and OptimizePress.



The last but not least example of Webinar software is EverWebinar. The website of this software actually delivers an intense infomercial vibes that are noticeable good as claimed.

Typically, EverWebinar is used to automate the webinars for some of our ventures. The great results have been seen. Some features offered by this webinar software are:

  • Automate webinars that are scheduling the webinar to replay at your set times throughout the day.
  • Just-in-time feature that tells the users about the time that the webinar is going to start, allowing them sign up on the spot.
  • Block night – time viewing that stops playing the webinar using the night mode to keep the illusion of the live webinars realistic.
  • Free training feature lets the user to learn how to create webinar.
  • Block dates that can stop your webinar from playing on any date you want.
  • Other related features including analytic to support your webinar strategy performance, integration to build your emails and other email marketing platform and also time zone auto-detection to set your webinar to play at the different time.


Final Words

Overall, Webinar software is a must-have software that everyone needs to work with the team during these pandemic years. The features of webinar software are designed to help you create webinar and use it for your meeting conference.

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