What Are The Most Popular Video Chat Application?

The evolution of social media along with the internet has been exceptional. Millions of people are using social media. These applications and websites are becoming a part of our regular life. Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many others have millions of active users. These applications and websites Registering new users with the same momentum and intensity.

People are using these applications and websites for different purposes. But the main feature of these portals that attract most of the users is video chat. Skype, WhatsApp, Omegle were the most used video chat platforms before the pandemic in 2020. But the picture has been changed since the pandemic. Let’s Look at some of the most used video chat applications.

  1. Zoom
  2. Discord
  3. Omegle
  4. Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram


Zoom – “Make video communication frictionless!”

Zoom has turned out to be surprised for many. Before the pandemic, nobody had an idea about it. As per the stats of December 2019, It had only 15 million active users. These numbers take a big spike and reach 300 million active users. Increase of 3000% users. Whoohoo! Unexpectable! Zoom allows users to use many features without buying a premium account.

It allows up to a hundred users and above 40 minutes of frictionless communication. Because of the security breaches and data leaks, it has been criticized many times. But things have been identified by zoom and security enhancements like Protected calls, End-to-end encryptions, Change in privacy policies, and many others. Many people are addressing zoom with Omegle and Omegle TV, but there is no direct relation between both of them.


Discord – “Your place to talk!”

Heave for Gamers! Yes, you heard it right. Discord has been recognized as the best platform for games by gammers. It allows more than ten users to connect. It does support streaming the screen to connected users. In 2018, It had 130 million users.

Just like Zoom, the pandemic turns out to be a blessing for Discord. At the end of 2020, the number of active users reached 300 million. Nearly 100% increment! The main issue with, it does not allow HD streaming. For HD streaming, you have to pay $10 per month. Users are comparing it with Omegle because they are yielding some common characteristics.


Omegle – “Talk with Strangers”

If you are looking to chat online with a stranger, Omegle and Chatroulette will be the perfect one for you. It allows you to chat with strangers, With any random people. Its motto – “Talk with strangers” says it all! It provides different chat options like text chat, video chat, spy question mode, and much more. As per the stats, It has over 55-60 Million active users. It has been increasing so fat since the pandemic. Many questions have been raised against it for security and privacy concerns. But the popularity of Omegle hasn’t decreased.


Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram – All in one!

Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram have been recognized as social media applications. These giant applications provide so many features in a single platform. Skype has over 2.27 billion users while Facebook owns applications WhatsApp and Instagram, each has over 2 billion active users.

These Applications provides a wide range of features like text chat, media file, temporary posts (Like stories and Status) and much more. But Video chat feature is also one of the main reasons why people are using these applications.

Skype was the 4th most used application for business during the pandemic after Zoom, Discord, Cisco Webex. While nearly 35% of users of WhatsApp use video chat features, which is approximately 300 million. Omegle Competitors? No chance!



The pandemic has changed so many things. People have been forced to social distancing for many days by the pandemic. It turns out as a blessing for so many platforms like Zoom, Discord, Omegle, and many more. Social media applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook App, and many other platforms have registered millions of users. Video chat features play an enormous role in all of it.

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