What Handyman Software Has to Do

With the help of a special industry solution for craft businesses, many unnecessarily complex business processes can be accelerated. Such software can, for example, master digital time recording, calculatory activities and individual challenges. 

Craft businesses have to concentrate on their productive business and cannot afford to spend unnecessarily long at their desks. Because those who still do classic office work by hand will quickly be overtaken by the competition. Thanks to software solutions for handymen, the commercial processes within the craft business can be designed much more easily. Employees from small and large craft businesses thus accelerate their work steps, provided that the craft software is easy and intuitive to use. 


Simplify processes in the craft business

For craft businesses that have a large customer base and have to process a large number of orders, office, administrative and planning work is real time-consuming. Craftsman software is used to simplify the organization in the company, so that more time remains for the actual work, namely the craft. There are numerous application examples in which software for craftsmen can make everyday routine work more efficient: 

  • For example with the time recording of employees. The punch card from earlier times is now being replaced by digital time recording. 
  • When it comes to preliminary or final calculations, the handyman software does a crucial job: once templates have been created, only a few individual entries are required. Thanks to stored data and formulas, the calculation is child’s play. 
  • Offers can often be converted into an invoice with one click using the handyman invoice app. What used to have to be done on paper in several time-consuming work steps is digitally implemented in the shortest possible time and sent to the customer. 
  • Customer data and appointments are organized centrally with the help of craftsman software. Ideally, they can also be viewed on the go via mobile devices. A cloud-based software solution is suitable for this. 
  • Even specific measurements that joiners, joiners or other craftsmen have to take on site can be saved directly in a craftsman software. The material required for the construction project, for example, is then automatically calculated. 


The most important software functions for handymen

There are numerous software solutions on the market for handicraft businesses such as electricians, painters, metal workers, joiners and roofers. However, many commercial processes are the same or at least similar for all craft businesses. A craftsman software takes over the digital handling for the following tasks: 

  • Time recording of employees 
  • Pre- and post-calculation 
  • Document creation, e.g. for offers, invoices, order confirmations, delivery notes, credit notes, etc. 
  • Manage customer data and appointments 
  • Project management 
  • Purchasing and warehouse management payroll 
  • Analyzes 


Advantages of a complete solution for craft businesses

Craft businesses that rely on an industry solution play it safe, because all commercial processes that usually occur in a company are mapped here. Above all, you remain flexible when it comes to adapting certain interfaces. Nowadays, mobile applications supplement the range of functions for tradespeople as well. If necessary, general functions can be adapted relatively easily to individual needs. The advantages of an industry solution for craft businesses in brief:

  • full
  • flexible
  • customizable
  • expandable

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Digitization does not stop at handicrafts either. On the contrary: especially in companies whose core competence lies in manual work, software can simplify business processes and make the company more competitive. Because wherever commercial processes are done faster or even automatically, tradespeople can spend their energy on their actual work. This is what handyman software has to do: make commercial processes more efficient so that more time remains for the essentials.

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