What Is A Vision Statement? Here What To Learn

What is a vision statement? When and where will it be used? How to write it perfectly? These are the question that may be on your mind if you are new to it.

Perhaps, vision statement sounds so mystical. However, it is defined as a foundational business document. So, vision statement is typically used in any organization. This way, you may frequently hear the term vision statement and mission statement. Though both of term sounds similar, they have different purpose. A vision statement looks toward the future while a mission statement focuses on what the company is doing in the present.

As we mentioned, vision statement is a foundational document that leads the company for years to come including how to use a project planning tools and brainstorming techniques to obtain input from the teamwork.

To understand deeply about vision statement, stay with us to have a quick read in the following review sections:


Definition of Vision Statement

A vision statement is a document that states both the current and the future objectives of a company or an organization. Vision statement is created as a guidance to help the company or organization determine the decision related to the declared objectives.

What Is A Vision Statement


Vision statement can be a road map for the company to go and do the business within a certain timeframe. Vision statement is used not only in a business but also in setting the objectives of the company or organization.

Vision statement is not designed fixedly. Instead, it can be reviewed and revised whenever it is necessary. However, before finalizing the statement, the company or organization must provide it with the great thought.

There is no particular length for a vision statement. It can be short and long depending on the company or organization objectives. It can be short just like an inspirational page and long like the full page. However, how long the statements are made must be formally written and used as reference and documents. Later, the vision statement will be used as a guide for taking actions in the present and in the future.


The Purpose of Vision Statement

What is a vision statement? To get the complete answer and understanding, it would be good to fully check out the purpose of the statement. This way, a vision statement is not just a set of words that share fantasy of a company and organization. Nearly similar to a mission statement, it is a living document that lead or direct the company or organization to its next actions and innovations.

The Purpose of Vision Statement


Vision statement plays an important role for the company/organization. Here are the purposes of vision statement that you really need to know:

  • Sets out the broader strategic plan for the company or organization.
  • Provides the day-to-day details or running a company or an organization.
  • Helps plan the long term.
  • Sets out whatever objectives you want for your company or organization.
  • As inspirational sentence to motivate the employees to achieve the objectives.
  • Drives talent to the company or organization.
  • Differentiates your company or organization from others.
  • Makes the company or organization profitable by setting agenda to achieve the goals or objectives.
  • Inspires others.
  • Focuses on the efforts of the company or organization on the core competencies needed for achieving the goals.


Tips to Practice Writing A Vision Statement

Tips to Practice Writing A Vision Statement


Now that you have known what being asked is “What is a vision statement?”, the next thing you should learn is the tips to practice writing a vision statement. As we mentioned, vision statement is not just about words or sentences. It is more about how your company or organization will grow through the declared objectives or goals.

In this regards, there are 8 tips to practice writing the vision statement. Those are:

  1. Set clear objectives.

The first and primary thing you should remember about writing a vision statement is to set the clear objectives. Avoid scattering ideas. One clear objectives is easier to focus and achieve than two or more unclear objectives.

  1. Be concise.

Please be concise. Avoid fluff statements. Instead, make a simple sentence, easy to read and make it essentials. So, the statement will stay on your memory as reminder what the company or organization really needs to do.

  1. Determine how long you will achieve.

In order not to waste a time and achieve the goals earlier or on time, determine how long you will achieve the goals represented in the vision statement. Thus, you can evaluate and fix it as soon as possible.

  1. Make it future-oriented.

A vision statement which is future-oriented will definitely lead your company or organization where it plan to be.

  1. Be challenging.

The challenging vision statement shows that you have an extraordinary company or organization along with the uneasy goals. However, it doesn’t means that it is unrealistic.

  1. Be stable.

Being stable means that the long-term goals you set in the vision statement are not affected by either the market or the technological change. So, the statement must be ideal.

  1. Be inspiring.

In line with the definition, a vision statement should be inspirational. Start with creating desirable goals for all the teams involved in the company or organization.

  1. Be abstract

The last tips in creating a vision statement is be abstract. Simply to understand, the vision statement must be general enough to capture the strategic direction and the interest of the company or organization.


Examples of Great Vision Statements

To give you a deep understanding about “what is a vision statement?”, here we have some examples of great vision statements to inspire you. We also give a view point about each or the example so that you can understand more about vision statements.



“Bring Inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”

In the past, no one cared much for sneakers. They were just considered as a part of sports equipment. In this case, Nike looked at the future by delivering inspiring and motivating products. Notice how they state that everyone can be an athlete by wearing Nike. Isn’t it clever and inclusive?



“Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people”

This is vision statement which is very aspirational. It is short and focusing on the point. The company has a clear tone to offer a low-priced products that suit everyone’s lifestyle.


Mc Donald’s

“To be the best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and values, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.”

This vision is very powerful since it is created like a checklist. The word “Best” represents the Mc Donald’s goals. The company add such qualifiers to make the roadmap to success marked clearly.



“A world without poverty”

Perhaps, this vision statement sounds unrealistic. However, it is challenging enough to inspire and motivate other people by the short and powerful statement.



“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”

In this statement, Patagonia outlines a product vision of what is meant by the best product. Later, they stated that they will run the business along with the environmental policy to a world level.


Final Words

So what is a vision statement? It is a powerful statement that carries an objectives of a company or an organization. A vision statement must be clear and be alarm for the teams so that they can focus on working based on the declared objectives. It must also be inspiring for both for the team in the company or organization and for other people.

In this article, we have clearly explained the vision statement’s definition, the purpose, the tips and the examples. So it is expected that you are able to create a good and powerful vision statement for your businesses, company and organization to reach every goals.

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