What Is ConnectED McGraw Hill? On The Review

What is ConnectEd McGraw Hill? Have ever heard about it? If not, then you must stay with us for ten minutes or more to find out what the meaning of ConnectEd McGraw Hill and some related information about it which may be crucial to know.

On this article, we would like to present information which are all about the ConnectEd McGraw Hill. Read on the review below to find some crucial information and make use of it for your purposes.


What Is McGraw Hill Connect?

Firstly you need to know what actually McGraw Hill Connect is. Well, it is a robust toolkit of learning resources which is designed and planned along with the flexibility that the instructor need. It is also aimed to unlock the student population which is potentially diverse.

McGraw Hill Connect

McGraw Hill Connect


There are two opportunities provided by this ConnectEd McGraw Hill. Those are the formative and summative assessment. The adaptive technology that comes along with Connected McGraw Hill provides the students a safe place where they can make mistakes to encourage the practice. Thus, they will be able to enhance the mastery over their learning.


Auto Grading

Do you what thing is the most importance in teaching? Well, it is the fact that the valuable time and expertise as well as the skill you own must be all devoted to teaching, not grading. Due to this reason, McGraw Hill provides you an automatic grade assignments and quizzes which are easy-to-read for the reports. As a result, you will surely know which students need more guidance.


Consolidated and High Quality Resources

Featuring an ability of consolidate resources, McGraw Hill allows you consolidate all material that you need for the course. It is due to the fact most instructors will not have time to sift along with the multiple files, folders and click on the various websites. Thus, McGraw Hill provides you with the consolidated resources you can get and access for sure.


What’s more?

The resources here are basically designed to engage the students and support them to increase the critical thinking skills reaching the higher level. All of the resources provided by McGraw Hill ConnectEd are enabling the instructors to personalize the course content to match with the learners’ need.  Thus, both the instructor and the students are supported by the availability of the high resources they can fully optimize to use.


Tagged Learning Objectives

Dealing with the learning outcomes, ConnectED McGraw Hill has tagged learning objectives that are to create the assignment and to run the report to assess fast if the students learn the crucial course content.

These objectives show that McGraw focus on what’s important.



What is ConnectEd McGraw Hill? That is the one which offers you the availability of SmartBook provided. It is a form of digital version of the course textbook. It has the same content with the textbook. However, one thing that makes it different from the typical eBook is the fact that the active content of SmartBook focuses on your individual needs as a student. You can access SmartBook online through your laptop and tablet.

SmartBook is very helpful to support the students’ learning process. It prompts the readers, in this case are the students, with questions when they are studying. Later, the students are allowed to assess the individual answers so that they know to what extent they are struggling to get the deeper understanding. SmartBook is also allowing the students to review materials which likely to be forgotten.

Along with the user-friendly interface, Smartbook delivers more functional and convenient mobile learning experience either for instructors or for students.

SmartBook is designed with the adaptive technology to allow you to create a personalized learning path to get successful learning.


Studying Efficiently

connect mcgraw hill

connect mcgraw hill


Believe it or not, McGraw Hill allows the students to study more efficiently. In this case, SmartBook proves to be powerful to enable the student to manage their study along with the flexible study time. SmartBook highlights the areas including the required attention, reinforced comprehension and understanding. In this case, you can use the reviewed questions and recommended additional resources to get the comprehension and understanding.


Analytics and Reporting

What is ConnectEd McGraw Hill? Again, it is the one that supports the learning fully along with the analytics and reporting. This way, McGraw Hill provides the instructors and the learners with the interactive dashboards to allow them to track their own performance in a real time. Thus, they can improve the whole performance proactively.

In other words, it would be very easy to know the learning outcome by doing the analysis of the learning process as well as doing the reporting. These are the most important elements of teaching and learning activities and process. Providing these two elements, McGraw Hill proves to be good to use and apply.


Mobil Access Ability

The next strength you can derive from Connected McGraw Hill is the mobile access ability. This is very good due to the flexibility of online mobility. Along with the mobile access ability, the students will flexibly be able to study anytime and anywhere else using the smart device. If there is an offline functionality, they can also more flexibly study through the Read Anywhere app.


Seamless Integration

Fortunately, connected McGraw Hill also provides you a seamless integration. Yup, it seamlessly integrates with all major learning management system allowing the single sign-on access either for students or gradebook synchronization to help the instructors to manage the students’ performance.

This is also good to support the other elements what McGraw Hill prepare for a complete package for a better education.


Getting Started with McGraw-Hill Connect



The next thing you have to know about to answer the question “What is ConnectEd McGraw Hill” is the accessibility. McGraw products has a definite accessibility along with the key focus. The accessibility standards complied is WCAG 2.0 AA.McGraw recently made an enhancement to the keyboard navigation, color contracts and screen reader capabilities. These are aimed to improve the experience of learners with disabilities.


ConnectED McGraw Hill Commitment

Dealing with the way of providing the best way of teaching, McGraw Hill team are committed to develop their products to be accessible and used easily by the learners including those who come with disabilities. There is a comprehensive strategy combining the planning, research, training, and the activities of product development done by McGraw Hill employees and the third party content partners.

Some specific initiatives consist of the following elements:

  • Accessible products creation

Some efforts are carried out by the team to present all new content and software with the guidelines of WCAG version 2.0 AA with all of its best practice. This will enable the team to make all the products accessible.

  • Community involvement

Community involvement is crucial to develop experiences to meet the suggested guidelines. Along with the accessibility of organizations, forums and user groups, all the learners will be able to use the guidelines.

  • Employee training

To support the product development, employees and other resources have been educated and trained along with the guidelines accessibility.

  • Alternative content

The alternative content formats are required to evaluate the options and provide the needed content.



What is ConnectEd McGraw Hill? If you are involved in the world of education, it is a thing you must have in hand. Read on the review again and get all the benefits.