What Is Craiglist? Find the Answer With Us Now

What is craiglist? If you want to find the exact definition of this term, let me direct you to the standardized definition of Wikipedia. Craiglist is defined as an American classified advertisement website coming along with the sections devoted to jobs, housing, items wanted, community services, resumes, gigs, discussion forums, and for sale. Craiglist is categorized as a private company founded by Craig Newark.

This advertisement website serves over the 20 billion-page views per month, making it places the 72nd rank in the list of website worldwide and 11th rank among the website in the United States. In this case, this website has more than 49.4 million monthly visitors in the United States. There are more than 80 classified advertisements each month, however, Craigslist is the one that leading classifieds service in any medium used.

Here are the information you can get to know dealing with the characteristics of craiglist, how craiglist works, how craiglist makes money, how to use the Craiglist marketplace and how to stay safe on craiglist. Read on the review so that you can get the benefits of using Craigslist.


Characteristics of Craiglist

What Is Craiglist

What Is Craiglist


There are at least four main characteristics of craiglist which are personal, adult services controversy, flagging and bartering you can definitely check out more below:

  • Personals

The personal section offered by craiglist includes the postings for “strictly platonic”, “dating/romance” and “casual encounters”. This section is useful for those who want to find romance partner that they can’t find in a conservative area. However, this personal section was discontinued in the USA in response to Stop Enabling Sex Trafficker Act (SESTA). The tools are misused later on.

  • Adult services controversy

Advertisement for adult services which come along to give special treatment was closed on September 4, 2010 due to the prostitution controversy.

  • Flagging

This is a good news. Craiglist has a user flagging system to filter and identify the illegal and inappropriate postings. In this case, the users can flag the postings if the postings are in violation.

  • Bartering

Craiglist include bartering option which is particularly aimed for sale, making the website grow its economy.


How Craiglist Works

What is craiglist? Designed as a website for advertisement, craiglist is functioning not only as a large online classified forum but also allowing the community discussion, job posting, and much more. This way, the visitors can post their ads and take benefit of the deals or gigs they are interested in.

This section will take you to the vast array to the key sections dealing with how craiglist works.

  • Community

Firstly, craiglist provides you a section that is the community section for all the things happened within your community. Those can be your classes, lost and found items, local news, politics forum and etc. You can also maximize the unique section called “Rants and Raves” if you want to share your thoughts and feelings to the globe by posting them on this website ads.

  • Services

Posting services are also allowed in Craiglist. Or you may probably look for someone to repair your motorcycle, you can search and find in Craiglist. This section provides you not only to post services but also to find services. Isn’t this great?

  • Housing

Housing is also included in the ads posted by craiglist. Thus, if you want to find an apartment or a piece of your own real estate, this section can help you start with. There will be a number of postings involving housing in your local area to buy, sell and trade.

  • For sale

Looking for a cheap item is also possible in craiglist. it is due the fact that this ads website is one of the most widely used areas to provide individuals with the chance to sell anything form furniture or toys.

  • Jobs

What is craiglist? Defined as an advertisement website, it offers unlimited job postings you can search and find including those in the areas of education, real estate, security, accounting, and more. You can also post a job vacancy here on this website if you want to hire someone.

  • Discussion forums

Lastly, craiglist list the discussion forum in the sections. There is a large portion available for the visitors to come and chat or discuss the various happening topics such as Apple products, religion, celebrities, arts and much more.


How Craiglist Makes Money

When it comes to make money ideas, Craiglist also comes amazingly to make money. Although there are more ads to include in Craig’s websites, in this way, there is only a couple of revenue streams arranged by Craig Newmark. Those are:

  • Fees for job vacancy postings

A job posting in six major cities in the United States always provides you a flat fee. Individuals who live in San Francisco will be charged $75.00 if they want to post a job posting.

  • Fee for apartment postings

Craiglist is also able to make money by charging $10.000 per posting towards the individuals who post an apartment listing in New York.


How to Use Craiglist Marketplace

What is Craiglist? Having known the definition, no you can get to know how to use the Craigslist marketplace to find some items with high or low prices. In this case, you can start by visiting the Craiglist home page. Turn on your location service and Craigslist will pull up the biggest community home page to your area.

Later, search manually the items by using the sections under the For Sale section. It is on the left hand side of your screen. Choose the section to check out the list of the available items. Choose which item you want to buy. In this case, each item will include its map location and item description. Then, tapon “Raply” to view the options whether you want to replay by email or use the email provider.


How to Stay Safe on Craiglist

The last thing to know to answer the question What is craiglist is how to stay safe on craiglist. Well, online activities always come with a risk. That’s why, you must provide a good security especially if you are selling a product, service and posting gigs on craiglist.

Firstly, you must not add all of your personal information particularly your contact. Keep it to the bare minimum and share it only with the buyers or other people who are interested in your post. This is aimed not to spread out your contact information to people who don’t really intend to buy your product.

Secondly, please accept the cash transaction only. Never accept checks or money transfers for your product or service. Thirdly, it would be better to invite the buyers to a safe place instead of inviting them to your home.

These are all aimed to suggest you to stay safe on craiglist so that you will get no problem is using this ads website.



What is craiglist? Did you get the answer after reading on this review? I am sure, you did. Now you can take an advantage of using craiglist for your positive activities either you want to find items to buy, jobs to apply, and the services to help you or on the other hand you want to post your goods to sell.