What Is Webinar? Types, Format and Benefits

What is webinar? If you are a professional, you must have join webinar in the past two years. That is due to the pandemic that requires everyone to do everything from home from schooling to trading and from meeting to conferencing. Even when you want to celebrate your birthday and graduation, you must do it from home.

For those who are working in a company, institution, factory, or education field, webinar is one of the best ways to meet together to hold a seminar. Historically, webinar have been widely used among the professionals or individuals in multi-level marketing within a business to hold a meeting online since they live far away one to another while the business are done online.

To enrich you with the complete understanding about webinar, here we come with the best reviews and other related things about it.


What Is Webinar?

What is webinar? Originally, the word “Webinar” is a blend of “Web” and “Seminar”. A webinar is a seminar that the participants do and follow online. A webinar is an event that is virtually held and attended exclusively by an online audience.

What Is Webinar


There are some other alternative terms used for such online event like webinar. Those are webcast, web lecture, virtual event and online seminar.

In general, participants join webinar through a PC, Mac or their device like tablet, smartphone or Android. They are able to see and hear the speakers due to the audio and video feed. In addition to the video images, PowerPoint slides can be broadcasted running in sync up to the rest of presentation. The screen capture functionality feature can also be utilized to show the viewers in a website or application.

A webinar is a form of one-to-many communication at which a presenter can reach a large and specific group of viewers online from a single location. The interaction during a webinar proves to be effective and powerful especially when you have a big number of participants. Thus, webinar is just a smart tool that is essential to channel the interaction.

There are various interactive opportunities offered by webinar. Those are asking a question, chatting, polling, surveying, testing, call-to-action and Twitter. These are all makes the participants encouraged to be interactive in the webinar


Growth of Webinar Market

Based on the fact, among the numerous forms of communication trends, webinars is the one that keeps increasing from years to years. The growth of webinar usage is also shown annually. This means that the use of webinar is growing fast though there are also lots of options for online communication tool.

There are some reasons why it is so. First, webinar is considered very effective. Second, webinar is significantly cost-savings. Third, it is personal, live and interactive. All in all, webinar is interesting, from a teaching to an educational perspective. Webinar has a higher degree of interaction to help participants learn and understand something more quickly.


Benefits of Webinar

To describe that webinar is much effective is an understatement. It is more importantly to ask; what benefits do webinar offer? Let us get you covered. Here are some benefits that webinar offers everybody.

Benefits of Webinar


Direct Communication Contact with Your Target Group

What is webinar? It is one of online communication too that offers a direct communication contact with your target group. Specifically, it allows you to reach and engage a very particular group. With webinar, the participants are allowed to ask or pose questions of their own to the others. The interaction during the webinar will obtain an insight into your target group. It makes you able to directly communicate with the audience though some of them often listen passively.


Interaction with Your Target Group

In webinars, the interaction within the target group can utilize polls, chats and calls-to-action feature. The PowerPoint slides or videos can also be used to show the viewers. If there are all actively used by the participants, it means that your webinar is interactive. And the more interactive it is, the greater the impact of the message will be.


Reach The Target Group Both Live and Afterwards

The third benefit that webinar offers is the fact that it enables you to reach the target group both live and afterwards. This way, it provides you with the opportunity to reach the target group although the broadcast is over. This is because the participant can watch webinar on demand.

In order that people can find your webinar easily on Google, you must design it with search-engine optimized (SEO).


Time and Money Saving

Believe it or not, webinar is time and money saving. Webinar reduces or even eliminates the travelling need of attending a seminar. You know, going at a journey to attend a desired seminar involve travelling time and expenses. This way, webinar is a solution since it is easier and cheaper to join a seminar online on your pc, tablet and smartphone. Further, it is also much of advantage to hold webinar since the cost are much lower than organizing a physical event as well as hiring a venue.


How Does A Webinar Work

How Does A Webinar Work


What is webinar? Once you understand it and its benefits, the next question you may probably have on your mind is how it works.

Remember, the main things you can do with webinar is sharing all kinds of documents like voice notes, videos, presentations and other documents with the participants. However, in most usage, webinars are aimed to educate and engage audience. Mostly, the audience of webinars are including the existing customers, industry peers or even the students in the classrooms.

How webinar works depend on who use it. In the world of marketing, webinar works by helping the customers visualize ideas and inviting potential customers to sign up for Vennagage. The webinar will be pre-recorded to obtain new leads. Further, the marketers usually use webinar to build authority, credibility and leadership in the industry. Webinar is also one of the strategy involved in creating a marketing plan.

In education field, webinar is extensively used among educators to reach more students right from the comfort of home. In this case, the students do not need to travel to school or college. In addition, considering the current crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, webinar can be the most effective learning tool for teachers.


The Formats of Webinar

There are various content formats offered by webinar to choose from. So you can choose one of these formats when you want to create a webinar for your students or team members.

What Is Webinar? Types, Format and Benefits 1


Live Video

Live video is the most common and widely used type of webinar. This way, the live webinar tend to invite participants to engage.



In fact, most of webinars are live but you can always record a live webinar to let the future participants to register whenever they please. Pre-recorded webinar is ideally used for evergreen topics.



Text chat features are also available in webinar tools so that you can ask and answer the audience’s questions in a real time.



Whiteboard format is available to draw out and explain the crucial concept.


Surveys and Polls

Last, webinar has surveys and polls formats at which you can keep your audience engaged. These surveys and polls are aimed to get the attendees to answer the questions and organize them all in one place.

However, the most common format used in webinar is slide deck presentation.


Types of Webinars

What is webinar? There are endless things to relate with what actually webinar is. Types of webinar is one of them. In this regards, there are five different types of webinar depending on what field it is conducted and who participates.


Marketing Webinars

As the name suggest, marketing webinars are the ones that have marketing purposes. So there are three things you can do to conduct a marketing webinar. First, you create in-depth industry white papers. Second, publish case studies for your product promotion and third, design ebooks and offer them as the leading magnets.

In marketing webinars, you will usually be required to create a partnership with the other company to get access to their audience and to collaborate with the other company to add credibility and authority.


Education Webinars

As we have mentioned, teachers or lecturers usually conduct webinar to gain their students in a virtual class. Education webinar is a powerful learning tool either for schools or for universities. Webinar is good enough to carry out the distanced learning.


Product Demos Webinar

Webinars have been adopted by the companies to sell the products strategically and build a strong relationship with the prospective customers. If you have already a product to promote and sell, you can start creating this kind of webinar by sending your business proposal.


Employee Training Webinar

Thanks to the double function of webinar tools that can be both the meeting software and the training tools for training your new or existing employees. This type of webinar is very much useful to communicate with a remote team.

Start by including the webinars in your onboarding materials at which you cam outline your company’s expectations, vision and mission. Here you can also address some questions that your new employees might have.

Empoyee training webinar is very good in educating your employees on niche but crucial topics like yhe safety, employee engagement, productivity, workplace diversity and more.


Onboarding and Retention Webinars

If you working in a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, creating a webinar for onboarding and retention is much more important for your business. Your product may already have onboarding flows but it would also be a good idea to explain about your new products to the new customers. This way, you can create an onboarding and retention webinar which is suitable for your purpose.



Conclusively, What is webinar? Well, it is an online tool provided to help you engage in online seminar without having a journey to the office. When you are working from home, webinar is very much effective to help you organize presentation, product promotion, learning activity or the distanced students and many more.

Webinar is easy to use and offering many kinds of formats to fit your purpose. For your business, webinar is good to develop and build partnership without spending time and money for conducting physical meeting or conference.

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