Why do You Need a VPN on Your Phone?

Unfortunately, we now live in an era when cybersecurity threats are very real and your personal data, especially the data on your phone is not safe unless you take strict safety measures. The best way to protect data on your phone while connecting to external networks is to use a good quality VPN for phone.

Why do You Need a VPN on Your Phone? 1


What is a VPN?

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is used to protect your data while it is being transferred between servers online. It acts as a barrier between you and other users on the server by making sure the external traffic connects with another server before connecting then one that has your information.

So do you need a VPN on your phone? You absolutely do, not only will it keep your personal data like photos, emails and SMS secure from prying eyes and ears. It will also allow you to explore geo-restricted data from across the globe without any glitches. For Android, you can get the app from the Google Play Store and for iPhone, you can get it on the app store on iOS.


How Does a VPN Work?

When configured, a VPN provides a secure tunnel to the internet. Customers have the option of signing up for a VPN for free, on a monthly or yearly basis. To access the internet, your computer or mobile device must first connect to the VPN server located on the other side of your virtual private network (VPN). A VPN protects your browsing activity by encrypting the data you send and receive when using the internet to conduct research.

When used in conjunction with a VPN server located outside of your network, this combination protects your surfing activity. Only you, your VPN service provider, and the owners or operators of the websites you visit will have access to the content you access or links you click.


VPN for Android

Is VPN necessary for an Android device? How to use VPN for Android? All your questions will be answered here. Android’s OS is open source and that gives so many people the ability to get into it and modify it. This means a plethora of security apps, but this also means a vulnerable OS that can be attacked.

So for an Android user, a mobile VPN is crucial to protect your data on public networks. VeePN has an Android VPN app that will allow you to keep your data and location safe from hackers and cyber attackers.


VPN for iPhone

Apple is so particular about their security that they don’t allow any developer to even acces the technology for developing an anti-virus software. But, when it comes to loopholes in internet security, there are always some that can put your data in jeopardy. So, make sure you have an VPN iPhone app for the VeePN VPN and you protect your data. It is essential to stay safe and cyber-secure in the modern world.

Why do You Need a VPN on Your Phone? 2


Why Do I Need a VPN on My Phone?

Still not convinced whether you should have a VPN Phone or not? Let’s look at some areas where a VPN can be beneficial for you and is crucial to your online safety.


1. Protection on Public Networks

If you are one of the people that are hopping from cafe to cafe and mostly working on public networks, you need a VPN phone. Public networks have all sorts of devices and people connecting to them. You can easily get attacked by cyber attackers and hackers. A VPN will act as a protective layer between you and the main public server and keep your data safe from theft.


2. Access to Geo-Restricted Content

Most big streaming services have geo-restricted content. Which means that the content available in a specific region like North America won’t be available in another region. This may seem unfair and that’s why, you can use a good VPN app downloaded from app store on iOS or Android to change your server location and access content from all across the globe without any issues.


3. Say Goodbye to Bandwidth Throttling

A slowdown in internet speed on specific websites or at specific times may indicate bandwidth throttling has occurred. ISPs — or anyone in charge of your network — could be to blame for the sluggishness. A virtual private network (VPN) can be beneficial. By encrypting your device’s internet traffic, it can slow down the process and prevent it from getting worse. This hides the destination of your online traffic and prevents others on the same network from seeing its content. So if you are ever in a position of asking yourself – do I need a VPN on my phone? This should definitely be a reason.


4. Save Money on Goods & Services

Websites usually pick up your location and based off of that, they charge you less or more for certain goods and services. This comes in handy when booking hotels and airline tickets. This may take a lot of trial and error but mostly, you can get a discounted rate due to server location change. What’s better than getting a discount you weren’t even looking for? Use a VPN phone and see the benefits for yourself.

Here you go, this is why you should always use a VPN for your phone whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone.

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