5 Windows Repair Tools to To Fix Your Computer Problems

A Windows repair tool can be the biggest lifesaver tool you have on your computer. When Windows has problem or doesn’t boot, it can give anyone a heart attack. There are many kinds of problems that can affect your Windows installation. That’s why having a repair tool can give you a peace of mind.

There are plenty of companies who offer their own repair tools, and not surprising that most of them are not needed and even harmful for your computer. That’s why we’re here to give you a list of good repair tools for your computer.


Common Computer Problems

Although most common computer issues at the office can be solved by IT support teams, but there are many other small and common, issues that occur on a regular basis on a personal PC or laptop.

The good news is that many problems with computers have simple solutions, and how a problem and fix it yourself will save you a lot of time and bucks. The following are the most common computer problems that you shouldn’t panic over.

  • The Computer Won’t Start
  • The Screen is Blank
  • Abnormally Functioning Operating System or Software on Your PC
  • Windows Won’t Boot
  • The Screen is Frozen
  • Computer is Slow
  • Slow Internet
  • Overheating
  • Dropped Internet Connections
  • No Sound
  • No Wifi Sign

How do I solve computer problems? Yes, you can use the windows repair tool. This handy tool helps you to analyze and find out about your computer problems. Then you will fix it easily. You don’t need the help of an IT support team, because the windows repair tool is the best solution to fixing your computer or laptop problems.


5 The Best Windows Repair Tools to To Fix Your Computer Problems


1. FixWin10

fixwin 10 repair tool

fixwin 10 repair tool


FixWin10 is one of the best Windows repair tools on the internet. it’s created by Paras Sidhu as a part of The Windows Club. Tested on Windows 10 and 32 and 64-bit systems and it runs flawlessly. You can use this to repair all kinds of problem with your Windows installation. Any kind of system issues from the most common to some specific ones, could be handled by this piece of software.

The program itself is divided into six sections, each section has its own function for specific problem or component of your computer, such as File Explorer, System Tools, Drivers, etc.

And each section has at least ten fixes available. You might need to reboot after fixes are done to complete the repair. The software will inform you when you need to reboot. The list of fixes is pretty long, for more detailed description is available on their website.

Besides some important fixes, it also has some small and optional fixes or tweaks you can use. For example, restoring sticky notes delete warning box, or troubleshooters’ improvements.

Before you run FixWin10, it’s recommended to create a System Restore Point first, so when something wrong happens you have something to go back to.

Using FixWin10 is pretty simple, on your first run, it’s recommended to run System File Checker. Click the button on the Welcome page and it will run ‘sfc /scan now automatically for you. Wait until the check is finished and it will replace any corrupted Windows system file. Most Windows problems are caused by corrupted system files, so this is a very effective first solution.

For Windows Store problems, a 1-click button solution is available, also on the Welcome page. For major issues with Windows 10, run the DISM utility to repair your Windows System Image should fix it. The button is also on the Welcome page.

For more fixes and tweaks, you try it one by one. apply one fix at a time and reboot and repeat until all problems are solved. Click the “?” button for more information on what each fix does to your system. A pop-out will appear with the information that you need. Double-clicking on the pop-out will put it on your clipboard, you can google it later for a manual fix.

The software is completely free just simply visit their website to download the newest version of FixWin10 and it’s also portable and lightweight. They have updated FixWin10’s interface to blend well with Windows 10’s look.


2. Windows Repair

Windows Repair Tools

Windows Repair Tools


Windows Repair (All in One) is another free yet powerful Windows repair tool you can use to fix your Windows problems. They strongly suggest running it in Safe Mode for more efficient results. To get into safe mode, you can use the built-in Reboot to Safe Mode in Windows Repair. Your PC will reboot and boot into safe mode automatically.

The repairs cover a wide range of maintenance from registry permissions, file permissions, Windows Firewall settings, infamous Winsock and DNS cache fixes, Windows Update issues and hold up, and many more.

Windows Repair does a good job of guiding the user to get through the process of fixing a problem. First thing first, creates a System Restore Point and conduct a Windows Check Disk and System File Checker utilities inside Windows Repair.

If problems persist, you can do a more powerful repair. This kind of repair carries a few risks, that’s why you need a System Restore Point. Head to repairs tab and you will see six options. There is an Open Repairs button that opens the repair panel containing many fixes that are available.

The other options are there for other specific issues, such as, malware, broken file permissions which can be really annoying, and Windows Updates. To see the complete list of features and possible fixes, head down to their website.

Windows Repair works on all versions of Windows and completely free, the download links available in install and portable versions. The software is only 36MB.


3. O&O ShutUp10

O&O ShutUp10 Windows repair tool

O&O ShutUp10 Windows repair tool


This Windows repair tool with an interesting name is specifically created to handle privacy issues. Back when Windows 10 was first released, there have been many discussions about how Microsoft handles privacy of their consumers. A lot of solutions have been created since then and O&O ShutUp10 is one of them.

Windows 10 privacy has been improved a lot too from the Microsoft side but the core issues are still there, such as, tracking, telemetry, and data gathering that have been haunting many people.

Some people think that this isn’t a big deal at all, but for other, this is a big problem and possibly what keeping them from using Windows 10 on their computer. But the solution is here, you can follow some people’s guide on how to beat Microsoft’s evil ploy or install O&O ShutUp1o.

O&O ShutUp10 will help you from getting your data gathered by Microsoft. It has nine sections covering various privacy settings, many which are not available in the OS. Turning off some features even the hidden ones are as simple as clicking some switches.

Each section and fix have its own description, take your time to read it to understand it better. It’s important to know what you’re turning off or keeping on. You don’t want to cause more inconveniences for yourself. Turning everything off, will cause more problems like slower performance, so be careful.

If you want a quick solution, O&O ShutUp10 has an Apply only recommended settings option, simply click it and O&O ShutUp10 will turn off certain features as part of its recommended settings. There is also Recommended and somewhat recommended settings available too for more versatility.


4. IOBit Driver Booster

IOBit Driver Booster

IOBit Driver Booster


If you are looking for the best free Windows Repair Tool, I think this one should in your list. IOBit Driver Booster can handle Windows Update, drivers, registry, and many other fixes. It’s not perfect but it has way more features than other tools. IOBit Driver Booster requires a lot of hard drive space and takes a long time to install.

IOBit Driver Booster has a big driver database, at over 1.000.000 drivers available. IOBit Driver Booster always creates a System Restore Point before applying any fixes, that’s one step taken acre of automatically. There is also an option to enable automatic shut down or reboot.

IOBit Driver Booster is notorious for being a bloatware and takes a long time when used for the first time. So, keep in that in mind, IOBit Driver Booster is still a decent Windows repair tool regardless.


5. CCleaner




CCleaner is a tool for cleaning junk on your computer. In addition, this tool is useful for repairing damage to your PC. If the performance of your computer drops it is due to a lot of junk files and by using a junk file cleaner your problem will be solved.

CCleaner is utilized to clean and tune the operating system of the PC. Together with CCleaner, we could conduct a comprehensive cleanup of the PC in an easy manner, which will let us acquire space on the hard disk and stop the PC from slowing down. It’s one of those free tools for PC which works exceptionally well in regards to deleting temporary files.